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The benefit of being a little girl was to watch the adults screw up. I will be taking you guys on a journey that will depict the mindset adults live and my romance of course. At a young age, I learned girls should not act in a certain way which could be seen as masculinity, we have to be beautiful and dumb.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

after my mother died, my father was left miserable and disheveled. Men weren’t supposed to rely on women but he couldn’t live without her. After a month or so, he disappeared. The Sunday I woke up to go to the church, for my choir practices, I called out his name to tell him I was leaving but he never replied. Two days later I was brought here: Crossland Grey Orphanage, the first unisex orphanage in my county. It isn’t too bad, except for the food.

Sister Martha would wake us up for our daily chores every day at 6.00 am sharp. We only woke up at that time so we could listen to the radio for any notices about the war whilst doing work. It has been three years now since the war started and our county hasn’t changed a bit. we get food imported from the farms down south but we are attentive and listen to the radio. The buildings are still standing. The rumors of the destruction of war seem so very far away. Still, we are careful - we listen to the news each morning The news is our religion.

Whirl! A cacophony filled my ears. I jumped down from the bunk bed to meet my other roommates. We were joined by the other orphans and together we ran down the stridulous staircase to the courtyard outside. A man in an armed vest stood upright with a rifle in his hands, a soldier who stood as still as a stick even the wind couldn’t dislodge him. The mayor stood beside him with a still face. This was odd, I thought: he was always bright and helpful, he always had a smile on his face. Normally the sight of his eyes was a tiny detail that brightened our county from the war.

“This man here is a soldier from the East, he’s come to give us some information on the war” the mayor explained to all the confused faces watching the soldier.

I looked around for a person with blond hair which matched the sun fire blazing yellow but with a tint of silver which was always flipped to the right ear and eyes as deep as the ocean blue which could swallow you into its tempt by swaying you. “ he isn’t here” I said under my breath which was caught by Sister Martha, she silenced me with her finger which was being touched by her frail lips and pointed towards the soldier’s ongoing words about how we should evacuate and start moving up North, but my mind lingered to his eyes, I should go look for him and tell him about the news.

After we were dismissed to pack our things, the mayor suggested for us to be finished within two hours, for us to arrive there before supper.

After packing the few dresses and two pairs of shoes for the county’s journey up North into my leather case contaminated with mud, I made my way downstairs and was met by the people from my county, many more people were making their way down to the center. I never thought there were so many people, only knew the people from the orphanage and father, but he was gone now. We were separated into age and the elderly were put upfront and the adults at the back which left the children in the middle.

Our people were worried for each other as we made our way into the bright woods, we all burst into tears.

The place we once knew as home, had to be abandoned because of the feud between countries. my feet were crunching the dry leaves beneath me and my ears wishing for the sounds of their cries to have perished.


I don't actually know how this book is going to develop this all by brain don't be too harsh on it.

thx for reading my first draft.

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