The Cold Plan

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Venture into a mystery world……. In this journey there will be mystery and thriller…

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was a job Justin had done before. The anxiety and nervousness was getting to him. Justin was about to transport actual people from point A to point B, he has only driven items. His co workers told him it’s the same thing and not worry. But Justin still has an uneasy feeling in his stomach about this job. His date to pick up the people was December 14, 1987. He got into his bus and drove to pick up his cargo at the dead of night. He got to this large building and 4 men carried a man and women and placed them in his bus. They were both asleep which made Justin a little more confident.

He began his 6 hour journey, unfortunately the weather conditions were awful. A snow storm was just above Justin making the road difficult to see with such little visibility. As her was driving he had hit a patch of black ice, at first he was able to keep control of the vehicle until he hit a bump which caused the back end to kick out hurling his bus off the road. He tried correcting the bus but the steering of the bus did nothing but spin like a carousel. The bus hurdled into a group of larger rocks, as the bus came to a halt Justin turned back only to see both of his passengers awake and staring at him with an odd look. Justin asked to see if they were okay and they simply nodded. Justin was scared to death because he tried to keep the fact that his passengers were from the looney bin to himself.

He proceeded to go outside to see the damage of the bus, when he got out into the freezing cold it began to set in that he may be stranded in the middle of nowhere with two crazy people. He does a quick walk around of the bus praying damage wasn’t bad when he sees one of the passengers outside with him. He says to the girl to go back inside but she darts off into the woods. Justin chases after her scared to death that he might loose his cargo and would have to face the consequences if she got free.

Leonardo the other person who stayed in the bus found himself alone and seemingly free. He gets up to find there is no sign of scarlet, the girl and Justin. Leo being freakishly smart was able to fix the bus miraculously and comes up with a plan that could set himself free. He begins to drive the bus to where he was getting transported too. He comes across Justin about an hour later on the road, frozen and dead. His planning was laying out perfectly. He picks up Justin’s body and puts him in the bus and continues on.

Leo drives up to a sane asylum to find all the power and no one by the guard tower. He hears a loud scream and guards flood outside with flashlights. One guard comes to the bus and Leo begins his plan. He tells the guards he lost control and both his passengers escaped as he was trying to fix the bus. He had changed clothes with Justin pretending to be him. The guard seemed unconvinced and called on his radio for the warden to come.

Betty the warden drives up the gate and asks what is going on. She explains that the power was out and says she found one passengers, he was transporting. Leo reexplains his story with full confidence and shows Betty the body that he had died of the cold and the other ran off. Betty seemed too still be little uneasy but had Leo come in and speak to scarlet the other passenger.

Scarlet began to tell the truth saying Leo had changed clothes with the driver and started to scream it over and over. Leo was worried but simply explained that she was acting like this the whole time. Surprisingly the guards including Betty had believed Leo and grabbed Scarlet to a cell. She screamed and fought only to be dragged into a poorly lit hallway. Betty had given Leo money and apologized for what has happened. Leo kept character thanked Betty and left. Leo drove the bus off into the cold dark night never to be found again. As the days went by the sane asylum had figured out what really happened and had man hunts go on for months with no luck of finding Leo.

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