Murder Bayou

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LaRouge Bayou has been in the Lea family for four generations and someone from each generation has experienced something traumatic revolving around the bayou. When a sudden but not surprising tragedy happens in the family, people will want answers and secrets will be revealed.

Mystery / Thriller
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The LaRouge Bayou has been passed down from generations, and each family member has had some type of tragedy happen to them.

In 1999 on a October night, Leslie Harris was murdered in cold blood and now everyone is searching for answers.

Sirens wailed throughout the small neighborhood, residents stood outside watching as the police try to make sense of the crime scene. I stood outside with my mama and two younger sisters, my father was still at work, it was about six in the evening.

"Please step back!" One of the police officer yells. I still was trying to see what was going on, my mama held my shoulder to hold me back. This would be my first time witnessing a crime at the age of nine.

The next few weeks were strange and a eerie feeling fell upon our neighborhood.

My sisters and I went to school and everyone was asking questions. "Shauna, did you hear that the body had to be identified? Did you see who it was?" Reese who was my best friend asked.

I chewed the rest of my sandwich. "No, I didn't see. I don't want to see." I said to her. "I hope it wasn't someone we know." Reese said I nodded.

The school day quickly ended, my sisters and I pulled up to our house on our bikes, I could hear my mother crying. We all rushed inside, we looked at her as our father comforted her.

"What's wrong mama?" I asked. She looked at us. "Um well, the police found out who the person was. It was my sister Leslie. She said.

The room with silent, Dia who was the youngest started crying. My other sister Iya lead her out the kitchen, leaving me there. I was trying to process what was just said, my aunt was the one killed.

I hate this fucking bayou! She yelled my father looked at me and lead me out the kitchen.

We walked in the living room with my sisters.

Girls we have to be there for your mother, we all loved aunt Leslie. Now I have some rules, I dont want yall outside past six in the evening. If I catch you out later than that it will be hell for you, I also want you to start leaving your bedroom windows closed at night. I will provide you with a fan. He said, this was going to be hard to get to use to.

But daddy the outside noise helps me sleep. Iya said.

Im sorry Ya, but its to keep you and your sisters safe. There is a killer on the loose. He said to her.

Im scared! Dia said. As long as Im here to protect you, there is nothing to be scared of. He said to all of us.

The night came quickly, I laid in my bed scared out of my mind. Every noise I heard made me jump, I said my prayers over and over.

I closed my eyes tightly, praying the footsteps I heard getting closer would disappear. I could hear three taps against my bedroom door, I sat up looking around.

I pulled my blanket closer to my body. The taps stopped, then I laid back down facing my window, I closed my eyes.

Find my killer, break the curse. A voice whispers to me. That night I knew this curse was real, I had to end it even if it meant me dying in the process.

Hey yall this is my first book on Inkitt, it will be ongoing. I hope yall enjoy, please leave feedback and follow me too!


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