An end of things

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Short speculation on the Mandela effect

Mystery / Thriller
Ender Talon
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Chapter 1 Beginning

Life is not what I expected life to be like. I was a variable or a person who lived outside the system of life. I lived on an edge that few people believe. Do an internet search on Clinton R. Siegle or type in the name in LinkedIn. A wild tale of a Montanan traveling the United States ending up in Bolivia. Where Butch Cassidy died along with Che. Sort of an example of legends to live or die up to. The current setting for me. La Paz Bolivia a cafe close to the embassy. I am people watching. Why? You will have to read far into this tale to find out. Needless to say I the excitement of the day walked by. I got up and followed. I wanted to see where these strangers go. Why? Again, farther into this story I will explain. Needless to say, the person I followed ducked into a construction site. I had not noticed it there before. When or what happened to the home that was there? That question happened a lot these days. My first journals were all about the details changing. Details? Brands, history, people’s names, locations, and colors. All changing. Say what? Let me begin with where I remember for living for 45 years. According to a poem by me which is censored here. I wrote the poem detailing life on earth. Where? When I searched the Internet. The results showed that earth was on the Sagittarius outer arm of a galaxy 377,000 in diameters. No known black holes. The year 2016 plus or minus and time reference point 4.5 billion years into a future that no longer exists. Why 4.5 billion years? My poem I wrote about how weird life was about to get. Earth was to step outside the galaxy for a bit. That bit correlated with 1500 year destruction cycles one reads about in history. Say what? The last time earth stepped outside its galaxy borders. There was a drought so bad in 400 to 600 AD that half of China ate the other half. People forget those tales. If one is a religious person.

The other time Planet X visited earth. Another drought noted in the Bible and Torah when Joseph saved Egypt. Where Egypt gained enough gold to still make it one of the largest gold deposit holders in this time, too. The other notable time? Noah’s flood. Again Torah and Bible statement when North America Yellowstone blew. When North America attached to Russia. The water coming from the heat of beaver dams wiped out the valley of the Mediterranean. Where life was easy and good. The visiting red dwarf star along with Planet X was close. Anyway, back to 4.5 billion years. There I wrote that earth math showed earth would run into the next galaxy in 365,000 years. While here? 4.5 billion years. So this is a time traveler journal. Let me make this clear. The mystery is why and how and well. A tale to read while wandering in the night streets. A reason you look at the strangers seated in cafes trying to figure out who or what is going on?

So time travelers journal? Why are you writing it this way? I suppose the last 10 journals I wrote did not meet with anyone’s expectations? I mean what is at stake in a journal, a tale, a mystery of time after all? Time? How can you say you are 4.5 billion years old? I have been reading your journal “A wondering mind through the multiverse” since 2017 and well. It is noteworthy. What are you trying to say? I suppose I watch the time of tribulation with speculation. Speculation? Time of Tribulation? Where? Why? That is the ending of the story. I am at the beginning. Let me begin with where I was at.

On May 18, 2016 plus or minus 4.5 billion years into a future I lived on a parallel earth. I wrote poetry. Short pirate stories read by a lot of people at one time. There I can say I read on that earth had 8.5 billion people. The United States 365 million citizens and 29 million illegals. Say what? Are you trying to say you have seen the rapture? Yes, and no.

The new world I awoke on May 19, 2016 was so close to mine. If I had not been vision impaired, I would have not noticed the dramatic change in colors in my room. Needless to say, quality had change. It was a better world than mine. In what ways? At first I did not realize the dramatic lose in population. Which at that time was 2.5 billion people. Say what? When I looked I was on an earth with 6 billion people. What I noticed was the colors were more real. Like stepping from an old color television into a modern color TV. That first day I noticed all the public transportation was much newer. My world we were using late 1990 vans and cars. In this reality? Everything was close to 2013 or newer. Much to my surprise. Where did all this extra money come from? Meaning the improvement was dramatic. I investigated. I did a lot of research from Internet to books.

What I discovered was a change in empathy and how life went in those different worlds. Meaning? My world in 1967 Roe versus Wade occurred. From that date on to 2016. I knew from radio and political ads that 40 million people were gone due to abortion in my United States. Here this reality today: Roe versus Wad occurs in 1973. Since that date the United States has aborted double the United States citizens. What am I saying? That the rapture is man made via policy changes made to ensure certain populations. Come now, the Bible is not the government. No. But time travel and stories seem to be a truth. The rapture invented by Darby in the 1840s. Why or how? I speculate on that. Needless to say, I had found 40 million US citizens. In that these realities abort double the babies than in my reality. Still, that does not explain billion or billions. No. Yet, when I searched. I found China actually enforces the one child policy and forces abortions since 1973. So this story is about time travel, rapture, and?

My journal is about my reaction to how life changed. Along with how I have changed since discovering these realities. I worried that I was missing people; you see. My Facebook network seemed to be f with profiles that were no longer used. Were they aborted? Did they not survive what ever brought me to this reality in time? If this is not an odd enough question. Think how people that knew me must have felt when I wrote them about these ideas and changes.

My journal at that time recorded how the earth geographical land masses moved. South America moved for 80 some days going east south. From where South America in my memory for 45 years was. To which is where South America is now below North America plus 2400 miles east south of that location. Meaning? Santiago Chile I was to book a flight there to San Francisco, it was an 11 hour flight. Now? 25 or 27 hours depending on the airline. That is only your memory playing tricks on you. Sure, sure. What about Japan being off the coast of China, not Korea? Or New Zealand one island above not below Australia? Or that Mongolia never was part of China? I could go on. I do in some journals for some 100s of examples of changes of things, locations, and realities of things.

So the reality? At first I thought I was in parallel realities. I was on the Sagittarius arm for 80 or more days. Then that changed too. I went to Pegasus for a time. Now. I suppose I should say that on earth. Wild. Why? The luck there I saw was beyond crazy. I wrote long examples of kids kicking soccer balls into the same two foot area 11 times in a roll. The speed was faster, meaning the bus reaching locations that took 20 minutes in half the time. From there I noted earth went to Orion arm, then Orion spur, and now Orion nebula column. To be billions of years old, watching planetary hoops each night if that is not enough of a story for you to read the rest. Well. I can point out I am partially blind, one footed, and was a noted poet at one time. So let me say this journal is to investigate for me along the way what has happened to my journals online in every way. From journals. That were online poetry sites, to social platforms, to hard hand-written copies. The hard choices I have had to make. Along with what is my goal in this journal? To change your mind. To change humanities ending, I suppose. What will happen? For those Ray Bradbury fans, this is where the story gets good. For those that have read this far? Meah. Keep on the journal gets better. For those forced to read this because of some time traveling study course.

Thanks for purchasing the book I suppose. Come along with me for a tale of no return at looking at the reality around you in any normal sense of the way. The same way.

What is the dangers of this though or ideology? My doppelganger wife sent me to 15 or 17 doctors after I told her what I was seeing. You might start praying to God. The idea that magical portals do exist and if you are not willing to go. Sometimes you might end up pushed into a new reality.

This journal is to give hope to those people fearing the Mandela Effect. To realize that they are not alone. That the television Lost had more meaning than one would expect.

This journal is to investigate what I have learned over the years. To think about reality and the significance of what I am trying to communicate.

The obvious issues? I am a partially blind, one-footed insane guy living in La Paz, Bolivia. This whole book might be fiction or nonfiction to him. Reality might change? Your concept of a story might improve something today. While destroy an ideology tomorrow? Investigate a journal entry from the beginning of a journal no longer available online.

Hard copy.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 6.5 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion.

Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7

16 June 2016 earth date6.5 billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123.

Subject: Plans of German timeline discovered on internet. Source: Link now defunct recollection information the time wars went badly. Agent Talon 123. This agent is regarded as reliable and has worked for in the past three operations on project avoid Heaven. He was in close contact with General Slevin General Miller, and General Flashman. During the following three campaigns his performance was celebrated for 365 years prior to the Reich fall on Ali mania.

1. A principal messenger sent into the future to detect the break down of the system of things has occurred. What exactly? Prior to the astounding rediscovery of Talon 123 memory contact with program code name Alice. Detail meeting occurred Oct 24 through November 7. At which point Talon 123 was forced to give up project end game.

2. Talon 123 states that all efforts need to fall back to grid provide via General Slevin in prior reality report. Blow the know of time has to be done to save what little is left of this reality in time.

3. Blow reality to be watched by Talon 123. End game scenario to be played out 123 has already lost in the past. This game has no benefit in time. Talon 123 recommends pull out of those able to leave immediately. The end of this timeline is approaching.

Remember, I am writing this journal. In an attempt to show my investigation of my time travelers through the universe. What are the final ideological questions to question before I continue? Besides telling you that the rapture is man made, along with government policies? That your concept of your world or plural worlds system of things needs to change for humanity to survive. Or? Humanity dies. That seems like a lot of work for a fiction or non fictional book to cover. So let me begin again. Starting with what I have discovered. Along with my time as a pushed time traveler into the reality in which I find myself today.

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