An end of things

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Chapter 2 Discoveries

Discoveries while many in my journals and travels. A few stick out. Montauk project. I assure I would have read this conspiracy if I remembered it before this adventure. Mandela effect, I had read abut that since 2013. Both the conspiracy of Montauk and Mandela I rediscovered upon my first journal. The implications were something that I had to investigate. The first one I wrote Duncan Cameron, and Peter Moon. Their correspondence was no help. Some of their replies. You can find online at: “Wondering mind through the multiverse” by Clinton Siegle. In my attempt to communicate my dilemma. Which in my reality was, is or will soon to be slept dilemna was threefold? My parallel family thought I was nuts. I would tell them the mountain moved in the first few weeks. It got me sent to 15 or 17 doctors that assured my family I was in body okay for a disabled person. The shrink number 15 or 16 or 17 depending on my journals and medical records was of no use. His statement that I am living a past life experience. That I was dead did not go over well with what I was discovering. If I was dead, I would point out I could feel my breath. No, no, his statement was I died elsewhere, and this was my current reality. Needless to say, after pointing out that the dead read sun here was much older than my reality.

And that earth was billions of years younger than my world. I had to ask if he was not the one dead and I was visiting him. The first visit no problem the fourth visit. Patience is not my virtue.

So I scared him. How? I told him a secret he had told me. In yet? In the new reality, he had not even mentioned it to whoever was here in the body before me. So the question Montauk Project videos, Mandela effect, and the rapture. So pretty interesting time traveling questions. At first I rediscovered Montauk project was on June 16, 2016 plus or minus billions of years. The first year I re-watched those videos. 1056 hours takes a person less time if you do not sleep. I do not think I slept much 2016 2017. The point? When I watched the videos at first the Montauk Project indicated that only 2500 people got used. Stolen from heaven in their experiment. The next time I watched, the complete version of the number went up to 25000. Then to 250,000. After that, 2.5 million. The last time I watched it was 25 million people that were part of their experiment. So? I still had not figured out at that time what I was seeing time wise. Why? Deja vu. Things were happening twice in a matter of days, weeks, months. Movies I had watched would premiere again. Example? My world Resident Evil was supposed to come out June 6th, 2016. I finally got to see the premiere on January 19, 2017. Meaning time sliding backwards everything happens at a slower rate. Say what? Imagine a film made many times.

Each with a specific beginning, middle, and end. Now imagine that film made many more times with slight changes. Like? The color of the housing, instead of blue, is green. Or instead of unlucky people, everyone has luck. Or speed sped up by a factor of 2 or 4. So? Well. Sometime in 2017 I came across Drakes equation on life in the universe. And the possibilities of a number of lives. My first attempt to fit in all the numbers turned out a number 10 to the power of 192 or 193. Depends on which journal I am reading from and the speculation calculations. Now things were getting weird at that time. How so? The story line of Montauk project changes. When did John Von Neumann die? 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 or 1957? And in 1957 Feb, March, April, or May? Meaning? Well. In those realities they had stolen the other realities Montauk chairs. The last count I had was seven on each reality that I was tracking. Japan, England, and the United States had the chairs and were using them to quote fix reality problem. What was the reality problem? Well, as a game theorist by profession. You can look me up on LinkedIn. It shows I worked on probabilities for some rather large projects. The problem is they had crossed timelines. This crossing allowed for trapped spirits to break loose. What am I talking about? Well. The number of souls that Montauk project stole from heaven and hid in the universe was rather large.

How large? 200 million multiplied by 2 multiplied by the number of realities this game is being played in. Sounds absurd, I know. But the latest bible changes seem to state that. Meaning with a third of those in heaven now washing their own clothing in blood and going through a fire. So how was this or why was this? It goes back to Drakes equation on probability. And the Bible believe it, and John Von Neumann in his final paper published in May 1957 showed the calculations online in those realities. What has the bible got to do with this? It seems God does not like cheats in any bets. If cheated he takes betting kind of serious and puts things right. And John Von Neumann’s last paper? The paper stated that there is no such thing as chaos. That everything motion, gravity, frequencies is believed it or not preordained. Say what? Doctor Neumann’s final paper basically states that there is a story. Or for those into movies a Matrix reality. Meaning everything moving calculated down to a story line. So you are saying that there is no chaos? All I am saying is the paper with the math formula published and agreed upon. Which is or was or will be at Princeton archives under lock and key, the paper seems to state it? And the people higher math people that read it concurred. So what am I saying? If you listen to Montauk project, their goal was to stop heaven from coming down. And the destruction of the United States in some realities. In other realities they are fighting heaven as we speak. In yet, other realities have turned into some gross slavery reality.

The mystery however of Mandela effected people are how their souls got stolen. The project using machines that ripped souls out of their body. Then the souls placed in the most hellish conditions through space time. Put into exact parallel in the future time, which is nothing more than a speed up time reality. Think of the show HBO West world has shown that in one reality a whole life can be played out and watched from above. And made to live in hell to change their reasoning or desire to go to heaven. Why? Evil does what evil does. The desire for humans to break the story line. Why hellish? Imagine a world where the color spectrum is blue or red or green. If a person put in say a brown or yellow world, their total life experience of color that hurt their eyes would be different. The same with pitch, and tone of voice, and music. I hated the music in my world. The frequency was off terribly. So the mystery is what is Montauk project the attempt to break Gods story. What is Mandela’s effect? God putting the souls of people back in their body. Since when? That is the mystery. Drakes equation and time seemed to be wild. Back to the image of a film with same characters, same timelines. Parallel everything except. Well, you change out the souls of the story. The person that is supposed to say My what a lovely day. Instead says gross things. Or the person that was supposed to hate something realizes that thing is not really that hateful. Meaning? Well, the at stake is humanity soul. What has happened number wise seems to indicate those souls that were once upon a time supposed to be good? They might be or are now corrupted? And those corrupted souls? I am not sure.

Meaning? Jesus Christ statements if God can not judge whether you are good or evil. You might get vomited out. Say what? Well, the Mandela effect is God vomiting out soul that was neither good nor bad. Think souls vomit from God a spirit into space, time in search of their real bodies for the day of judgment. The key events? Here the mark of the beast is a patent. It is a cryptocurrency which when you read the patent sounds like the beginning of the Borg. Could this be that humanity is losing its soul? On this timeline here to the potential ending of humans becoming robots.

That is a lot to take in now? Time travel, Montauk project, speculation on Mandela effect what about the rapture? That is simple a math equation on the story time line. Meaning? Say you were to be born in 1963 instead of 1971. Everything you experience from that time up to that now has changed. Who you knew, what you do, as an example. However, the story repeats. How many times? Even a 0.0000001 speculation point. Reference here that I made with raw calculations in Google quantum quirk lab online. Seemed to indicate more than a trillion. So? Imagine your soul having to run through billions of realities. For the soul to fit into the right story line for the day of judgment. Now realize there are seven similar timelines working close by. That also have a parallel you at one at this time or else you would not be reading this. Meaning? Imagine a world where Nazism won. Or where mechanical machines without software actually run. Or? The point being until your soul reaches a certain start of finish point. The actual ending of the story line is not known.

Kind of mirror reflection. What if I am all my nightmares showed me to be? Or what if all those nightmares came from someone else’s dreams? Which is truth? How can you plan for your end? Am I evil as sin? Or have I lived a life not mine? Waking up with these questions on my mind are often disturbing. So imagine now adding golems or robots or imaginary people. Meaning? People that in my world were in this world aborted in this timeline. Evidently did not interfere or interact with your body in this reality. Meaning? When the film of a soul played backwards. How? Watching the day to day as NASA says the galaxy is going clockwise next day, counter clockwise. I would have to say gravity is pushing, pulling and in motion dragging souls. Pulling them back through time to their bodies.

Example rewound in time removing story lines that were not part of your time or story is easier to do. So 45 million US citizens had nothing to do with me in my reality. And 500 million Chinese people did not provide a product or song or anything. Removing a story line helps simplify the judging process is a speculation here. Investigating an old journal entry.

Last of the ten general report Enclosure details of plan longevity according to the Internet earth 4.4 billion old from Talon 123 last of the legion. Classified Supreme Generals Claw Expeditionary Force Officer Messenger Staff, G-7

16 December 2016 earth date 5.6 to 5.3 variable on search billion years old Expeditionary Force number 123. Subject:

Subject: The curvature of time and discovery of the break in time.

1. Rediscovery of Montauk Project, John Von Neumann math equation and reality of Montauk chairs. Talon 123 notes that going back through time which was a discovery for him. That inventions, time travel closeness of earth to the black hole, and deaths of one John Von Neumann occur to change daily.

2. John Von Neumann death happened in 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, and a variety of dates in 1957. The most important date May 1957 his final calculations appear to disprove chaos and that everything is bond by a story line. Meaning the paper would appear to be the reason that timeline stole all the Montauk Project chairs. How? It appears that all the minds of 1957 team were brought to that date in time while exchanging the minds with all the 1956 teams line. Meaning? Montauk project team is not crazy just living in a different space time at present. So? Means that when Anderson Time Institute reports that there are now eight chairs running in one reality that is correct. Why? Earth appears to be 3,000 light years away from a black hole which appears to be study here.

What does this all mean? I am still in judgment of my life; I suppose. Did I do good? I hope so. Since this seems real. I assure you hell is real too. The danger is that I somehow do the wrong thing. I am evil at times. I repent. However, is that enough or does that even work here? That is the investigation. And why I followed those people that I was watching in the first chapter. Why? I am in Bolivia. The average height here is like 5 6 almost everyone is less than 5 8 here. The persons I followed were giants. Huge 6’ 9 or 7’ 5 giants. I wondered where people like that roam and find food here to be honest. The other speculations about the rapture or aborted souls. That potential is the real possibility those bodies were never real. That they played a part in doing something to hold the spirit in some sort of hellish place. So is there a God? When reading in one of my journals I wrote as the title No deity found yet. Today? I can from my point of view say yes. Virginia there is a God. Have I met him? I pray to him. I hope. Realize this whole story could be a figment of my imagination. Or part of my mind seeing reality and time change daily. My resolution? To believe in God. Why? That too goes into a speculation.

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