Whisper In The Vale

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Nevna Vanguard a former werewolf finds herself in the world of vampires. With their bad past she often finds herself getting trampled on by others. A mysterious boy from her distant memories soon becomes reality. Who is this boy?What?When?Why?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 pt.1

The woods tingled my nose with an odorous scent of maple and fern. It had been a time in history in which both lycanthropes and bloodsuckers dominated. Running through the mud catching the scent of gasoline and burning rubber, pacing ourselves we arrived a couple of feet away from the stop. School had never been a requirement for shape-shifters, we were so used to learning with only each other that it seemed an abstract idea.
Hunting and building sustainable shelters had been the primary thing, rather than studies. The doors of the bus swayed open, a middle-aged woman with mature black glasses that made her eyes appear smaller, and dirty blonde hair pinned back had peered through a small window next to her seat. "Hurry up, I don't approve of and the scent of smelly dogs lingering," the driver barked, uncertainty rising in her voice. A small petite girl had been the first of us to board the bus and the first to be taunted and put out of place. Walking down the aisle was as stifling as being jammed in a narrow passageway, the seats were mounted closely together with a small amount of space in between. One of the minors on the bus, a shorter boy with a small build and smokey platinum hair prodded me in the ribs with an object, sending pain signals to my brain. Alerted I relocated to the seat beside, unaware of the area I had intruded on. I felt the body heat of a presence beside me, I could hear a heart rate incline and could tell that the victim was not content with me. "Everyone take your seats," the woman sneered. I had been so thrilled that the driver had discontinued me from getting mutilated, I gave her a glance, wide eyes, and a smile. I had sat four seats behind the person I had gutted with my elbow and could tell by the way he looked at me that he was not finished with what he was dwelling on. He was a boy of at least seventeen, with a muscular build and unlike platinum, his hair flowed red. The most peculiar thing about him was his eyes glowed a deep amber and seemed to hold a primitive past. Though something was rather strange and protruding about it, I couldn't figure it out.
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