Present Day Life

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This is a poem about the life in Covid19

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Chapter 1

This is our present day life,

Sitting in home our only strife.
Environment and air outside is clean;
Never observed such a change nor seen.

This medical emergency is our war;
We’ve raised our technological mind and raised our standards and bar.
I can see tree leaves are happily blowing-
Sitting on terrace from mind ideas flowing.

There ain’t no traffic jams on street,
There is lockdown, its order to sit on home beating the heat.
Everyone are locked in home so use water carefully-
Work from home is the action time follow it peacefully.

Everywhere I can see birds dance and sing-
We should daily clap hands for 5 minutes for our servicemen and bell ring.
This medical war will definitely come to an end very soon,
May be in the month of May or June.

Written by me and entirely my thought. Prasun Maitra. Its written on the basis of Covid19.

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