The Envious Homicide

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Hey, I'm Frank James. A normal fourteen-year-old boy who is a proud descendant of the one and only, John H. Watson, also known as Sherlock Holmes sidekick and doctor. My partner, Elizabeth Wolfe, who's fourteen too, is a descendant of the also famous Sherlock Holmes. Together we both take on and tame the wildest cases that we've ever faced in our advanced and modern world. Join me, Frank James and my partner in solving crime Elizabeth Wolfe in our latest, most puzzling and global case yet. Who could possibly be behind the mass murder of employees? We are the new Sherlock and Watson.

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Frank James

I ran as fast as my short stubby legs could let me, never daring to spare a glance back at my partner who was currently a ball of rage chasing after my tail like a tiger chasing after a rabbit. No, that doesn’t sound quite right. A tiger chasing after a very sharp and clever rabbit. Yes, that sounds much better.

I abruptly stumbled as a wave of nostalgia hit me. This scene of cat and mouse is oddly familiar. Ah, yes. How could I forget? It was mine and Elizabeth’s most international-concerning case. Okay, so we may have had a lot of international cases, but this one was the most action-packed and well-known case we’ve ever experienced and the first one we actually recorded anyways. It was around the days we used to live together under one roof and when we were immatures that this case had reached us, successfully grasping our attention. Although I was not allowed to enlighten people of our actual original case that had made us supposedly famous, the burden of keeping such a mystery secret has been finally lifted as the world will figure out soon enough and is ready for the first heart racing, breath hitching, toe-curling, suspense-loaded mystery we’ve ever tackled down and actually written. Too much exaggeration? Nah, I don’t think so.

I suggest you get comfortable on that chair of yours and prepare a kettle of a large amount of tea or coffee, whichever one you prefer. A box of kleenex might be needed too, this non-fiction tale is more emotional than your grandfather’s funeral. It’s time to tell, or write to humanity about the back-stage and deleted scenes behind the mass murder of innocent human beings.

It’s much more brutal and mysterious than you conceive...

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