The Bridge In Between: A Limbo Attraction

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Everyone talks about life, and about death. Everyone talks about how people live and mourn them after they die. But no one talks about the bridge in between life and death. No one ask questions about the state where one can neither be considered dead, nor alive. Where do people go when they're momentarily knocked out of their bodies, 'supposedly' trapped in their minds but still breathing? Zoe Woods had had a crush on Xavier Walker since the moment she knew what it felt like for the heart to beat faster at the mention of a person's name. Her heart is broken into pieces when Xavier is involved in a break in incident few days to his high school graduation. He survives but unfortunately, he's stuck in a comatose state and the doctors can't say for certain whether or not he'll wake up. Two years later, Zoe is finally a high school senior and has big plans for her life. What happens when one decision to play designated driver for her drunk friends nearly cost them their lives? Zoe is pulled into another realm, where there is no life, death or balance. Find out what happens when Zoe and Xavier meet in the bridge in between.

Mystery / Romance
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"Wake up!"

"Wake up Zoe,"

"Get your ass up or we're going to be late for school."

"Get off me." I groaned, shrugging Olivia off.

Olivia Walker was my best friend. She had been for the longest time. Unlike I who was brown eyed and dark skinned, Livie was a blue eyed blonde. Where my skin was freckled, hers was spotless and whereas I was five feet seven tall, Livie was six feet two. But like most people described us, Livie and I were identically unidentical. Despite the fact that we were nothing alike physically, Olivia was my spirit animal and I, hers.

"Zoe, get up!" She said, firmer this time as she tugged the blanket off my body. "Xavier would be here to pick us up soon." She added and the manner at which my eyes flew open at her last statement was instantaneous.

I sat up immediately, the urge to sleep completely gone from my eyes.

"Xa- Xavier?" I stuttered.

"Yes, Zoe. Xavier." Olivia continued, a smirk spreading across her face as she stood up from the bed. I could tell that she was happy to finally have me alert but deep down I was cursing.

Why hadn't she started with that?

Xavier Walker was Livie's older brother and even though he didn't know it yet, he was my first love, my only love. It was unhealthy, I know, to be in love with someone who barely acknowledged my presence but with Xavier, I couldn't help it. I couldn't help it even after he started dating Raven Montgomery and I couldn't help it even if I knew he would never notice me.

Xavier was the exact definition of a high school popular jock, only he was just as brilliant as he was handsome. I admired how he spent most of his time studying instead of partying and how he wasn't a flirt like most people expected him to be. I also loved how well he took care of Olivia. I loved how careful he was with words and how his blue eyes lit up whenever he smiled.

While Olivia and I were sophomores in our high school, Xavier was a senior and it was no secret he was going to graduate as the valedictorian of his set.

To most people, Xavier came off as a pretty intimidating guy but to me, Xavier Walker was the sweetest man to walk the planet.

"So you better get your ass up. You know how much he hates tardiness." Livie continued, pretending to brush some dirt off her skirt.

"Shit!" I was up from the bed before anyone could say the words 'Jack Robinson.' "Shit! Shit! Shit!" I continued to curse as I pushed the doors of my wardrobe open and got out a pair of our school uniform. "Why didn't you start with that instead of all that talk about being late to school?"

"Do you like him that much?" Olivia said behind me and I didn't even have to look back to know she was standing with her arms crossed, her lips tilted slightly downwards. "I mean, its Xavier we're talking about here. My brother, Xavier."

"Yes, Livie. I like him that much and one day we're going to make babies together." I say without filter as I set my uniform on the bed. Making a gag sound, she shakes her head and I send her a wink as I make for the bathroom.

"You know I'll support you no matter what but I mean, does it have to be my brother?" Olivia asked for the umpteenth time as I began to take my clothes off. I got into the bathtub and then turned the shower on.

"Fortunately for me, Livie. Unfortunately for you." I said before I paused. "Hey, do you think Raven will ride with us to school?" I asked as I began to lather my body with soap.

"No, I told Xavier not to bring her along." Olivia said and I felt a small smile find it's way to my face because even though she pretended not to, Olivia had my back even with Xavier. "Xavier's calling." I heard her say and I increased my pace, knowing he would pull up in my front yard any moment. "Hi." She paused. "Calm down, Xav. We're almost ready." She added, almost whispering now. Forcing myself to zone out of their conversation, I ran my fingers through my wet hair, letting the coldness of the water soothe me.

"Hurry up, Zoe. Xav's leaving the house now and he sounds really upset already." Livie called from the room.

After a few more minutes, I climbed out of the bathtub and reached for my towel. I tied it firmly around my body as I walked out of the bathroom to find Olivia staring down worriedly at her phone.

"What was Xavier so upset about?" I let my curiosity get the best of me as I began to dress up.

"I have no idea. But you better be ready when he gets here else, we're going to have to walk to school." She told me and I shrugged, reaching for my socks.

I knew how bad Xavier’s temper could get and there was no was I was going to miss an opportunity to ride in Xavier’s truck and stare at him through the rear-view mirror.

That's how pathetic and helpless I was really.

When I had successfully put my socks on, I rushed towards the mirror and began to apply some light make up on while engaging in some small talk with Olivia.

We talked about our plans for Planet day, and Xavier's upcoming graduation ceremony. We talked about auditioning for cheerleading try-outs and how excited we were about the fact that we were going to be juniors in less than two months. Hell, we even talked about how we were going to take over the school once Xavier and the present queen bees of Evergreen High school graduated and somewhere between all the conversation, I had even managed to get some time to blow dry my hair.

Finally, I was ready.

But thirty minutes passed, and then an hour, and then two hours.

But Xavier didn't show up.

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