Always Eat Your Meat

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Valerie Conrad just graduated from culinary school. She hoped to find a place to fulfill her dreams. When a job opening at a diner turns out not at all what it seems, her dreams quickly turn into a nightmare. After soon discovering the disturbing history of the diner, she begins to wonder if she will be the next victim in this chilling game of survival. Will she get out alive? Find out in this addictive suspense thriller that will leave you wanting more!

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

“Now Hiring!” The bold words practically jumped off the page as I was flipping through another cliché magazine in the nook of Tom’s Coffee Shop.

Five years ago, I graduated from culinary school in hopes of becoming a professional chef. Since then, I’ve been madly searching for the perfect place to fulfill my dreams. The problem is however, every restaurant I have come across, has lacked the charm and warm-hearted feeling that I have been desperately searching for.

As I was about to flip the next glossy page in the magazine, my phone began to ring. I hectically picked it up, trying not to disturb the peaceful aura of the coffee shop; I quietly whispered, “Hello?”

“Valerie! Where are you and why are you whispering?” My best friend Audrey hollered through the phone.

Ever since I’ve graduated from college, she has been constantly on my case about me choosing a job. I know she is just trying to be helpful, but sometimes I can’t take her criticism.

“Well, I’m at Tom’s, rummaging through a few more articles.”

“Ugh...again? I should’ve known you would be there. I can’t believe you’re still looking for a job. There are so many wonderful places out there. Just pick one!” Audrey uttered, chiding me like a child.

I knew deep down she was right, but I was sick of being told for the thousandth time.

“Yeah, yeah I know, but this time I actually think I found a place that checks all the boxes on my list. It’s a little run down diner off Interstate 40, with bright neon lights. I just saw an advertisement in this magazine I was scanning through before you called, that said they are in desperate need of fresh new faces.”

“I’m thrilled you finally found a place, but do you really want to drive out to the middle of nowhere in your Maverick just to work at some dump?” Audrey commented disgustingly.

I rolled my eyes, “Well, I think it’s just what I was waiting for, and I’m going to drive out there tomorrow morning to check it out.”

“Do what you want, but don’t come crying to me if it’s not what you thought. Besides, what’s the name of the place anyway?” Audrey countered slightly defensive.

I brought the article closer to my sun kissed face, when I read slowly, “Earl’s Fresh Eats: Eat Today, Stay Forever.”

“That sounds awfully weird.” Audrey responded with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“Ehh, not really. I’m still going to check it out. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. I can’t pass it up.”

“Yeah it’s your dream and all, I understand. Anywho, now that your tedious quest is over, do you want to go see a movie tonight?” Audrey asked, returning to her perky self.

“Sure. That sounds great!” I exclaimed enthusiastically.

Normally I would’ve passed, but I was so ecstatic about finding a job opening, that everything sounded like a brilliant idea.

“Great! I’ll meet you at Harkins at 8 P.M. Don’t be late!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there.” I teased jokingly.

“Okay. See you later, bye!” Audrey hung up the phone, pumped for our girls night out, and frankly I was too.

With our conversation at an end, I carefully tore out the “Now Hiring” ad, and stuffed the paper in my leather bag along with my phone, and headed out of Tom’s with the largest smile anyone has ever seen!

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