Mafia Queen

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Chapter 5, Framed And On The Run

- Selena -

1 Hour Later

“I didn’t do it!” I scream at the guards. They ignore me. I let out a frustrated sigh and continue pacing back and forth.

The guards took everything from me, even the lockpicker that I keep in my boot. My boots are gone, too, leaving me with my black socks. They contrast the blank whiteness of the cushioned floor.

I still can’t believe that I’m in the place I never thought I’d visit - The Isolation Room. The walls, floor, ceiling - everything is white and cushioned and just blank.

I want to tear at the cushioned walls and scream as loud as I can, but I don’t need to give everyone another reason to think I’m deranged.

Needing to calm down, I take a deep breath and picture a calm ocean. Clear-minded and calmer than before, I go through all the events that led to me being here.

After leaving Jaxon, I snuck my way into my father’s office. I had hoped to find some clues for what really happened to him. I didn’t get to, though, since Uncle Fuego caught me and ordered me out.

He was flanked with multiple guards.

I was about to argue when the guards grabbed me. I remember struggling against them as Uncle Fuego accused me of murdering Father.

Anger surges through me as I remember how helpless I felt. I couldn’t fight my way out and run away since that would make me look guilty. And despite trying to deny what Uncle Fuego was claiming, my voice meant nothing against his.

Nobody would believe the grieving seventeen-year-old over my father’s brother and right-hand man.

Just because someone is your blood relative doesn’t mean they won’t betray you. Even family members are power-hungry. It’s my fault, though. I should’ve known that dear Uncle Fuego would find a way to take my father’s place.

He somehow found a way to make it look like I murdered Father. Fuego conveniently had a coroner find traces of poison in Father’s body. And then he barged into my room, without my permission, and found a bottle of poison.

It’ll be too easy to convince everyone I murdered Father. People are unbelievably gullible.

Jaxon would know that if I did poison my father, I would’ve gotten rid of the bottle of poison. And come on, the story before was that Father died from a stroke.

Funny how quickly and conveniently that changed.

After being accused of murder, Uncle Fuego had me thrown into The Isolation Room. And that’s where I’ve been for the last hour. Though I might not be here much longer.

I have a feeling I will be visiting another room soon, though. The Interrogation Room. I’m not scared by many things, but The Interrogation Room is one of my few exceptions.

Nobody but the interrogators come back out alive from that room.

I won’t go down without a fight, though. So they better be expecting heck from me.

I can only hope that Jaxon will find me soon. Before it’s too late.

In the meantime, I’ll come up with a backup plan to get the heck out of here. And I’ll be cursing Uncle Fuego out loud while I do it.


- Jaxon -

“Where is she?” I demand more than ask the patrol guard. I’m holding him up against the bathroom wall, his feet dangling inches off the ground.

“I-I don’t know,” He stutters out, face overcome with fear. Not just fear, though. He’s lying. I can tell. His brown eyes dart back and forth, looking for an escape.

I position myself so that there is none.

“That’s bullcrap. Tell me where Selena Crimson is.” I snarl, my voice getting dangerously low.

The guard stays silent this time, not budging. Thinking that he needs to be convinced, I hover my fist over his face.

“You have three seconds,” I growl, holding my fist back, ready to swing.

The guard is shaking now, probably wishing he didn’t take that bathroom break.

“One,” I murmur.

“Two,” My fist is about to knock out some teeth.


“Fine!” The guard blurts out, deciding that he wants to keep his teeth.

“She’s in The Isolation Room, accused of murdering Crimson Leopard.” He explains quickly.

I let him drop, and he falls to the tiled floor like a doll.

“See, that wasn’t too hard. Now, if you tell anyone about this, you’ll have a bullet in your head.” I say casually.

With that, I walk out of the bathroom, waving a friendly hello to two patrol guards walking by. As soon as they’re out of sight, I make my way to Selena’s Quiet Place.

There, I press a hidden button on the bookshelf, letting it scan my retina. It blinks green, and the bookshelf slides open, revealing the secrets behind it. Weapons, first-aid kits. I grab five guns, six throwing knives, two bombs, and two first-aid kits.

Satisfied with my bounty, I let the bookshelf slide back into place, as if nothing happened.

I’m about to leave the room when I spot Selena’s red blanket. It’s hard to believe that we’re talking here less than an hour before.

Grabbing it, I run out of the room, heading to the parking garage. I can only hope that I can get everything ready and break out Selena before they start interrogating her.

Once they start, it’ll be too late.


- Selena -

“Die in a fiery hole, Uncle Fuego,” I mutter under my breath. My voice is hoarse from how long I’ve been cursing Uncle Fuego out.

I’ve already decided on trying to make my escape when the guards come to get me for interrogation. I’ll fight my way out and get the heck away from this place.

“You’re a piece of -” I stop mid-curse, my head whipping towards the sound of a door opening.

A booted foot steps forward as the door to The Isolation Room swings open. Faster than lightning, I’m up on my feet in a defensive position, fists in front and ready to throw some punches.

Instead of a guard, though, I find the slightly bruised face of Jaxon. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relieved.

Running at him, I hug him so hard, a lesser man would flinch. He just hugs me back gently before letting me go.

“Selena, we’ve gotta go.” He says urgently, turning to look behind him. The unconscious bodies of guards litter the ground, guns, and knives scattered on the floor.

Slipping past Jaxon, I deftly pick up as many weapons as I can, slipping them into my pants, shirt, and socks. I hold onto a knife, though. Just in case we come across some trouble.

“Follow me,” Jaxon commands, and I run behind him without question. We turn hall after hall, all of them mostly deserted. We pass by two patrol guards, but they just shoot us confused looks as we run by them. It seems not everyone knows I’m a “criminal” yet.

Jaxon never hesitates, knowing exactly where he’s going.

Pretty soon, we’ve reached the parking garage.

Alarms are suddenly blaring everywhere, and I know that Fuego has found out that I’ve escaped. Quickly, Jaxon and I jump into his black McLaren P1.

Without a word, Jaxon steps on the gas pedal. We fly past car after car, closing in on the exit in front of us. Our only way out of here.

Out of nowhere, three crimson cars are suddenly trailing us. Two more races towards the exit, from left and right, trying to block the way out.

Terrified and filled with adrenaline, I turn my attention to Jaxon, who’s fully focused on the exit.

“Jaxon, we’re not going to make it!” I scream, as the exit and crimson cars come closer and closer, closing us in.

“Yes, we are,” He says before he hits the gas pedal even harder, forcing the cars behind us to catch up.

We zoom past the two upcoming cars just before they block the exit, my heart in my throat, and my stomach left behind.

I look back just in time to see all five cars crash, metal bending, bones breaking. A moment passes before the cars explode, the fire so hot it’s tinged with blue.

Sitting back in my seat, I put my seatbelt on.

“Kinda late for that, huh?” Jaxon jokes, glancing at me. How he has the nerve to joke after we almost died, I don’t know. But I love him for it.

“Yeah, I guess it is,” I admit with a small smile.

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