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The first part of the story is erotica/drama, the second part is mystery/horror... Gwen and Andrew have waited five years for the perfect home to renovate. They have finally found it, when something horrible happens and their lives are forever changed. Will Gwen be able to stay safe while an evil spirit chases after her? Will Andrew be able to finish the home on time to save his dear wife?

Mystery / Erotica
Constance P
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The air was heavy with fog, giving the abandoned Victorian home an added eeriness it did not need to ward off potential onlookers. It stood tall within the dense condensation, its towers peeking boldly through the thick mist, making it look grander than it truly was. Morning dew dampened the dead and wilted grass, a nearby dormant tree was devoid of birds singing their dawn chorus and a breeze slowly found its way through its gnarly branches. The dark and ominous clouds looked down on the vast colorless landscape, threatening a deluge on the already gloomy scenery. The boarded-up windows and crooked wrap-around porch reminded whoever dared gaze upon it of its lifeless state.

If you were to take a stroll inside its remains, the first thing that you would come upon is the empty parlor with chipped wooden floors, a brass curtain rod dangling dangerously to the side and wallpaper cracking and peeling down the once beloved walls. Whatever furniture left inside was covered in white linens to protect from the harming effects of the sun. Massive cobwebs hung low from the ceiling and made passage into some rooms almost impossible. It was in a sorry state of disrepair and it was truly tragic, for this home truly was magnificent when its owners lovingly took care of it. One could say that it was crying out to be loved, yet no one had looked upon it with such thoughts in an exceptionally long time. It seemed to have given up hope, giving in to the ravages of nature, becoming entangled in its dangerous embrace.

“It’s not much to look at right now. But with the right renovations, it could be spectacular. The house has four bedrooms, a large bay window in the kitchen, beautiful stained glass doors and a fireplace in almost every room.”

Gwen and Andrew stood side by side, holding trembling hands. Gwen could barely contain her excitement, she felt like bouncing up and down like a two-year-old child. We finally found our home. Andrew could tell that his wife was doing everything she could not to burst from pure joy. They had been searching for this house for five excruciatingly long years, never giving up hope that the right one was out there. And here it is.

As they walked into the decaying home, both had smiles plastered on their stupidly happy faces. The Realtor carefully inspected them, knowing in that moment that the house was sold. He didn't need to keep going on and on about what it had to offer. What he could not comprehend was what they saw in it. Try as he might, the air fresheners he had placed on almost every inch of the house did nothing to mask the putrid odor. He had hired a cleaning crew to do everything they could, yet it seemed like the only thing they had removed was the spider’s dwellings.

He had taken the listing because it was a favor to a friend, muttering curses under his breath when his friend had described the state it was in. He had not been looking forward to listing the eyesore, he never would have dreamed he would be selling it so quickly. And to such a normal looking couple too. Maybe they just want to tear it down and start anew, he thought. It did come with a bit of land and a quaint cottage right next to it. The cottage itself was livable, with basic amenities and plain decorations. They continued to tour the Victorian house, taking care not to step on any rotten floorboards as they went.

Gwen couldn’t believe it, she had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. Please don’t let me wake up if I am. She heard her husband chuckling behind her, he had seen her pinch herself. He walked up to her and embraced her from behind. She laid her head down on his shoulder and sighed. They were standing in one of the many bedrooms, not seeing or smelling all of its imperfections. They could see past the visible water stains on the ceiling, the peeling wallpaper in the corner, the creaky floorboards and the wind howling through the boarded-up window. They saw potential. They knew the amount of work it would take to make this house into their home. They knew how many hours and how many sacrifices they would have to make to get past the finish line. Neither of them backed down from a challenge.

They might look like they had stars in their eyes while they toured the ruined building, but they did not wear rose coloured glasses when it came to the next year. It would be hard work but they could do it. Hell, they had already renovated many houses together, but this would be theirs when they were done. Always feeling a sense of accomplishment when they finished a project, they knew this one would bring the best feeling of all.

The almost homeowners continued their exploration of the dull house, finding more decrepit rooms, until finally they came upon a door that led to a narrow staircase. Gwen was intrigued, maybe it leads to an attic room. She lifted her right leg and laid it down cautiously on the first step, testing her weight on it. Seems fine. Andrew held her by the waist and walked up behind her, step by step they made their way to the very top. The stairs were so narrow, Andrew’s shoulders almost rubbed against the walls as he followed his beloved. He was in no way a small man, but the nearness was making him feel like the walls were closing in on him.

If there is a room up there, she will want us to sleep there. He did not want to admit that he was afraid of tight spaces. He knew that he could tell her anything without any judgment on her part, but it was he who would feel different knowing that she knew he had a weakness. When they reached the top, Gwen gasped, and he frowned in the barely lit room. Damnation. She turned to him, grabbed his hand in hers and squeezed.

‘’Please let this be our room.’’

He would never go against her wishes, even if it meant being agitated ever damn time he went up and down those stairs. He knew her, this was what she had dreamed of. She must really be feeling like she is in a dream right now. They had finally found the house that they would live in for the rest of their lives. They were standing in the room that would become theirs. Andrew could picture it, a tall canopy bed with heavy linens draped across the top, Gwen laying naked on it, beckoning with her eyes.

He shook himself out of his daydream and grabbed his wife in one swift move. He bent down and gave her a toe curling kiss. They were both panting hard, as he pushed her up against the deteriorating wall and left a trail of hot kisses down her neck. She took his hands in hers and led them under her blouse until they found her erect nipples. Her head tilted back instinctively as he pulled her blouse up and brought his mouth down to suck on her pink buds. She moaned against him and brought her hands down to his belt, trying to remove it quickly. They both froze when they heard footsteps coming up the narrow staircase.

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