While you sleep

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Deirdre shot out of bed like a mad woman. She had to find Andrew and tell him what she had seen. She couldn't forget this time, the dream was imprinted in her mind. She rushed out of her bedroom, down the hallway and found his open door. She didn't bother knocking, since she could see him sleeping peacefully on his bed. She stopped herself from going forward when she heard him mumble Gwen under his breath and roll over.

She walked back out of his room and decided that it could wait until the morning. What good would it do to wake him up and tell him now? He wasn't going to start fixing things up in the house at two in the morning. Deirdre sighed as she made her way back to her comfortable bed. She thanked whoever was listening for the chance to be in her family's life.

Andrew starred at me, his eyes unblinking. A tear slid down his face, I desperately wanted to flick it aside. I held back, I didn't want to scare him awake. I walked slowly towards him, reaching out my hand. He looked down, his eyes opened wide, as he touched me gently. I felt his warmth on my skin and I started crying. It felt just like before, only I was dead. He brought his other hand to wipe away my tears and I did the same for him.

''My mom told you?''
He looked confused.
''I came to her dreams a few minutes ago. She was coming to you. But I felt an incredible pull to you, so I tried reaching you again.''
I stroked his cheek and suddenly I felt his soft lips pushing down on mine. He lifted me by the ass and I wrapped by legs around him. I didn't know if he knew I was real or just a dream. I needed him to know that I was truly here and I wasn't going anywhere until he finished what we started. I got sidetracked for a few minutes, it was just so wonderful to be able to feel him.
A bed appeared behind us, and he led us to it quickly. He pushed me down on the soft covers, and he began undressing. When his shirt was removed, I trailed a line from his neck to his waist. When his pants were removed, I squeezed his ass slowly and then kissed his pulsing muscle on its tip. He let out a low growl, the sound made me wet instantly. I was about to remove my dress, when I felt his hands stop me. He flipped me around, and I ended up on all fours. He slipped his hand down my wet slit and pushed his finger inside. I cried out, it felt just as good as when we were together in reality.
He pushed in a second finger and I thrust my pelvis back and forth, loving the friction. I yelled out for more and then I felt him circling my clit. I moaned and brought a hand up to my breast. I pinched and played while he did the same to my throbbing core. He felt how tense I was becoming and with one swift thrust, he was buried inside of me. I screamed out his name as he thrust deeper and faster. An explosion of white lights assaulted my senses, my body clenched and I found my release. He came right along with me, filling me with warm liquid. He stayed inside while I felt him soften, caressing my hair and kissing my back. He pulled out and sat down on the bed beside me.
''You feel so real to me.''

Andrew woke up drenched in sweat, naked and alone. He looked around the room and frowned. He had had a dream, yet she had told him in the dream that it was real. She was somehow caught in the spirit world, and she needed his help to get out. She was being tormented by her father, the very idea made Andrew clench his fists. Did he not have enough of torturing her during her lifetime? What kind of a sick depraved person was he? He too had unfinished business or whatnot that kept him from truly dying.

Deirdre was flipping over the last pancake when she heard Andrew walk into the room. Hope was playing in her playpen and laughing at whatever toddlers found funny.
''I need to speak with you about something Andrew.''
He walked to her and gestured for her to sit down next to him. He had an inkling of an idea about what she wanted to say. He didn't let her speak, he begun.
''After we spoke yesterday, I decided to let myself believe Gwen was truly there. I had a dream about her last night. She told me she was stuck and that she had explained it all to you too.''
Deirdre was so happy that she wasn't going crazy. She and Andrew had been contacted about the same thing, there was no doubt in her mind that her daughter needed his help.
''You need to finish the house, so she can be at peace.''
He nodded and continued,
''However, I was thinking, do you know what unfinished business Reginald might have? If he were to leave her alone, then she could stay a spirit and we could have her by our side. If only in our dreams.''
Deirdre smiled at her son-in-law, she had the same observation in the early morning when she couldn't go back to sleep. She had thought it over so much that her head had felt like it was splitting open.
''I think that it would be selfish of us to do that. If you think about it. you will understand that if she is a spirit, then there is life after death. She was a good person, I know she will be at peace forever is we help her.''
Andrew knew what she said was true, but he didn't want to admit it to himself. He would have to lose her all over again, would he be able to face it? Would it send him to an early death to lose his soulmate again?

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