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The Realtor chuckled as he saw their flushed faces. He had not happened upon this scene before, yet he found it quite amusing. They are weirdos. How could anyone get turned on in a place like this? He led them back down the narrow staircase, past an endless number of doors and finally the trio found themselves back in the parlour. Gwen looked up at Andrew, he knew what she was asking before she even opened her mouth.

″We love it, we want to make an offer.″

There was no use trying to hide the love they had for the ruined house, he had seen it plain as day on their faces. They knew that he could jack up the price if he knew they were really interested, yet for some reason they didn’t care. They wanted to scream to the world that this house was it. No more late nights spent endlessly searching through websites, no more hopes that were dashed when a house turned out to look nothing like in its photographs and no more feeling empty after visiting the perfect home that just wasn’t meant for you. They were ready to let the whole world know that this was it. We will fight for this house if we need to.

No fighting was needed to acquire the keys to their future home. Within a week, the papers were signed, their boxes were packed and they were making their way to their new dwelling. As the car drove across the uneven muddy ground, the new homeowners could not help feeling undeterred by the massive list of renovations that needed to be undertaken. Gwen stared up at the tall towers, dreaming about what they would find when they tore down the walls and ripped up the floors. Those floors. She had fallen in love with the wide pine floors as soon as her eyes had laid upon them. She desperately hoped that they could be salvaged, she wanted nothing more than to wake up and see those floors every morning.

She smiled as Andrew stopped the car and went around to open the passenger door. He took her hand in his as they walked up the rickety steps to their front door. He picked her up and kicked the door open, stepping inside with his giggling bride. We’re home.

After all their personal belongings were placed in the cottage, they dusted and swept, until they were both straining to keep their eyes open. The furniture in the cottage was old and worn out, but it would have to do until they moved into the main house. This is just temporary. Gwen yawned and took her husband by the hand. She led him to the living room, pushing him down tiredly on the sagging couch. They always ended their day by making love, no matter how tired either of them were. It had become somewhat of a ritual for them, Andrew had said it as a joke once but Gwen had taken him up on the challenge. Most times, it was him who was falsely begging her to leave him get some rest.

She brought her legs on either side of him and straddled him, making him instantly hard under his work pants. She rubbed herself on him slowly, closing her eyes, while feeling every caress on her already swollen centre. He groaned when he felt her heat rubbing up against him, no amount of fabric could mask her need. He pulled her top off over her head and kissed her softly on every surface of her skin. They were both so tired, yet it just meant that their lovemaking would be slow and sensual. On days where they were fully awake, it would be raw and rough. Gwen found his belt, grabbed it and with one swift pull it was on the floor. He helped her get his pants and briefs down his legs and off to the pile with the rest of their clothes. She stood and teasingly removed her own pants slowly and seductively.

He couldn’t wait any longer, he grabbed her exposed panties and ripped them clean off of her. She saw the fire blaze in his eyes, she gasped and practically jumped onto his lap. She landed directly on top of his rigid shaft, he pulled her down onto it and she cried out when he filled her completely. She felt a renewed energy when she started rocking back and forth, he placed his hands on her hips and helped her glide up and down on him. She felt like her insides were burning, he kissed her over and over again until they both couldn’t breathe.

Sex with her husband had always been good and she was happy for that, since he was the only one she had ever been with. He bit down on her lip softly, she knew it was because he was holding back his own release so she could have hers. He stood up, her legs still attached to him, his swollen member still inside her. He placed her on the counter and slammed into her a few times until she was crying out his name and trembling from the orgasm that rocked her body. After a few more thrusts, he came inside of his wife and kissed her senseless once again. They fell asleep in a tangled mess on the floor, not having the energy needed to make it to the bed.

She was walking up the long and narrow driveway, the derelict house appearing eerily through the thick mist. She felt her feet heavy beneath her, looking down, she saw knotted vines rapidly circling her ankles. They felt like barbed-wire on her soft skin as they made their way up her legs. She screamed and tried running away from the clinging plants, only to see them disappear in the wink of an eye.
She ran as quickly as her legs could go towards the uninviting house, she had nowhere else to turn to. The cottage was nowhere to be found and their car was not in the driveway anymore. She pushed the door open, only to find herself inside her childhood bedroom. She looked around the room, wondering what the hell she was doing there. Am I dreaming? This can't be real.
Her fathers voice brought her out of her thoughts. He is dead, no way is this real. She felt herself being pushed towards the closed bedroom door. She could hear his heavy footsteps coming towards the room. Damn, this dream needs to end. I don't want to be reminded of him, not even in my dreams. The footsteps got closer and closer until she felt herself turning the doorknob and pushing it open. No! No! no! Let me wake up from this nightmare!
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