While you sleep

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Gwen sat up quickly, hitting her head under the counter top. She cried out, which woke Andrew up. She was sweating profusely and her eyes were bloodshot from all the crying she did while she was sleeping. Andrew rubbed his eyes and looked at his wife when he heard her sniffling. She had a small gash on her forehead and blood was trickling down into her right eye.

″Gwen! Oh my God! What happened?″

He pulled her close and enveloped her in a big warm hug. She didn’t want to let go, it always felt so good to touch her husband. That’s why she always held his hand, ever since the first time they had touched, she had felt sparks. Even after five years, those sparks were still alive and tingling her system whenever they touched. She pulled back slightly and looked his in his beautiful hazel eyes.

″A bad dream about father. Then I hit myself when I finally woke up from my nightmare.″

A scowl appeared on Andrew’s face, he couldn’t help it, her father had been quite a bastard. After they had run away together, she had been plagued by those nightmares, her father had terrorized her while she slept. Andrew had gotten her to see a therapist, they had worked through most of the pain and resentment she held towards him. The feelings she had didn’t disappear, she could just deal with them better now. How could someone get over a father abusing them in every sense of the word? She had finally gotten out of the house and she had run off with him one night when it had gotten really bad.

Andrew was walking towards Gwen’s house, excited to tell her that he had scored a B on his Math exam. She knew he had studied hard and since he wasn’t a straight A student like little miss perfect, a B was just fine. He grinned and made his way up the fire escape, which led to her bedroom window. Her father slept on the opposite side of the home, so he knew they would never be found out. Unless they made a lot of noise in the room, which they didn’t, since they wanted to wait until they were married to be together. Even though Andrew was from the wrong side of the tracks, he still wanted to be a gentleman with his one true love. It meant lots of cold showers and holding back when she was so damn beautiful and inviting. She knew what she did to him and she liked flirting with him too much to stop.

They both had a lot of self restraint since they were horny teenagers and all they could think about was sex. However, he knew about her family life, he knew that she wasn’t a virgin, he also knew that it wasn’t by choice. They had spent so many of these late nights talking about running away and never looking back, however they hadn’t because they were still underage and it would be very difficult to actual make it together somewhere else. As he got to her window, he knocked their secret code but after a minute she didn’t appear like usual with her bright smile. She didn’t appear at all.

He pulled the window up, thank goodness she kept it unlocked just in case. He walked inside slowly and barely was able to contain his gasp when he saw her. She was rolled up in a ball on the bed, she was naked. Her back was covered in what seemed to be deep gashes made by a belt. Welts were starting to cover the hideous bruises all over her delicate skin. He didn’t hear her crying, was she dead? He ran over to her, not caring that he let the window slam shut. He listened for a pulse, what he found was faint and but a whisper. He didn’t want to touch her, but he had to pick her up so they could leave. He didn’t know what they would do, or where they would go, all he knew was that he was getting her as far away as possible from the monster who called himself her father.

Gwen was resting in the lumpy bed, sipping on some tea and trying hard to concentrate. Fuck sakes. She wanted the hideous images to erase themselves forever from her mind, but every time she had a nightmare involving her father, she would retreat back to her teenager self. She hated being a burden to Andrew, he didn’t deserve all the shit that had gone down in their lives. He was such a good person, with a huge heart and a lovely soul. She almost regretted meeting him, bringing him into her crazy fucked up world. She loved him so very much and she didn’t want her past ghosts interfering with his happiness. He told her she was crazy every time she told him so, he always reminded her that he would do it all over again because she was his life. No matter how fucked up it was.

Andrew walked into the bedroom and looked at his sleeping wife. She was the most perfect woman to him. She was the strongest person he had ever encountered, despite everything she had been through in her life. He saw that strength in her every day he had the privilege of spending with her. She didn’t see it most days when she reverted back to her teenage doubts, yet she was a fighter through and through. She had been through so much trauma, any other person would have crumbled under it. Not my Gwen.

She felt his eyes on her while she slept, feeling safe and comforted. She knew Andrew liked to watch her while she slept, however it usually woke her up and it scared the shit out of her sometimes. He tried to stop but he just couldn’t resist watching over her always. She opened her eyes and stretched slowly under the covers. She saw her gorgeous husband sitting on the chair next to the door, wearing only a pair of jogging pants.

She patted the bed next to her and he gladly laid down next to her. She turned to him and laid her head down on his chest, feeling his warmth all through her body. He took her hand and brought it to his mouth, kissing it gently. She smiled and when he brought her hand to rest it on his belly, she moved it down further south. He stopped her, knowing what she wanted, but not wanting to give in just yet. He groaned when she jumped on top of him and straddled him.

''Gwen, I don't think it's the right time for that. You are still reeling from the nightmare.''

He knew she wanted to do anything to forget. He didn't want to enable her in this, even if she was really tempting. He saw her pout and just as he thought she was going to back off, she leaned down and kissed him deeply. She pulled back and ran her hand teasingly down his neck, past his nipple, all the way down to the elastic waist of his sweats. She tugged them down easily, revealing the massive hard on he had for her.

She licked her lips and bent down to kiss the tip of his shaft. He groaned deeply and she felt his hands grabbing onto her hair. She licked him slowly, taking her time as though he was a delicious lollipop. He tugged on her hair hard when she took him deeply into her mouth.

''Fuck Gwen!''

She loved making him squirm under her touch, loved bringing him as much joy as he brought her. She smiled and continued worshipping his body under she felt his thighs tense up and his hot seed explode inside of her. He tasted sweet, which was something she had not been accustomed to. Her father had not ... STOP THINKING OF HIM! She pushed the thought aside and glanced up at her husband. He had his eyes closed and he looked fully satiated. His eyes flew open and looked down at his blushing bride.

''My turn.''

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