While you sleep

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3 months later ...

Gwen looked down at her feet. She didn’t see them. She laughed, rubbing her huge belly as she always did in the morning to wake her tiny one up. She was eight months pregnant, only one more miserable one left to endure. She desperately wanted to meet her daughter, hold her, smell her, love her. She couldn’t wait to hear the tiny cries fill the hospital room, bringing life into the sterile environment. She could picture it all, yet she chose not to dwell on it too much because she had been told many times that delivery rarely went according to plan.

She found her slippers by touching the floor with her feet, slipping them on to keep her toes warm. The cottage was not very well insulated and winter had happened upon them early this year. She picked up the plate that sat next to the bed, looking down at the few crumbs that were left. Andrew always brought a snack to bed with him, knowing full well it was for her late night cravings. She hated the blasted hunger she always had, and it wasn’t just for food. She was supposed to be taking it easy, but her body had plans of its own. Andrew wasn’t complaining about it though. She chuckled and walked out of the room, searching for her husband.

After trekking a few hundred feet through the snow, she walked into the house and closed the door behind her. She found him in the parlor, standing atop a short ladder, sliding the last curtain on the rough iron pole. She smiled when she saw how the room was coming along, their plans had been halted quite a bit since she couldn’t help as much with the renovations. Andrew had decided not to hire anyone, they would live in the cottage a bit longer. It didn’t bother either of them, they wanted the house perfect for their arrival.

He didn’t hear her walk in, which surprised her, given the fact that she looked like a beached whale. She chuckled and that got his attention, he quickly looked at her and almost tumbled down off the ladder. She gasped but was relieved when she saw that the wall had broken his fall somewhat, he hadn’t hurt himself. He crossed the room and held his wife in his arms, kissing her good morning, even though she had slept through most of it. Gwen grabbed his ass and squeezed, not letting him doubt her intentions for one second.

″Already?″ He grinned and picked her up as though she was light as air.

He carried her to a guest bedroom they had equipped with a bed for her midday naps. He placed her gently on the bed and stroked her belly, saying good morning to their daughter. His touch sent shivers through Gwen’s entire body, she was already wet in anticipation. Being heavily pregnant had not stopped them from being intimate, in fact, they were making love more than before. Andrew had joked that she was already pregnant, no need to try so much. She had slapped him playfully and continued her assault on his body.

Andrew pulled off her slippers, as she practically threw the rest of her clothing aside. She pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. He, however, had other plans. He grabbed her glorious hips and pushed her forward slowly, until she was on all fours. His feet found the floor and he placed himself behind her. This position was their favorite since her belly had grown, but not only for that reason.

The first time they had tried it this way, he had touched a new spot within her and it had made her squirt. Hard. It had been something new for both of them, Gwen had been ashamed, while Andrew had been amazed. He wanted to get her to do it over and over again, it had been quite a sight to behold. They had talked about it, it had taken her awhile to stop being ashamed and embrace the beauty of it. He hadn’t put her in the position again for awhile, leaving her some time to adjust to the idea, even if each night he wanted to so badly.

As she felt his hard shaft against her wet opening, she moaned. This position was by far her favorite since the last time they had done it, she just didn’t want to admit it. Andrew could take her this way everyday and she would die a happy woman. She had been so ashamed the first time that she had squirted, seeing that liquid flying all over the room. It had scared her too, she thought something was wrong and her water had broken.

When she came out of her orgasmic daze, she realized it was her body reacting in an exciting new way. Andrew had loved every minute of it, being the one to bring her to such new heights of pleasure. They talked about it once and then it seemed like he had stopped taking her this way altogether. It made her sad, even if all the other ways they were together were fantastic. She missed the strange and new sensation.

Andrew pushed himself inside her inviting warmth and heard her moan a few times as he glided in and out teasingly. He knew she wanted him to pound her, but he wanted it to last awhile. He didn’t want to rush things, especially if it could make her squirt again. His dick became even harder at the thought and it took all of his restraint away. He pummeled her hard, driving in and out while holding onto her hips for support. She screamed every time he hit her most sensitive spot, telling him to go faster, deeper. If he didn’t slow down, he would be finishing before she did and he didn’t want that.

He brought his hand to her clit and rubbed in slow circles as he slowed down the pace. She moaned louder, as he bent down and kissed her neck, moving down her back. He felt her starting to shake, knew that her release was close. He pulled his hand away, grabbed her tightly and shoving into her as hard as he could. She screamed, her walls tightening around him, her eyes widened in shock as she squirted out onto the bed. This time, she felt nothing other than pure pleasure. He continued thrusting until he found his own release and fell down onto the bed next to her. He had to remember that she was heavy with child. He couldn’t fall on top of her anymore and risk hurting them both. His wife and his daughter were too precious to even think of hurting.

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