A Payne(ful) Story

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January 23rd, 2025 | 6:30am | Nicole & Lashanda’s Story

Hey y’all! How y’all doing? As you know, my name is Nicole and my sister and I have been living the life. We own our own clothing line called: “Payne(ful)” . Because, baby, our clothes fulfill your needs, but is a pain to your wallets. Since me and my twin share everything, we might as well share our story, through me of course, for I am older by three minutes.

So, we became fashion designers not too long after mom and pop died. I know it may seem a little insensitive to dismiss something as atrocious as their death, but we needed something to dismiss the pain and absence of our parents. However, you’d be surprised of how young we are and having our own fashion line. The Payne’s are a very smart and intellectual family, not including Josh of course. We were only eleven at the time, but we had a very good eye when it came to fashion. Now, four years later, our business is booming all over Boston. We’ve made plenty of money to finally get out of our dusty old home into a lavish apartment with beautiful modern interior design.

When we were younger, mom would always take us out on shopping sprees, but for some reason she would always try and drag along Josh. Josh never wanted to do anything with mom and pop already disowned him and passed him onto Derrick, which didn’t make things any better. So, whenever he tagged along, he would do whatever he could to make a fool out of us. He would get caught stealing or get us thrown out by saying some very hurtful and derogatory terms to the owner. He is such a liability, and no one seems to know why he tries so hard to be a menace to the family.

March 14th, 2017 | Josh’s Story

Moms and Pops anniversary is supposed to be tomorrow. Every year we supposed to give them a gift, but I don’t see the rush to do so. I mean, it is their night, so they should just splurge on each other, but I don’t want to seem like a bad son. Even though pops disapproves of me, I’m going to show him that I can be the man he needs in this family.

Moms loves flowers, so I decided to get her a couple of roses from the Market. For pops, he has more of an expensive taste. So, I decided to go all out for him this year and get him his dream watch, which was the Rolex Bao Dai. It cost about 5.1 million dollars and I definitely didn’t have the money for it, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have it. My plan was to call my man Brodie (he owes me a favor) and have him wire me the money through a secure transaction from whatever bank he chose and boom, watch is paid for. Knowing my pops, he is going to be a little suspicious on how I got the money, but hopefully it doesn’t come down to that.

You see, I love my parents so much man, that I would go to hell and back for them because they deserve that much. I want to have me a girl that loves me like moms loves pops, you know what I’m saying? As much of a nuisance I am to them, they still love me and I haven’t been kicked out the house once and that’s saying something.

March 15th, 2017 | Marshall & Larae’s Anniversary

Today was the big day and I already gave moms her rose and her smile lit up the room. She gave me the biggest hug and I felt a warm feeling in my chest. I called pops aside while everyone else was exchanging their gifts.

“Here you go pops. I know you’ve been eyeing it for a while so I decided to cop it for you.”

I handed him the watch and watched his reaction. I was looking for excitement, but all I found was anger. He threw the watch on the floor and dragged me to the nearest bathroom and locked the door. I looked in his eyes and they were gleaming with despair. His brows furrowed and his hands clenching as he started to yell.

“What the hell were you thinking boy! I know you ain’t got the money for that Rolex, so why gift me with one of your schemes?”

“Pops, you ain’t even gotta worry about where I got it from, aight. It’s legit and the money is clean, so you don’t—”

Before I even finished my sentence, he clocked me right in the mouth. He moved so fast, I didn’t even realized what happened until I was on the floor bleeding. I tried to get back up, but he kicked me back down. He kept stomping, punching, kicking, spitting, and he would’ve kept going if Derrick didn’t bust the door open.

“I want you to take him and get out of this house now. If I ever see you again, Josh, I promise I won’t go so easy on you.”

Pops stormed off and slammed the door behind him. Derrick sat on the toilet as I just laid on the floor. I felt empty. I felt betrayed. I laid there in silence and not one tear fell from my eye. I laid there thinking about how I was just idolizing them yesterday. About how I was going to prove myself to them. Show them that I ain’t no thief no more. Show them that I’m not a crook like I used to be. Yeah, I did my time for robbing a couple stores and did my time for selling on the corner. I learned from my mistakes or so I thought I did.

January 23rd, 2025 | 7:00am

Ever since then, I could care less about what my family thinks of me. I can do whatever I want and I don’t care if somebody killed me or if I end up back in jail because in the end, both my parents some bustas. Moms could’ve came in to break it up, but she didn’t. She was the last person I saw, besides Derrick, after pops beat the life out of me. And you know what she did? She just looked the other way. So yeah, screw both of them. I don’t care if they dead because they already killed me.

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