The Shadow

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Lana is a high school student with many aspirations but they are all brought to a halt when something (or someone) comes into her life. Will her doubts consume her and what will happen when she realizes everything she thought she knew was not nearly true? Who's this shadow and what does it want from her?

Mystery / Horror
Shee Grace
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As I set my eyes on him, there was a fire... burning through his eyes, a thirst that could not be quenched. His sharp gaze almost piercing through the crowd. That scent, an aroma beyond one I had ever smelt but ever so familiar.. to his gait- even that made an impression. And then I woke up at the crack of dawn merely reminiscing that fantasy still drifting away. His words engraved into my heart resembling indelible ink that cannot be erased. What the former was I could not remember. Even to this day I remember that day I set my eyes on him. (Description of Mr. F)

Lana sat down wondering what had just happened. Her analytical mind started to pace as did her heart for fear of her reveries. This unfortunate reality had almost been a nightmare. Was this a sign of hope or was it her innermost demons tormenting her? She then sat up and, by the tantalizing smell of bacon she really loved, made her way downstairs. She had a mixed look; a baffled and scared expression. Little did she know what had become daily nightmares would soon take over her thoughts and manifest.
That day at school wasn't quite like any other. Lana kept vacillating between what she thought was reality and not. Barely making it through her classes, it seemed that the only thing she looked forward to was her art class. It almost felt like a Zen moment where she could unwind her thoughts and be. Little did she know......
"Hey girl, how was the day?"
"'Twas pretty good but a bit boring. I'm hoping this class will at least change my mind. Do you know what she's having us do today?"
"I don't know. Catch you later. Shhhhh Ms. Karen is here."
While painting there seemed to be a haze behind the teacher which she couldn't make sense of. Her eyes set at hazing fixture and before she could even realize her body went to a state of unconsciousness.
What seemed like a few hours was in fact seconds. Everyone seemed so unconcerned- indifferent almost as if they couldn't perceive her presence. And then it clicked- Lana was in her mind- her subconscious maybe which had a striking semblance to her real world. That fixture suddenly appeared causing her heart to beat faster and her hands to be clammy.
"Who are you? And why do you torment me?"
He was silent as a log but prompted Lana to follow him. Twasn't apparent where he was taking her although she felt the need to ask while simultaneously safe around him. Suddenly, as if he was reading her thoughts...
"It is not I you should fear but someone lurking in your real world who isn't so fond of you."
"What do you mean?" Who would want to harm me?" And just like that her body was dragged back like a magnet.
She woke up dumbfounded with a face that had an indescribable expression.
"Whew, we were worried sick for a minute. What happened?"
"I don't know. I just woke up in another state of mind. I......."
As she was about to explain to her friend what had happened, the bell rang. She was unsure about if to mention the events that had occurred to her peers but somewhat felt a nudge telling her to keep the intel to herself.
(Narrator: Now you might remember that first irrelevant paragraph yeah read it again. I believe you will comprehend who that 'fantasy' is; if not well my apologies then. )

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