The Shadow

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One Month Later

(Narrator: One month into this respite has been quite interestingly difficult. My apologies for going ghost but I just needed to keep off for a while. This job of assisting people during this time is hard... Anyway I have still been closely watching these two following their steps. These mundanes can honestly be super annoying- they will drag some situations so much it becomes boring. I am currently watching over this lunch meeting this one had set up.... Aghhh )

At lunch, Mr Williams was awkward for some weird reason. I do not know why but I guess he was still unsure he had gotten away from the 'lion's den'. He seemed very fidgety and anxious looking back every single time a waiter/waitress came to serve.

"What's up? Why are you acting as if you have seen a ghost? It feels like we are being watched- Is there something you want to tell me?"

"I... I.... I am sorry I didn't even realize. I feel a bit anxious. I just secured a deal for the company which I am ecstatic about. However, I just have this bad feeling... almost like a vibe of some sort. .."

Just as he was about to proceed with the conversation a young girl who caught his colleague's eye walked in. There was a calm about her; a different aesthetic. She walked in and sat at one of the dinner tables at the corner with her books, ordered Italian linguini with sparkling water.

"So what do we do about the other Cali business deal we were talking about? Do you think we should bail or do you think we should push the deal to see if they crack? I believe that..."

" I believe that we should get the deal; our enterprises would largely benefit from such. Not to mention the publicity and exposure."

A few hours went by both enjoying their Italian food while talking about work. (Narrator: All these humans do is talk work, and more of it. Am I the only one who feels ... drained.. drowsy from all this babbling... If they could cut to the chase.... )

As time went by they both decided it was time to leave but Mr. Williams noticed something he hadn't before. His colleague motioned to the waiter to tell that a young girl sitting at the corner to come. Ironically he 'didn't know' this little girl was his co-worker's cousin's daughter.

"Lana, come greet my fellow comrade now .. didn't your mother tell you not to disrespect your elders now?..."

Wait! Where have I heard that name before?.... Lana....What! It can't be her! I thought the police would handle this case. Why do I keep finding myself dragged into this mess? Darn it!! I am about to lose it! No, come on you have got to keep your cool; just pick up your coat and turn around and greet her casually. There's no harm in that now, is there? Wait, no I am not re-...

"Hello, sir nice to meet you"

"Hello, kiddo what's your name again?"

"Her name is Lana and we are going to be both in trouble if we don't get you back home on time. You know how important it is to your mum. She had a very uncanny experience awhile ago- girl nearly died by some douche who hit and run. They have been looking but nothing still. We better get going before she starts panicking."

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