The Shadow

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They hadn’t exchanged much in conversation; for him once he knew what he did, he entered shutdown mode. Months had passed by but let me give you the M.O. – apparently that night he had been forced to take Lana and her stu-u-u-p-p- yea you get the point- home. He had to face that little girl’s mother having to conceal his ‘true identity’ and that he had been an eye witness to the whole incident.

“Don’t freak out. You can get through this”, he thought. Luckily, they hadn’t remained in the premise for long which meant he could kick back his guilt conscious.

(Narrator: Let me be honest I do not know why humans are so cryptic with their feelings or situations. They are unaware that transparency is key. This is why I get exhausted watching these horrific so called ‘lives’ they lead. If someone could pass me the popcorn, I would really….. Oh wait I can’t I have to go usher another person into… ah I’ll catch up with this later on.)

A couple of months had passed by (narrator: much like this follow-up took me to write) and there was some type of dark cloud hovering over Lana’s family- almost like a chill in the hair. She would wake up, go to school, return home and try to even sleep for just a few hours much to her dismay because it was never possible. Not to mention that her ‘reverie’ had disappeared. Lana didn’t know how or what to feel- relieved? Or concerned? Maybe perplexed? It wasn’t clear but what she had hoped was that she’d at least finally find out who he was.

Last we had heard from this mysterious person was in her class where she seemed to have gone into a trance of some sort. Going to school that day was part of her typical boring routine- the only thing she looked forward to was her art class with Ms. Karen.

(Narrator: She doesn’t know what’s in store for her today oh dear.)

For some reason the teacher had them drawing apples and pears- sketches really- felt irrelevant since this was an intermediate level of art. But who was she to defy the teacher…..

“Wait, what is that? I think that painting has you staining your clothes.”

“I didn’t even notice.” As she got up to go to the restrooms across the hallway, that haze that she hadn’t seen seemed to have come back. She rushed in and there he was … Mr. F…. after so long she had anticipated this moment… to hear what he had to say… did he know something she didn’t and if so why wouldn’t he tell her??

(Narrator: Well I suppose that you were expecting to be told the aftermath of the meeting. That is something that you will have to wait for although I have to say the story will slowly but surely uncover itself. In that case, I do have to mention that there is no reference to her father in this story- and I never surely seemed to find him after his decease. Pretty weird but oh well … maybe I’m being paranoid…)

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