The Shadow

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First Impressions

(Narrator: So if you read the last chapter and could not comprehend what’s going on I can assure you it’ll uncover itself slowly.)

Where should she even start? Lana didn’t quite know who Mr. F was referring to. Who could want her harmed? Why was he helping her? She was walking home crossing the street from across her house. A car was speeding down and the driver hadn’t quite made himself aware of Lana’s presence (or had he?) – he was absent minded and had music volume turned up- and the same was for the latter.


“One, two clear…. She’s still down... again clear” was the last thing her mum heard. Lana was lying in the adjoining room unconscious and bruised beyond recognition.

“Will she be alright? , please tell me” she kept pleading the doctors to save her little baby. She was sobbing hysterically but the white robed knights overlooked her multiple questions marched into the OR and shut the door behind them. Two hours later she was taken to the ward for recuperating patients. There she was just lifeless. This went on for days without any sign of her moving at all. A week later-----


Lana woke up with drips and machines beeping around her. She couldn’t make sense of where exactly she was but she instantaneously realized her mum’s presence beside her with eyes almost exuding out of her sockets for joy.

“Where am I? How did I get here?” she said.

“Dear they found you for dead across our home. Someone called the paramedics who took you to hospital. You were badly hit in an accident don’t you remember? ……. But that’s over now."

All she could remember was walking from school but apparently she had never made it to her destination. She was also intimidated by the police’s interrogation about the events that has transpired and how much of it she remembered. The good news was that at the rate she was recovering she’d be discharged by the end of that week.

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