The Shadow

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The Interrogation

As she walked up the steps to her home she had a mixed sense of feeling. The police cars surrounding her house made it feel as if she was being ambushed.

"Hi, mum what is going on? Why are they here?". In a way she knew she was trying to evade the inevitable but she hoped that there was going to be a formality - a call from the station in close proximity to get her version of the story. But no...

"They just want too ask you a few questions dear. Don't be afraid."

Following the usual protocol the feds proceeded to make enquiries about the unusual incident. However, it seemed they were many irregularities about as to who could have committed that hit and run and it was difficult for them to form a solid case.

(cops to themselves: the story she tells doesn't coincide with what we thought? How can we make speculations from what she just told us? In my opinion it would be best if we just dropped the case before we make fools out of ourselves.)

Lana didn't really need to make anything out. She just knew that she had to find out for her own sake what had happened that day before the wanna be killer got to her again. This time her mind went to the worst - that whoever wanted her gone would not miss or fail this time. She proceeded to go upstairs. She drifted into thought as this had become the norm and fell asleep.

"You are that creep I saw in my class and I thought I was going crazy How did I even get here? What do you want from me again ?I already got into trouble because of you... even almost died."

"Calm down, as I told you I am not the enemy here. Someone- I assume he already made himself acquainted with you- is trying to harm you. In due time we will also find out why which is for the time unbeknownst to you?"

"But why? And how do YOU know this? For all I know you could be the culprit in all this trying to get me onto your side only for you to kill me. You are a..... vision.... a dream. I don't even know you. "

"Oh but you will know everything in due time... you will realise we have a lot in common... you are..."

She was expecting to hear what this odd man had to say when her younger brother shook her and she woke up- unfortunately before she could get her answers. She was vexed but couldn't blame it on her brother. So many questions, so much confusion. None of her family members knew whatsoever about what was going on and she was going to keep it that way. For now all she wanted was to have a taste of a home cooked meal and try to completely forget the events of the day. The interrogations at home made her feel drained and....

"Hey did you sleep well? Here is a plate. What's wrong honey? You look like you saw a ghost."

"I am fine mum. Love the food." That night was probably the longest staring intently at the ceiling.

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