The Shadow

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The Unknown Witness

(Narrator: As you have already read maybe you have realized what the heck is going on. I would love to quickly cut to the chase and tell you what will happen in the future but that will totally spoil it so just proceed to reading some more- it gets better hopefully with time, I mean the plot will sort of uncover itself.)

In the meantime there was a man walking up the steps to an apartment buildin g - tall, dark and handsome, not too old either (present day people would say he is a shnack). However, he seemeed shook, trembling almost as if someone had electrocuted his body and was experiencing aftershocks. He lived on the 15th floor quite high in fact (some of us are acrophobic out here) in a downtown condo in a good area with no relatives. I am pretty sure that Tyler had no visitors either. He immediately went to his bathroom where he could wash off. I mean he was the only witness to what had happened to that girl and the police could easily pin it on him even without a particular motive. Being a witness made him a target also of the hitman. Wanting to make sure nothing bad would occur he kept everything a secret- at least for now.

(This was not a smart move might I say and the fact that he hid it would cost him.)


(Narrator: It’s me again in case you didn’t know or realise I can be super sarcastic but oh well. Anyway not sure if this is good but writing is super hard. Well our friend over here believes he’s safe. However predictable it may seem trust me it may not be safe.)

Anyway, so he was about to get into the shower when he heard the doorbell ring. Who could that be this late? What do they want?

“Yes, who is it?”

“Sir Williams this is room service. Would you like me to get you anything- a change of sheets or clean up?

“No, thank you Ms. Stevens. I am alright.”

That night kind of ended normally. He finally showered, got tucked in and then fell asleep.

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