The Shadow

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Caught Unawares

(Narrator: Mr. However his name is kept up late. I, for one, got tired of watching him tossing and turning ... aghhh really it was boring.)

On the other hand, Lana was waking up to a free Saturday on her side... until well her friend called her to a brunch date.


“Hey we are thinking of doing brunch today at the usual cafe with the rest of the lot.”

“Yeah cool and dandy. I am down for it- anything to get out of this house and forget everything’s that gone down.”

After having gotten ready for bare time (as every girl dreadfully does nkt) she got to the usual place. She wasn’t very social or attentive with the others but she assumed that the change in environment and energy would help her out. It didn’t really do much to her dismay but in the say way she didn’t care. She sat sulkily in her seat just indifferently.

“Hey, what’s up with you? You good? You have a strange looking face on.”

“No, I’m fine- it’s okay.”
What caught her attention was a young man gawking with eye sockets portruding ..... okay weird!

He was staring intently as if it were his job but she was obviosuly creeped out by it. She almost felt like walking up to him to ask why he was doing so... but all of a sudden he was gone like a flash of lightning. She had “lost” him. Was he maybe..... or did he know something she didn’t?........

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