The Shadow

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Being Followed

On the other side of town our witness was struggling to get by with his daily mundane tasks. Still thinking about what had happened he couldn't remain calm thinking the culprit was out there. What if he was being watched solely for being at the wrong place at the wrong time?

(Narrator: I guess watching all those series- CSI, How to get Away with Murder, and Deadly Women- had gotten into his head. Honestly it was boring to watch him as if I had time but unfortunately he was an important part of the plot so we can't leave him out. SMH.)

As I was saying he had such a life of work and no friends, no real social life that this for him was like being in those unpredictable shows.

....... Fast forward to him leaving his office at Downtown Central Plaza he hadn't noticed this woman following him around but not for long.

Well now looking at the shopping window reflection he could see a casually dressed woman (in sweats and a baseball cap) almost as if she was concealing her identity. He kept walking at the same pace only his hands were getting clammy and his heart pacing. Maybe he thought ....I am definitely being super duper paranoid.... this can't be, maybe she is just an ordinary person whose made her own dressing choices... it can't be related to that.. how could she even know who I am or where I work? It doesn't add up.. maybe it's not even her at all. NO WAY!!

(Narrator: If I didn't know better, I would say he was on the verge of passing out- joining me even with all my minions and souls down here..)

He was hesitant to go home but he did. Our man here was smart so he somehow managed to outmaneouver himself and get away. He knew this would not be the last time if it were even the first that is.


Back in the house he thought about what he could do about that. He just had to go to the police and report this supposed misdeamenour (stalker 101). The problem was that if he took this intel to them they would ask questions about it- too many as well. It was like an ongoing inner debate chile. He needed to find a plausible explanation of why he thought he was being followed ....I had a bad day at the casino, no maybe messed with the wrong people unawares in an independent business deal I thought would benefit the company I work for, I had no idea about it and got out but now they're trying to get to me- yes that's what I will go with.

Back at the nearest station the staff was busy and there seemed to be incessant phone calls. .. Mr. Tyler Williams please come in was the last he heard before he gave an audible gulp. He hoped his nerves wouldn't deter him from making the statement or even fessing up to the police while they were interrogating him.

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