The Shadow

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For Lana each day that went by without having caught the culprit was like a year. I mean the police must have had a lead from somewhere: a number plate, a witness, I don’t know maybe even CCTV footage. I mean what kind of useless department were they running really? She didn’t know what to do or where to go and it seemed this Mr. F who appeared in her dreams hadn’t decided to. Everything just seemed at a standstill apart from the fact that she had to show her face in school. It was pretty awkward as everyone knew about her situation unfortunately. It was like someone hanging their dirty laundry and people actually stopping to sniff it. Last time I checked people should have been minding their own business but…

As she was walking the hallways this time it seemed that probably her eyes were playing games with her. She ignored the haze of a figure; she went straight to the school cafeteria area where she scanned the room for the emptiest table where she could just sit and enjoy her snack.

(Narrator: Lana was a special girl though she didn’t seem like it. Her parent’s divorce and her father’s death thereafter had really affected her morale and this made her become a shy reserved little one. Though she liked to socialize at times, she didn’t particularly find interest in her other friends’ social activities neither did she feel comfortable being around so many people; let’s just say crowds scared her A WHOLE LOT and solitude made more sense. She could be in peace, herself and just THINK! as she often liked to do. For those reading she wasn’t a socially awkward person- just very selectively social. Sounds a lot like me doesn’t it! Ha-ha damn sure right!)

Well she thought she would be alone until after she sat up to find her lovely friend.

“You’re alone, again? What’s up? You know you can talk to me right… “

“Yea I know. You know me silent as a log. Sometimes I just like to be alone. I am thinking of staying away from school truthfully.”

(Honestly, I feel freakishly bored watching these two. I mean how these humans watch reality TV without sleeping is unfathomable. This, to me, feels like torture; and the irony am the torturer.)

Lana really just didn’t want to talk to anybody and to her that was okay. Social gatherings made her feel drained and just willing for the earth to open up and eat her alive…. “ Yowww, are you even listening to me? Hello? Lana?”

“OH I am sorry I just did that again, didn’t I? I just feel very out of touch with everyone and everything. Truancy might have not been her thing but she sure felt that she could escape her school premises. Not until he showed up…. lurking in the shadows again…. puffs at this point she was just mad. What was it this time he wanted?

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