The Shadow

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At the Police Station

(Narrator: Pardon me for my absence but I have been super busy. In the state we are in I have been helping certain beautiful souls transcend into this realm. Well it has been both very overwhelming and sad to see all these people but oh well. Anyway let's go back to the other douchebag who went to the police.)

Back at the police station everything seemed to be running smoothly. The policemen had asked him the questions he had answers to. Filing a report would take some time so he was prompted into a waiting area that looked so dull- no form of decor made it seem like an interrogation room. Once they were done, a security guard ushered him to the gated entrance where he was told he would be notified of anything that happened subsequently. All that formality and protocol, he thought, for a job halfly well done according to him- by the people who were supposed to be offering protection- a very common experience he had had while growing up.

Just as he was about to leave he received a call with an unknown caller ID. For a minute he felt chills run through his body. Who could it be? Maybe... b-u-t how ... They can't know that I spilled any beans.. I am just being paranoid... Should I pick up? What if it's a death threat or.... worse... the actual KILLER? No just calm down, breathe, .....

(Narrator: Honestly if I didn't know any better I would say our guy here thinks he is starring in some kind of drama. Just pick up the damn phone.... If it's time for you to die, well so be it.... I hate indecisive people like these... SERIOUSLY MY EYEBALLS ARE GOING TO POP OUT OF MY HEAD -_-)

He decided to pick up the phone with a gulp on his throat.

"Hey, what's up? How are you? I was calling to see if you want to meet at the office and then head out for lunch?... We still have to talk about the business deal we need to secure."

"Mmm.... Hey, I am doing just fine. Let me know what you want to eat? Italian or French? Maybe just a good ole burger round the corner? - whatever you like... "

"I'm down for some good Italian pasta. Meet you at around two? at the reception?"

"Sounds good to me. See you later then." was the last thing Mr. Williams said before hanging up. Won't you look at that and here I was worried for nothing.. phew.

(Narrator: I wish I could tell you more but seems like I can't. The story will unfold itself as you read along. Oh boy ... he doesn't know what is coming his way. The fun part for me is that I get front seat to whatever is happening- it's like watching what these mundane humans call 'movies' - or as I like to call them sorry ass lives.)

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