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The Guardians climbed the stairs that gave access to the second floor. Along the way, they found no one from the family. The stairs creaked with every step. Lana thought it was scary to live in a place like that. No wonder the entity that seized the girl quickly felt at home. The screams were getting louder and terrifying as the Guardians approached the girl’s bedroom. Possibly the devil had already sensed their visit. The door was ajar. They saw a balding man of medium stature and a short brunette who proved to be totally tormented. Both were wearing coats and sweatshirts, although the woman looked more like an old rag doll, all torn and dirty. A scared little boy was embracing one leg of his father, crying uncontrollably.

Jake felt great compassion for the suffering of the family. That unholy or unclean entity would bitterly regret for having invaded a human body. He knocked on the door. The man and the woman screamed in fright and left the room. The child also got scared and opened his throat in a deafening uproar. Jake looked bland and motioned everyone to calm down. He said, “I came to help the girl!”

The man narrowed his eyes with a suspicious expression. “Who exactly would you be, young man?” He pointed to the others and said sternly, “Why have you come into my house uninvited?”

Jake let out a long sigh. Why did humans have to be so complicated? Why could they not simplify his life and get it over with?

“I am the priest who was called in to perform the exorcism,” he clarified while he removed his black leather jacket. Once he opened the velvet bag, he looked for a stole.

The family looked stunned at the boy as if he were crazy. “You’re a priest?” Another woman with brown hair came out of an adjoining room, making charm to it and dropping a sarcastic laugh. She said, “If you’re a priest, I’ll ask you to convert me!”

Lana rolled her eyes and thought that these humans were weird! How could she find time to flirt while a girl was in the next room being possessed by a demon? Puzzled, she asked everyone, “Let’s do it! We have no more time! The stage the girl is at is very advanced. Every minute more we lose time will be one minute of her life away!”

The girl’s mother wiped the tears that streamed down her face and looked at her husband saying, “It’s alright, George. A priest who was here this afternoon to examine our daughter called me to say he would send a priest. He said that this man was very young.”

Jake put his hands on his waist and questioned without some patience, “Can we get on with it?” He pointed in the direction of the Guardians. “These two are my assistants.” Peering into the room, he asked, “Is the girl in there?” The bald man just nodded. Wasting no time, Jake entered the room. Noticing that the two Guardians were still standing in the doorway, he looked back and complained, “What is it? Do you want a written invitation?” He threw his arms in the air. “We have not got all night!” Jake turned and continued to walk in casually. When faced with the girl, he retreated immediately. He was stunned by what he saw. Mark and Lana, who came behind him, widened their eyes at her, completely horrified.

The girl had straight, black hair. Her eyes were big and blue. She was not exactly pretty equal to Kate, but somehow she reminded Jake of Kate in a sinister way. The girl was lying on the bed tied by the wrists and ankles with sisal rope. She lay there motionless and only her chest rose and fell in an intense movement. She was breathing with great difficulty, grunting every time and blew air through her mouth. She was wearing a white sweater that was all dirty with vomit and blood. She was sweaty with purplish circles under her eyes; her hair was matted and sticky. Her face and arms contained wounds and were covered by deep scratches caused by their own nails.

Turning to the Guardians, Jake stammered with open mouth, pointing to the girl, “Is this some kind of demonic joke?”

Mark looked suspiciously at the possessed girl and said, “You are right. This is not smelling any better!”

Lana covered her nose with one hand and with the other, she fanned herself. “Wow! It stinks!” She looked at the girl who lay still with glazed eyes and breathing hard as if she were awake and snoring. Amazed, the Guardian asked, “Does she still have a chance?”

Ignoring Lana’s comment, Jake took the velvet bag and poured its contents on a dresser next to the bed. He stood for a moment, scratched his chin, and looked at the items. He put the stole around his neck. He took the Bible and a large cross. He would start the exorcism in a simple and traditional way. He was very concerned. Something told him that that demon had not gone through the portal just for a possession. Demons were traitors and generally took the opportunity to enjoy the life of the human body before moving on to the final stage.

“She needs to die!” shouted the possessed girl, staring Jake with the pupils of her eyes dilated.

He just looked at her with authority and asked, “Who needs to die?”

“You know!” she said between raucous laughter.

Jake time felt a weight in his stomach and a wave of dizziness befall him. He realized that the devil was referring to Kate. As expected, it would not be so simple. Pondering on the words that the entity had just mentioned, he looked at Mark and Lana and asked, “Now, I need you to wait for me outside. Stand near the door and just come back when I call for you.”

“But Jake, you will need our help. The devil is strong and will resist most of your powers,” Lana told him, frowning.

“I know. However, I need to do this alone.” He took her hand and said, “Get out and close the door. Reassure her family and ignore any noise or cry you hear from now.” He motioned for Mark to leave, too. “Remember, just come when I call for you!”

Upon hearing the door close, Jake dragged a chair beside the bed, sat down with the Bible in his lap, and growled, “Listen here, you filthy creature from hell! What will it be?” He bowed whispering in the ear of the possessed girl. “Do you think this is going to be a tiresome and cliché ritual full of crosses, holy water, and prayers?” Giving her a wink, he added, “Or handcuffs with a tongue kiss?”

The girl opened her mouth wide and began to yell so loudly, while the entire bed shook. Jake yawned and placed the cross on the forehead of the girl. After checking the time on his wrist watch, he leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs. He made the sign of the cross, opened the Bible, cleared his throat and said sounding bored, “I expel you from us, all unclean spirits, all satanic powers, all infernal invaders, all wicked legions, assemblies and sects, in the name and by the power of Our Lord, which are excised and withdrawn from the Church of God and from the souls made to the image and likeness of ...”

The demon turned to laugh loudly, staring at the Guardian with wide, glassy eyes. She opened her mouth and spewed a huge gush of dark and sticky vomit on him. Calmly, Jake closed the Bible and began to clean his stole and the excretion trickling across his face. Urgh! Thankfully, his reflexes were quick and he closed his mouth and eyes just in time. The entity laughed him and made obscene gestures with his tongue. Angry, the Guardian rose from the chair, climbed on the bed, and gave her the biggest kick in the face. Luckily, Jake had brought enough Ambrosia to heal the body of innocent girl. Clearing his throat, he continued, “God the Father commands you. God the Son commands you. God the Holy Spirit commands you. Christ, the incarnate Word of God, commands you. He was sent to save our lost souls as a result of your jealousy. He humbled himself, becoming obedient to death ...”

Now, the devil was tense. She let out a sinister growl interspersed with cries of horror on hearing the sacred words. The whole room shook. The mirrors and picture frames tumbled. The walls seemed to have a life of their own. The cross was frying the forehead of the girl, releasing smoke and the smell of burning flesh. The possessed girl faced Jake in a hostile manner, laughing and putting her tongue out. She started biting her own lips tightly. The blood flowed and dripped all over her chin and neck. “I know what you intend to do with her, asshole!” Now, the demon wiggled her hips shamelessly. “You’re naughty!” screamed the entity while hinting a wanton manner. “It is very easy! Do what you want with the girl and then mate with her!”

Jake yawned again. Entities ... All very cliché! They always act astutely and without any originality, always appealing to the vulgarity and debauchery. Although anger aroused in the entity, Jake tried to stay focused and not be shaken, even feeling that the similarities that reflected between the girl and Kate ached inside his chest. It could have been that her body was being possessed right now. Containing hastily these thoughts, he licked his lips and proceeded with the ritual that was interrupted by the devil.

“What do you not understand? The girl cannot live. She must die!” The entity kicked around and tried to get loose. With a squeaky voice, she continued, “See for yourself!” She made a sign with her eyes indicating her belly and said, “They sent a message to you, Guardian!”

He reached out and lifted the girl’s sweater. He felt the veins throbbing and pounding in his heart. Jake read the message written in blood taken from cuts on her belly saying, “Do not be silly! Kill her while you still can. Do not make this difficult because when they return, it will be much worse. Kate must die!”

Still in shock, his eyes glazed over the message. He did not notice that the girl broke free from the shackles and attacked him. Armed with an abnormal force, the entity took the Guardian by the neck and threw him towards the window. He hit the glass, shattering it into pieces. The force of the impact was cast away. Thanks to his agility, he managed to hold the curtain hanging from the outside. Letting go of the remains of the strings, the girl rushed towards the Guardian. She gathered a huge and sharp shard of glass from the floor, laughed and licked it, ripping her tongue. With a large amount of blood running through her mouth, she approached Jake and leaned on the window sill. She began a relentless onslaught of punches against the body of the boy who hung outside jerking the curtain. In defense, he raised one hand and released a powerful blast of air towards her which threw her away. This caused her to hit her head on the wall, leaving her completely dazed. This gave Jake the chance to climb up the window and re-enter the room.

Jake took off his shirt that was full of blood. Looking at his own body, he noted that the entity did not spare forces to shred him severely with the piece of glass. Furious, he muttered as he wiped away his blood. After that, he threw his shirt to the ground. The demon was too strong and the Guardian would not be able to purge it with just a simple and traditional ritual even if the girl’s body was too weak and injured. The heart of a human being was sensitive and devoid of self- regeneration. Rather, Jake’s heart and any other Guardians, no.

With blood-stained hands, he pulled her over his forehead and she fell on the dresser where he had put his stuff. They were scattered on the floor. Jake picked up the handcuffs and a wooden box. Whistling, he walked over to where the possessed body was crawling, grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her back onto the bed. He handcuffed her wrists and ankles. Afterwards, he jumped on the girl and said in her face, “Look at me, you freak! Come on, do not be shy!” Still mounted on her, the boy snapped. “I asked you which way you preferred, but you ignored me by being rude and to top it all off, you vomited in my face!”

She released a devilish look at him and growled, “Fuck you, Guardian of crap!”

He raised his eyebrows in a bold gesture and spoke to her in his best seductive voice, “I hope I can do your kind!” He winked at her and continued, “Also, I hope you find me handsome and sexy, which will roll here and now between us,” he gestured with a sarcastic glance towards her. “You will remember this even after your death!”

The creature spat in his face the blood that still flowed from her tongue and returned to her marathon bloodcurdling screams. Mark was right when the demons used the human vocal chords. The sounds were disturbing. She jerked frantically screaming, “She has to die! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!”

Jake replied, “Shut up, you promiscuous creature!” He bent over the body of the girl and held her head as she gave off more of that sticky vomit. She stared at him and pursed her lips with her teeth. Cursing, he struggled to open her mouth. “Come on, honey ... Do not be stubborn, it will be tasty ...” he said with a grimace of disgust. He took a deep breath and dove towards that filthy mouth with an overwhelming kiss. With their mouths glued now, he used all his energy to suck out the supernatural entity inside the body. The macabre process continued for a few minutes. The demon was strong and persistent, refusing to leave the body. Finally, the entity was won by the Guardian, which dropped to the floor away from the girl.

Jake screamed desperately for Mark. “Come quickly! I will not be able to hold him for long!” Jake was foaming at the mouth and was suffering violent spasms.

Mark came running into the room followed by Lana. “I cannot believe you did it again!” Mark gave a greater scolding to the boy staring at him with a disapproving expression.

“Now is not the time for a sermon! Just get the dagger!” Jake pointed to the wooden box while suffering brutal attacks.

Mark ran and grabbed the box that was on the bed. He opened it and took out a mystical gold dagger that was studded with precious and sparkling stones on the cable. Mark returned to where Jake lay and unceremoniously stabbed hard on the heart of the Guardian. Jake let out a long sigh followed by an agonizing cry of pain. Lana was now crouched beside him. She quickly pulled the dagger out his chest and opened the glass containing the potion made with Ambrosia. After drinking some of the liquid, Jake put out his tongue and let out a resounding belch. He coughed and spewed thick, black smoke. With a forced smile on his face and a terrible burning sensation in his body, he said, “What did I tell you? I love this job.”

Mark scowled at him and grabbed his arm. “Jake you cannot ...” “I know. I am irresponsible and I should have never done it!”

He looked at the conductor, made the biggest frown and said, “It was you yourself who told me to take the best attitude and save the girl’s life.” Still hurt, he added, “Next time, be gentler! No need to discount this anger on my poor heart!”

The conductor gave a low growl of rage. Jake narrowed her eyes at him, gathered his torn shirt from the floor and left the room. Mark was right, the deed of which he had chosen was too dangerous and required a lot of vital energy of a Guardian, and it hurt as hell! The feeling of carrying an entity within was terrible. He swallowed lava and acid. What else could he have done? He needed to save the girl! The only way to kill the entity was to let it take over Jake’s body. With the mystical dagger having the power of light and the Guardian providing corporeal matter to achieve it, the fatal blow drives out the devil. Evidently, the entity would die like any other creature. Relying on self-healing with the power of Ambrosia, the Guardian would survive.

Mark motioned for Lana to gather the ritual objects that were scattered throughout the room. He went to the bed and released the girl from the handcuffs. The girl was frightened, cried a lot, and was shivering. The conductor opened the glass containing the rest of the Ambrosia and gave it to her to drink. He thought with relief that her body would regenerate without scars caused by the demonic entity. In an exclusive and isolated case like this, a human was allowed to drink the potion.

The family entered the room and looked at the mess that had become. The girl was with a much better appearance and was no longer the host of that filthy body. She ran happily towards her mother who relieved her. Her mother cried while hugging her daughter. Her father sat beside her and smoothed her black hair. The snotty boy jumped for joy.

“No need to worry, she’s cured. The only thing you need to do from now on is to feed her well and keep her warm.” Mark pointed to the bed. “Burn the blanket and sheets, including the girl’s sweater. It is not good to leave anything that can get the demons back in touch with us. Often, not even water can remove them.

The mother firmly embraced the conductor. She said, “I do not know how to thank you!” Tears flooded her eyes.

“Thank you!” the girl’s father said, smiling. He reached out for a handshake. The regent felt happy that the girl was safe.

“Do not thank me. Thank the boy.” Mark motioned with his head towards Jake who was outside the room.

While he wore his leather jacket, he was harassed by a woman. Yes, that same freak. Jake flashed a smile and said goodbye to everyone saying, “When you need us, just call on us.” Staring at the freak woman, he said with a cheeky look, “I heard earlier that you wanted to be converted today!”

After a turbulent morning, the Guardians departed for the congregation. Jake remained disturbed and restless due to the strange and bizarre events of that night. Brooded in silence, the message from the demons had left him thinking.

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