Ashes Magic

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Donning his fighting clothes, Jake opened the drawer of the dresser, pulled out a couple of English punches, and put them in his jacket pocket. Jake only took them if he didn’t use weapons or his mystical supernatural power. If by chance those disgusting and infamous sect members attacked him, he could still defend itself without killing them or causing further damage. Jake was angry with Gabriel because he did not take any of his calls or alerted them about the demonic little visit they had earlier. He took the keys to the Toyota and went to Kate’s room. He swore to himself that he would not leave her alone anymore after this last demonic invasion. She was brushing her hair when he entered her room.

“Can’t you knock before entering?” she complained, frowning without looking at him.

“Come with me. I need to go somewhere,” he said softly as he peered out of the room to make sure no one was listening.

“Are you intending to get rid of me? Will you put me in some convent or church?” she asked, brushing her hair.

Sighing, he closed the door and said wearily, “No, beautiful.” He came and took the brush from her hands. “I just don’t want to leave you here alone.”

Kate looked at him suspiciously. What was he up to? Keeping the brush in her drawer, she said, “Okay, I will go with you. Just let me change.”

Jake smiled at her, stroked her arms, and gave her a kiss on the lips. Facing her, he said, “No need. You’re great. Just put on a jacket.” With a silly grin on her face, he added, “You’re beautiful already.”

Kate looked at her reflection. She had just taken a bath and wore a pair of faded jeans with a lilac blouse.

“If you say so,” she went to the closet and grabbed a jacket. Kate put on long boots and walked towards him, “Do not do anything impulsive wherever you go!” She took his face in his hands and went on. “I know you, Jake. You’re carrying that look of a killer. I do not know what you’re up to.”

Totally putting aside what she said, he replied, pointing to her shoes, “Where did you get those boots?”

“Unbelievable! You are definitely a goner! ” Kate pulled away from him and donned the jacket. She said suspiciously, “Come on, before I regret it!”

On the way to the garage, Jake remained restless as he peered everywhere. Jake took advantage of the fact that the other Guardians were still discussing at the library. He quickly took off from the Congregation with Kate. She spent most of the way just observing and when she asked where they were going, Jake just informed her that it was a dangerous mission. No Guardian of Orpheus could even think of setting foot in that place considered it is disgusting and forbidden for their kind. Kate found his ways very funny, especially when he was playing the fugitive.

They parked the car in a dark alley with no way out. She then understood what he had mentioned about this place. Jake did not exaggerate one bit. He quickly left the car and opened the door for her, took her by the hand and led her to a large metal door. The place seemed to be a foul and filthy suburb. The street was covered by a mist that smelled of urine and rotting. “Oh, Jake! What is this place?” she asked while covering her mouth and nose. “There is nothing romantic about bringing a girl in a place so disgusting!”

He kissed her hand and whispered in her ear, “I know. I promise that after this is over, I’ll take you out for a real date.” He gave a mocking laugh and winked at her. “With the right flowers, limo, and a little motel, we should be just fine!”

“This whole chivalry would not surprise me! Now, stay focused! I want to get out of here ASAP!” she complained and pinched his belly.

“Ouch! Okay, grumpy!” he said and approached the entrance. He motioned for her to remain silent. He put his ear to the door to find out if there was someone inside. He heard several murmurs. The damned human addicts should be playing or drinking in that dirty and profane bar. Jake, without some delicacy, made a fist and knocked. Nobody opened or answered the door. He roared with anger and amended his voice, “Gabriel, I know you’re there! There’s no use asking for your grimy followers to lie. You will not be able to hide from me!”

The door shook with fury and a shrill voice from the inside shouted, “Go away, you stupid bastard and Guardian! Gabriel wants you out of here, and take your bitch girlfriend with you!”

Jake snorted angrily. How did they know that Kate was with him? And that abusive language! No way would they refer to his lady like that, such rudeness! Clenching his fists, he replied, “I regret to say that he will not get away from me ... Gabriel knows from experience that I do not give up so easily!”

Once he finished speaking, Jake moved away from the door fast enough to pick up momentum and ran hurtling into a powerful and accurate kick, knocking the door with who was behind it away. The impact generated a very loud noise that Kate screamed and dropped to the floor plugging their ears. When she raised her head and looked at the broken door, Jake was already inside. She could only hear the screams and things being destroyed. Terrified, she got up quickly and ran towards the commotion. Her heart thundered in her chest when she realized that Jake was surrounded by ten armed men. Everyone was trying to move towards Jake with the intention of hurting him. Terrified, she cried aloud for all to hear, “Please do not hurt him!” Noting that no one paid the slightest attention to her, she screamed louder, “Jake, use your power!”

That instantly got everyone paralyzed and noticed her presence. They said to the girl, “It can only be her!” shouted a toothless paunchy with a toothpick in his mouth, pointing to Kate.

“Get her!” ordered another human who wore sunglasses and a long, black coat. He looked like Neo from “The Matrix”. At least, he had all his teeth in his mouth.

Jake squinted to the humans and said fiercely, “If you touch a hair on her head, I will make fire and kill you all. Fuck the rules! You will all die.”

“You could kill us and break the rules, disobey, and disrespect the laws?” said a bald man with a half-dozen rotting teeth.

For God’s sake! Did these people not brush their teeth? Did they not sell products for oral hygiene in that neighborhood? Jake remembered the Ambrosia. He was glad he had opted for a pair of brass knuckles. With this weapon, he could do them a favor by putting a stop to that beautiful landscape. Facing all of them, the Guardian warned in a loud and clear voice, “Here are the changes in the guidelines. Never underestimate me when the subject is the safety of my girl,” Jake said as he removed his jacket and placed a pair of brass knuckles on his hands. He looked at Kate and said, “I would do anything for her ...” With the weapons perfectly covering his hands like he was wearing a pair of gloves, Jake motioned for her to stay behind him so it would be easier to protect her.

The humans tried to corner the Guardian. They were afraid to approach him as he could use his power. Upon noticing the hesitation of his opponents, Jake came forward and said, “What is it, boys? Do not retract! If you promise to stay away from her, I will not use my supernatural powers. I will fight like a man. I will give you a chance to live.”

Everyone knew perfectly that even though the Guardian wouldn’t use his power, he would still be dangerous. He had great strength and endurance. The bald man with bad teeth said nothing and just pointed to the hands of Jake accusingly. The boy, realizing that the others looked at their hands, explained, “Ah ... This?” He looked at the metal knuckles covering his hands. “Do not worry. It’s just a little incentive for you. The last time I was here, I noticed that you were not very lenient with me. You opened those filthy mouths to laugh at me while I was being attacked by a shark. I realize how much you are in urgent need of dental treatment!” He shook his armed hands. “It will be a great encouragement to you after I get to do what I have in mind!”

Neo was the first to manifest himself in furious fashion. “Fuck you, you Guardian phony!” he said laughing. He then ordered, full of cunning, “Give us the girl, now!”

Jake tilted his head to the side and pointed to Neo. “Why is that so, smiley? Is it just because this is the only nasty sect of humans who still have teeth?” The Guardian called him with his finger and said, “Do not get too excited, Neo. I will make sure you’ll be the first to wear dentures!”

With this latest provocation, Jake saw hell fall on the pub of Gabriel. The man flew towards the Guardian. He opened his cloak and raised his hand. He was carrying a huge knife. Jake reached out by giving Neo a strong hook on his chin. Not satisfied, Neo rose and faced the boy up again, only this time, Jake made sure to hit him right in the middle of the mouth to fulfill his promise. Yes, Neo would be the newest member of the toothless club. The others crowded up and attacked him with kicks and knives. Jake shouted angrily, “Gabriel, you son of a bitch! Where are you? There’s no use hiding from me!” he said while he was struck in the ribs.

“Ouch! You’re miserable!” He turned to find the author of the lunge. He noticed it was the bald man with the rotten teeth. Jake, in a spectacular punch, knocked out the remaining teeth in the mouth of the man. He flew and fell on the pool table, breaking it in half.

Looking over his shoulder, Jake saw Kate huddled in a corner with her hands over her mouth. She was alarmed. Jake decided to speed up and wipe out the mess. “Gabriel!” he called. The paunchy man that threatened Kate, yes, the one who was sucking on a toothpick, grabbed a putter that was sitting on the pool table and tried to hit Jake on the head. However, Jake quickly grabbed him by the arm while with his leg, he gave a kick to get rid of another guy. Jake took the cue that potbellied man used as a weapon and wrenched it from his hand. The boy grabbed the rod and hit the mouth of the paunchy man, making him swallow his toothpick. The man fell flat on the floor.

Another toothless man advanced towards Jake while another man held the boy from behind. Human bastards, he thought. Fortunately, the Guardian was a master of Muay Thai. His opponents were strong due to the Ambrosia they drank. With a front kick, he knocked out the toothless man and turning nimbly, Jake pulled the other guy by the hair, giving it a strong knee to the mouth. When he looked at the floor, Jake noticed a puddle of blood full of teeth. Nice!

Meanwhile, Gabriel had just arrived at the office accompanied by other former Guardians. He pulled up a chair and watched it all while eating a bag of peanuts. When his friends threatened to meddle in the fight, he stopped and shook his head. “Let the guy. He’s stressed out. He needs to vent a little!”

“Are you crazy? He’s killing our people and destroying our bar!” a beautiful blonde said, horrified.

“Do not worry! Let these stupid humans take a lesson. I do not remember having ordered them to attack my friend.” The ex- Guardian gestured around the pub. “This place is in need of a good makeover!”

Gabriel was having so much fun now. Jake was really good in martial arts. All one could see were open, toothless mouths, screaming in pain, and men flying all over the place. One time, he even had to duck because there was a tall skinny man thrown towards the bar, breaking almost all the glasses and bottles on the shelves that were lined up. Judging by the amount of teeth that were piled on the floor, Jake could pass as the tooth fairy. The boy, carrying a pair of English punches, spared no man’s mouth.

Jake was already exhausted. The guys did not pursue him as many were unconscious and lying on the ground. He made sure not to use his power and not kill any humans. In fact, he felt sorry for those miserable men who worked for the sect which worshiped the demons and creatures of darkness, and were completely addicted to Ambrosia. But, why? Was it because they lost their faith and stopped believing in a good God? That for the sake of their children, he created a group of warriors to sacrifice for them and protect them?

The aim of the Guardian was only to teach them a lesson. Okay, maybe he was just with a little intention to scare them and save the Ambrosia. At least those did not open their mouths full of rotten teeth were obliged to get dentures. He started the fight as a good deed.

While the Guardian wiped the sweat from his forehead, he spotted a man with a long black coat getting up amongst some debris. The man with the dark glasses was coming his way.

“Oh, no! This can only be slutty!” exclaimed Jake. Neo went forward with a flying kick through the air and raised his arms. He shot upwards with his legs bent to the style of “The Matrix.” Jake dodged the attack in a fluid movement, and then hit him on his skinny ass. Tired and without patience, the Guardian took a bat that was lying on the floor and said, “Listen carefully because I will make you this proposal only once.” He pointed the bat towards Neo’s mouth. “If you are smart, you will soon vanish from my sight. I’ll let you stay with what remains of your teeth.”

The man stood up again and growled at him, showing four missing incisors. “Think about it ...” Jake warned. “You can still eat meat and even bite one crackling!” Before Neo answered, Gabriel stood up from his chair, approached the men and ordered, “Enough!” He pointed to the man in sunglasses. “You’d better go clean the blood from your mouth, Billy.”

Billy? So, this was the guy’s name? Looking around, Jake noted that the humans looked angrily at him, spitting teeth and blood. Motioning with his hand, he said, “It’s nothing personal!” Taking off the pair of punches, he said, “Rest assured, I know a great dentist. He produces the perfect prosthesis and the material is imported from China.” He pointed to everyone. “If we add all of you, we can get a good discount on the package price!”

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