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The last few weeks in Zebheus were becoming more turbulent. The creatures and demonic entities showed great excitement. However, Lucius did not attach much importance to this as acting indifferently was part of the agreement. When he learned that three of his best warriors had disregarded his orders, invaded the Earth, acted behind his back, and were subsequently killed by the Guardians of Orpheus, he was intrigued and decided to investigate the story in depth.

After several grueling interrogations and bloodshed, he managed to get a response that left him alarmed. Lucius would have to come personally to Earth, and see with his own eyes the impossible. According to the reports of the creatures, her daughter had survived and was being chased by Alex and his disciples for years, practically since her birth. This discovery aroused his feelings. He never imagined he could feel again after he had made a pact, which originated to hear the final verdict that his brother and former planet had received forgiveness.

Even if he was full of hatred and anger, Lucius had no courage to kill his own brother. Alex did not want to unlock the portals and he to allow Lucius and his troops to cross the portals. Inevitably, they faced off in a bloody battle, dividing and destabilizing the planet. After the win, Lucius and his warriors passed through the portals and abandoned Orpheus, knowing that Alex and the whole planet would be punished and destroyed for such disorder and blasphemy.

But, some time later, knowing that Orpheus had not been destroyed and Alex continued to govern the planet normally without being blamed for the murder of Sofia, Lucius rebelled and took over the leadership of the planet Zebheus. He formed an alliance with the creatures and created a new kind of demons. Apart from offering his soul, he declared war on the Guardians. He provided full access and invasion of Earth. He, along with his warriors, spent years going through the portals to Earth, terrorizing and killing only the Guardians of Orpheus. The rule that he had declared to his warriors was simple and straightforward. There were to be no human deaths, only his despicable specie.

He had made it clear that the killings would only end if Alex went to Zebheus and saw the reality that Lucius had to cope with after the death of his beloved Sofia. Even if he had betrayed them, Alex had no right to take her life, more especially because she was carrying a baby in her womb. With that infamous act, Alex condemned the planet and ruined his own kind. He had always been weak and cowardly. He never had the courage to face Lucius. On the day he learned of the betrayal, instead of acting like a leader, he tore the throat of the woman. A few years later, Lucius ceased with the invasions towards Earth. He realized that those killings would not bring back his beloved Sofia.

After all the years of suffering, anger, and overwhelming distress, she was back like a miracle. It was not his daughter who was alive. Yes, it was his beloved Sofia. Many centuries ago, when the two made a commitment of love for the first time, he felt alive and happy. It revealed that its existence was not just for the purpose of fighting evil creatures. However, when Sofia was dying in his arms, with her final breath she took along with her all that was good in Lucius - love, faith, hope, and above all, his soul. From that day, nothing else mattered to him. Now, everything had changed. Lucius could feel the love and hope springing and returning in his heart as if he had been reborn.

It was just surreal. He had to blink several times to make sure he was not dreaming, that it was all just an illusion. But those eyes ... He would never forget them, so sincere and deep. Sofia had always been the only one capable of seeing through to his tormented soul, illuminating his life for several centuries. In fact, what made him believe that it was not a hallucination was her aura. It was simply unforgettable. He recognized that light that she had. It was the aura that shone in her in the worst and best moments of his existence.

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