That Night

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The story is about a small family being affected by the wrong decisions taking by adults. It shows how selfishness, personal benefits, and egos could interfere when adults make their decisions, regarding the consequences of such decision. Though adults can be educated or have long life experience, still they make wrong decisions. Besides, the story reveals how fear can prevent someone from seeing the truth and realistic indications.

Mystery / Drama
Haifaa Novels
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Chapter One

It is the last day of the funeral. The old lady passed away, she left an old man and two teenage boys. Helen was arranging the guest room after people left. Her thinking was occupied by many things. Simon, ”Where are the children?!” said Simon. “ They are sleeping in their room.” Replied Helen. “ It was a long day.” Said Simon, “ Yes! Indeed! How’s uncle doing?!” asked Helen, “ He is fine. He is very sad.” Said Simon, “ Sure! It is a big loss for him. She was the mother for all of us at. She was the manager of her husband life and our lives.” Said Helen, “ I can’t stand the life without her. My mother passed away Helen!” Simon shed tears, “I’m very sorry for your loss Simon and for your father.” Said Helen with a low voice, “ finish the work and have some rest. I’m sure you are tired.” said Simon, “What about you! You also need some rest!” said Helen, “ Not before checking the building and make sure that everything is save.” Said Simon, “What about uncle ! Where is he?!” asked Helen, “He want to sleep in the apartment.” Said Simon, “ Oh! But let him stay with us tonight.” Said Helen, “He refused; all in all, Dan and Sam will sleep with him.” said Simon, “ I wonder why they brought them back here!” asked Helen, “Helen! I’m not in the mood of talking about that?!The whole family are on shock of my mother’s death! Don’t appear to be the unfeeling in front of them.” Said Simon, “Simon! It is my right to talk about it! Dan and Sam were kids when they travelled with my in laws. After we had enough from them. Now, they grow up…” said Helen, “Please! Helen don’t start it.” Said Simon seriously, “ You promised me to talk about it with them… why they brought them back?!” asked Helen nervously, “And my mother passed away suddenly! What do you want me to do?! It is not the time to open such issue with my father… he is gloomy. You don’t understand!” said Simon angrily, “I do Simon! But…” said Helen, “ Stop it! I have to check all the apartments and the front door of the building.” Said Simon calmly, “ I’ll wait for you then…” said Helen, “ don’t wait. I will stay with my father.” Said Simon, “Fine!” said Helen quietly, “Helen completed tiding and arranging the room. She checked on her children and arranged their sleeping. She laid besides her son Brayden and fell in sleep.

Helen woke up suddenly with panic and fear. She tried to realized that she was sleeping in her children’s room, when she heard noises on the kitchen. “Mama! We are starving!” said Amra, “Okay dears! Breakfast will be ready!”, “Where is dad!” asked Amra, “I don’t know!” said Helen, “I call him.” Said Amra, “Yes dear! Tell him to come with grandfather to have breakfast.” Said Helen, “Okay! Mama. ”Helen went to the bathroom to wash her face and get ready to another day. When she remembered that she had a nightmare last night, “They were coming to my place… my apartment…many people were entering…looking at me… not saying a word…and I was looking at them… they were many… they were men… why I couldn’t kick them out… why I was frozen not having the strength to prevent them from entering my place…why I couldn’t shout at them and kick them out… they were entering looking at me and they sat on my guest room…how come…I allowed them to do so…”, “Mama! Baba and grandpa are coming..” said Amra, “Okay dear!” said Helen.

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