That Night

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Chapter Two

“I have to hurry up!” thought Helen. Helen rushed to the kitchen and started preparing for breakfast, “Amra! Tide the table…” said Helen, “Okay mama!” said Amra, ”Mama, mama! Baba and grandpa are coming.”, “Okay sweetie! Breakfast is ready.” said Helen. Simon and grandpa entered the apartment. “Goo morning! Uncle ! Hope you feel well today.” Said Helen, “ After she left! How come!” Grandpa said with deep grief, “I’m so sorry uncle for your loss…” said Helen, “Get the breakfast ready, Helen…Dan and Sam will join us.” Said Simon, Helen’s face changed, “Okay!”, “Dan and Sam come in please!” said Simon, Dan and Sam entered gazing at Helen and Simon, they had wide eyes. “They grew up. They are the same gazing then having that smile.” whispered Helen, “Stop it!” Simon looked at Helen, “Grandpa is in the guest room. Join him.”, “Thanks uncle Simon!” said Dan. “What’s going on with you…!” said Simon stressing on his teeth, “I don’t want them in my apartment!” said Helen, “It’s not your apartment…ours!” said Simon angrily, “ I know! We had enough from them Simon.” Said Helen, “Helen! That was in the past…things change now.” Said Simon calmly, “I feel they maintain the same…” said Helen sadly, “Let me help you in the kitchen; We are starving.” Said Simon.

Grandpa was sitting on the center of the table. He was ticking and laughing with Amra and Brayden. Simon and Helen showed up with the breakfast plates. ”Simon call Dan and Sam to join.” Said grandpa, “Yes father! Dan…Sam come closer…breakfast is ready” said Simon, Dan and Sam came closer, “Come Dan…Come Sam sit here.” Said grandpa pointing to two chairs besides him. Helen was silently putting the plates and arranging the chairs for her children. Everybody had breakfast silently, only few words could be heard from Amra and Brayden asking for food or refusing one. “ Brayden! Come and sit beside me. I feed you.” Said Dan, “No need! I feed him.” Said Helen seriously, “what’s going on with you! He is his cousin.” Whispered Simon, “I feed my son.” Replied Helen. Dan stood up, “ I want to go.”, “Do you finish your breakfast?” asked grandpa, “ Yes. I want to go.” Replied Dan, “ So start arranging your stuff in grandma’s apartment.” Said grandpa, “Which apartment… opposite us…” Helen interrupted, “ What’s going on with you! Are you nut!” whispered Simon, “ Go on! And You Sam join your brother.” Continued grandpa. Dan and Sam left without uttering any word. “ I know it is not the perfect time to open this issue with you both. But we have talk and agree on certain things.” Said grandpa seriously, “sure father. We are always on the same track with you.” Replied Simon, “I know son. Dan and Sam will stay here in their grandma apartment. It was her wish.” Said grandpa, “ But uncle, you know that Dan and Sam are unstable! Since they were children.” Said Helen, “I know my daughter. They missed behaved when they were young but now they grew up and changed.” Replied grandpa, “They still the same uncle…I know for sure… I’m a teacher and I can easily notice that…” said Helen quickly, Simon looked at Helen sharply, “As you wish father! But why not to let them stay in the apartment above us! We have four apartment in this building” said Simon slowly, “No son! Your mother and I prefer them to stay in the opposite apartment; you and Helen will take care of them.” Said grandpa, Helen was about to say something when Simon stepped on her foot to keep silent. “By the way! Tomorrow morning I will be flying back home.” Said grandpa, “You are not staying here…this is also your home.” Said Simon, “ I know son. But there your brothers and sisters provide me comfort in a place I like much.” Replied grandpa, “As you wish father.” Said Simon, “Another thing! You are not responsible any more for their expenses.” Said grandpa, “Father! When they were young, Helen and I were the ones who received money from mother and brought everything for them.” Replied Simon, “Not anymore! I will send money directly to them. They have bank accounts now. I have to go and prepare my luggage.” Grandpa left for his business.

Helen couldn’t held herself from showering Simon with words of refusing, “How come! Simply he made such decisions without us!” said Helen rejectingly, “Helen! It is his building. Mother passed away. Now, father is the decision maker.” Said Simon with confirm, “We live in this building. I know it is the family building and tat every one of your brothers has an apartment. And that you look after of all these apartment without any charge.” Said Helen furiously, “Helen! We are one family. I don’t look at these things.” Said Simon, “ But you are the one who take care of everything… you have nearly four apartments in this building; plus your brothers are in ease with money. If they want to employ a guard…” said Helen quickly, “Stop it! It is my business now!” replied Simon with confirm, “ Okay fine! But this family is my business; and I don’t want Dan and Sam to live in the apartment opposite mine.” Replied Helen,” It is not up to you or me! It is now my father’s apartment, and he is the one who has the final word.” Said Simon, “Your father is flying back! Leaving us with unstable boys.” Said Helen angrily, “Stop saying that Helen!” Simon said with loud voice, “ It is the truth. You know how they were raised!” said Helen, “ Helen! You are talking about my sister who was sick for a long time; she passed away when they were children.” Said Simon calmly, “I’m not saying bad things about her. She was unstable too… Simon you have to take that in to consideration.” Said Helen, “Okay I know! So what to do! We end with two boys who need help.” Said Simon, “So why not to take them back to your brothers! your brothers are rich in a country which support such condition.” said Helen, “ I don’t’ know! I talked to father about this, he said that my brothers have good relationship with people there, and they don’t want anything to ruin their reputation.” Said Simon calmly, “ Ruin their reputation! So to throw them to us to take care!” Said Helen nervously, “ Helen dear! Good deeds will be rewarded.” Said Simon, “Simon! I’m a mother who is worried about her children and family. I feel for these boys, but they behave awkwardly.” Said Helen with worry, “What bothers you from them living in the opposite apartment?!” said Simon, “I’m a full time teacher who prepare for a degree. I leave my children sometimes full day. They won’t be save with Dan and Sam living opposite them.” Said Helen, “Don’t exaggerate things! They won’t harm our children” said Simon, “They behave in strange way Simon.” Said Helen in a low voice, “Let’s leave this building.” Said Helen, “ Helen! I can’t afford rent. We both are working and can’t provide the basic life requirements.” Said Simon, “ I know Simon.” Said Helen calmly, “ Don’t forget that my father and brothers usually support me.” Said Simon, “ In what way tell me! They give you old used clothes!” said Helen with objection, “ Helen! Let’s help father with good intention. I have to go now and help my father before I go to work.” Said Simon.

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