That Night

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Chapter Three

Simon was driving back home after his father’s plane got off. He remembered the chat happened between him and his father, “ Son! Take care of your nephews. Don’t change their place or interfere in their business.” Said grandpa, “Yes father! But I’m the one who is responsible now for all people in the building.” Replied Simon, “I know Simon. Keep your eyes on them. If anything happen give me a call.” Replied grandpa, “Father! Do they truly changed; I’m worried about the way they behave.” Said Simon with worry, “ No worried son! They do things carelessly and foolishly. I know that Helen can’t understand them.” Said grandpa calmly, “ True father. They caused many troubles before they travelled with you and mother. The way they look at people…you can’t understand them or expect their reaction.” Said Simon slowly, “ Simon! Remember they are my grandchildren and your nephews.” Said grandpa seriously, “ Fine father. Is it fine with you if they move to another apartment.” Said Simon slowly, “ No! Don’t change their place.” Replied grandpa with confirm, “Okay father! As you wish.” Replied Simon, “And I will talk to your brother to send you some money to support you and your family.” Said grandpa, “Thanks father. No need to bother them.” Said Simon with quiet voice, “ Son. You look after their apartments and family building… and now Dan and Sam.” Said grandpa. Simon had many questions knocking in his head, he couldn’t find answers for them.” Why now! Why me! I have enough issues to handle…why they can’t understand that… I have a family to take care…Oh! How much more Helen will be able to tolerate. They send money to Dan and Sam and I have had nothing from them…Oh! Am I asking in return to my duties as son, brother and uncle… I don’t know!” Quickly, Simon found himself in front of home. He didn’t feel the long distance back from the airport because thoughts were occupying his thinking.

Simon entered the front door building checking surrounding; making sure everything is fine. He then went upstairs to reach his apartment, he stopped and looked at the opposite apartment where Dan and Sam live in. He could hear them talking. Simon opened his apartment door, “ Papa is back!” Amra and Brayden came towards their father welcoming him. “Uncle left!” said Helen, “Yes! “ replied Simon, “Is there anything!” asked Helen, “ I want to have something before going to work.” Said Simon, “Your night shift will last for how long time!” asked Helen, “I don’t know. I’ll check the work schedule.” Replied Simon, “ It is summer vacation and no nursery open. I don’t have work for a while. But we have to make sure not to leave the children at home alone, especially when Amra and Brayden return back home after nursery.” Said Helen with low voice, “ No worries! I’ll check my working hours and let you know.” Said Simon calmly, “ I’ll get you some food…” said Helen, suddenly, a big shouting scream came from the opposite apartment. The shouting broke the silence mood of Simon and Helen’s conversation. Simon rushed to the opposite apartment being shocked with loud sharp scream voice, “ Open the door…What happened! Open the door now! Dan …Sam open the door.” Simon kept knocking on the door loudly, “ If you don’t open the door, I’ll break it… Dan opened the door.” Dan opened the door while he was arguing loudly with Sam, “ I want to eat from the chips potato…”said Dan loudly, “Mine…mine…how dear you eat from my chips… I bout the potato from my money…” replied Sam, “Ya! And the oil from me…” said Dan, “What are fighting at…” shouted Simon interrupting their argument, “uncle Simon! Dan eats from my potato chips I made…” said Sam, “ So what! You are brothers…” said Simon loudly, “Nooo! They are dirty now… he eats from the…” shouted Sam, Sam carried the potato chips and throw them on the ground. Simon was chocked seeing that happened. It reminded him of the old days, when Dan and Sam were young… they still the same. This time they are bigger and stronger. How am I going to control them…” wondered Simon. Dan and Sam’s argument became louder and louder, their eye to eye argument became sharper until Sam rushed to the kitchen furiously and brought a hammer screaming, “ I’ll smash you face!” said Sam angrily, Simon opened his eyes widely and in glimce hugged Sami preventing him from committing something stupid. Simon managed to take the hammer rom Sami. “Now you both! This not acceptable here.” Said Simon seriously, “Uncle Simon! It’s not your business; grandpa promised us not to allow you to interfere in our life.” Said Dan, “It is my place! And you have to behave well in this house, both of you.” Said Simon, Dan and Sam started laughing, “Not any more uncle!” said Dan. Simon kept silent trying to control himself, when he turned back, he saw his wife Helen and children looking and filled with shock and fear. Simon looked at Helen, “Let’s go Helen.” Said Simon quietly. Simon, Helen and their children went to their apartment hearing the argument continuing between Dan and Sam.

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