That Night

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Chapter Four

Simon and Helen were sitting in their apartment, “Big bodies with child brain. Not easy to control them.” said Helen. Simon didn’t utter a word, “ Simon! It won’t work like this…you can’t control them… not like the old days when they were kids… they are bigger and stronger than you…” Helen continued, “ Helen watch you words!” Simon looked at Helen sharply, “ I don’t mean to insult you… this is the reality…” said Helen calmly, Amra interrupted their conversation, “Mama! My rabbit want to sleep…””Helen! Let’s talk later…I have to go to work…they called me more than once.” Said Simon. Helen kept silent, “ And you my Amra, let’s go to put your rabbit in his place.” Said Simon. Simon was about to leave when he whispered to Helen, “keep the door locked.”, Helen nodded her head. Simon left the apartment with his daughter, he made sure that Amra returned back to the apartment before he left to work.

It was near midnight, Amra and Brayden were sleep but Helen was still awoke. She was thinking about what happened, when her cell phone rang, it is Simon, “Helen! Are you still wake!” said Simon, “ Yes. Simon. I can’t sleep though I’m very tired.” said Helen quietly, “Helen! Don’t over think… go to bed and rest.” Said Simon gently, “I’ll try. Good night!” said Helen, “ Good night Helen!” said Simon. Helen lied on her bed, she pushed out all thoughts and went into deep sleep. The silence was occupying the building completely when Dan opened his apartment’s door, heading towards the opposite apartment, he started knocking on the door strongly shouting, “uncle Simon…uncle Simon…where are you?” Helen woke up with panic, she jumped to her children’s room, where she found them awake with fear, “Don’t be afraid sweeties! It is Dan.” Said Helen with short breath, “What he want!” asked Amra, “ I don’t know.” Helen went closer the apartment door. She could see the door shaking as Dan knocking on. ”Dan. What do you want?!” said Helen with loud voice, “Where is uncle Simon? I want to talk to him.” Said Dan loudly, “ He is not here. He is at work.” Said Helen, “ You lie! Nobody go to work at night.” Said Dan sarcastically, “I’m not lying Dan. He has a night shift.” Said Helen, “ Aunt Helen…” Dan interrupted Sam, “You call her Aunt… Only Helen and full stop… How is that…Helen full stop.” Dan and Sam started laughing and saying loudly, “Helen full stop… Helen full stop!”, “ Shut up fools… go away…” said Amra loudly, Helen held Amra back, “Ooh! Look who’s talking…the little witch…” said Sam with creepy voice, “Go away stupid!” said Amra loudly, “Okay little! I’ll show you…” said Dan slowly, “Please! Go to your apartment. I will tell your uncle that you want him.” Said Helen, “Helen full stop…Helen full stop…” Dan and Sam went to their apartment laughing loudly. Helen told her children to their room. She was about to pick her cell phone to call her husband, when she heard steps down the stairs, Dan and Sam are running down the stairs, “What are they doing?!” Helen wondered. The night was filled with dark silence except for the noises of laugh playing from Dan and Sam, Helen heard again a moving up the stairs towards the roof of the building, “ What are they doing?! Helen started worrying, she went to a front window, where she could see the roof of the building clearly. She opened slowly the window and for her surprise, Dan and Sam were hanging Amra’s rabbit. Helen opened her eyes widely, she kept her breath and couldn’t release it; she was shocked with fear and unexpected behavior. She picked her cell phone and called Simon, “Simon, Simon…” said Helen quickly with fear, “what happened Helen?!” said Simon, “They hanged Amra’s rabbit!” said Helen with fear and tears, “ Why they did that!!” said Simon quickly, “Amra shouted at them to go away!” said Helen, “What…When..!” wondered Simon, “They were knocking the door heavily… they wanted to talk to you..” said Helen, “Helen! Calm down. I only left with two working hours. I’ll be home as soon as possible. Make sure the door is locked. Don’t worry! The door is made from a fine wood.” Said Simon, Helen kept silent and ended the call. “Mama! Where are you…I want to sleep with you.” Said Amra, “okay sweeties! Come to my room.” Said Helen gently, “Helen went with her children. She lied besides Amra and Brayden, but she couldn’t sleep; what happened stole her mind besides he had that dream again, “ They still coming and entering my place…they are many…they enter and sit in my place…why I’m having this dream… it is repeated… the same scene…” Helen was wondering until the early light appeared. She heard something, it is Simon, he opened the apartment door quietly. “Simon!” said Helen, “Yes dear!” replied Simon with low voice, “ I put the rabbit in its place. We will bury the rabbit when Amra wakes up.” Whispered Simon, Helen nodded her head, “ Let me rest for couple of hours…” said Simon. After few hours, Amra and Brayden woke up and started playing together with their toys. Though Helen was in short of sleep, she got up to prepare breakfast, “Mama! I want to see my whity!” said Amra, “Sure dear! When papa wakes up, you will go with him.” Said Helen gently, “Mama! It’s down stairs.” Amra was annoyed, “ I know Amra. It is better to be with papa.” Said Helen, “Good morning my amra!” Simon interrupted the conversation, “Morning papa! I want to see my rabbit!” said Amra, “Sure dear! Let me wash my face first..” Simon looked at Helen with sorrow, “Hurry up papa, my whity is waiting…” said Amra, “Okay dear!”. Simon went with his daughter Amra down stairs. Amra wept bitter her rabbit when she saw it, “Papa! My whity died!”, “Dear! I’ll bring another rabbit.” Said Simon sadly, “No! I want my rabbit back!” cried Amra with loud voice, “ Amra dear! Let’s bury whity together.” Said Simon quietly, “Papa! I want to bury whity under the tree.”, “want you to be strong and brave Amra! Don’t allow anybody to scare you” said Simon, “Yes Papa! I’m trying. But I’m afraid of Dan’s eyes, they are big … very big.” Amra gestured with sounding “Boo!”, “So. What will you do?” asked Simon gently, “I don’t know!” replied Amra, “Think!” said Simon, “Erasing them with foam!” said Amra, smiled Simon, “I don’t want to look at them.”, “Sounds good!” replied Simon quietly.

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