That Night

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Chapter Five

Simon and his daughter Amra were stepping up the stairs when they saw Dan and Sam opening their apartment door and running down stairs. Simon was surprised,” Dan…Sam where are you going..!” said Simon, he looked at them going towards the building front door talking to someone. “Amra go home dear. I’m coming.” Said Simon. Simon waited on the stairs until dan and Sam finish talking and came back towards the stairs. Dan and Sam were holding bags and covered plastic plates, what seemed to be ready made food from a restaurant. “Dan.. Sam for what all this food!” asked Simon, “We are hungry!” said Dan, “It is much food for both of you!” said Simon wondering, “We like to eat when we play games.” Said Sam, “ You want to talk to me…!” Said Simon, “ Not now! We are hungry.” Said Dan. Dan and Sam entered their apartment and closed the door.

Simon went to his apartment. ”Helen! I need some rest.” Said Simon, “Simon! I want to discuss what happened yesterday.” Insisted Helen, “Later! I’m tired.” Simon went straight to bed and fell in deep sleep. After two hours, Simon woke up. He entered the bathroom to wash his face. “slept well!” said Helen, “ I feel better now.” Replied Simon, “Your coffee is waiting.” Said Helen, “ I’m coming.”

Simon and Helen were having their coffee when Brayden came towards his father, “Papa! Car!” said Brayden, ”You want me to fix your car Brayden!” said Simon with a smile, Simon started to work on Brayden’s car, “How’s work!” asked Helen, “ Fine!” replied Simon, “what about your night shift!” said Helen, “ You know Helen, I’m working in a service company; Trucks should be ready in the early morning everyday…” said Simon, “Is there any way to change your shift!” asked Helen, “I’ll talk to my boss.” Replied Simon. Simon fixed Brayden’s car and gave it to him. Simon and Helen kept quiet, they could hear the sounds of games coming from the opposite apartment, Helen looked at Simon, “They are playing games…” said Simon, Helen kept silent, Simon continued, “ I met them on the stairs… they ordered much food…I’m thinking Helen to encourage Dan and Sam to go out and have friends to spend time with, and to learn how to deal with people.”, “What do you have in mind!?” asked Helen, “Dan and Sam are in this town recently. I’m thinking of encouraging them to visit an internet café…where they can play their favourite games; socialize and most important to get busy with something, rather than staying home, making troubles with each other or with us.” Said Simon, “I’m not sure! They don’t know how to deal with people.” said Helen, “I’ll call them to come here and see…” said Simon, Simon opened his cell phone calling Dan’s number, “Dan…Sam…”, “ Yes. Uncle Simon.” Replied Dan, he was eating and talking, Simon could hear the sounds of games being played loudly, “I want to talk to you both.” Said Simon,” we are busy playing…” replied Dan, “It won’t take time…” said Simon, “ Okay! We are coming.” Replied Dan. Dan and Sam entered their uncle Simon apartment, “come and sit..” said Simon, Dan and Sam sat down, Simon was about to start talking when Sam interrupted him, “Hey! Brayden your can is nice… I want to play with you… I have a nice car too…” said Sam with open eyes and smile, “ You want to play with Brayden Sam! Bring your car…” said Simon, Sam brought his car and started playing with Brayden, “Dan…Sam…there is an internet café in this town. Where you can play your favourite games, eat food you like and meet friends. I want you to go and enjoy your life.” Said Simon with excitement, Dan opened his eyes wider and smiled, “Waw! Great! Sure we go and play, “I’m sure you will…”said Simon when a loud shout from Sam interrupted the conversation, “Hey! You knocked my car… I break your car!” Sam hit Brayden’s car toughly, as a result Brayden started crying in shock. Helen heard Brayden’s voice, she carried him far from Sam.

Next day, Simon went with Dan and Sam to an internet café nearby, Dan and Sam were very happy to see their favourite games playing there, what made them more pleased that the café was near a restaurant, where their fatty junk food was made. Simon met the man in charge, “ Hi! Mr Adam.” Greeted Simon, “ Hi! Mr. Simon. How are you!?” replied Mr. Adam, “Fine thanks!” said Simon, “Dan and Sam are my nephews visiting us these days… they like playing games on internet… I want to make registration for them.” Said Simon, “Yes sure! You pay the fees for both of them.” Said Mr. Adam, “ Anything else!” said Simon, “A copy from ID.”, “Okay! What about working hours?!” asked Simon, “We open for the public from 8:00pm until 8:00am.” Said Mr. Adam, “sounds good!” replied Simon, “food and coffee requests are provided.” Mr. Adam looked at Dan and Sam when they started laughing hearing about the food. “Thank you Mr. Adam!” said Simon, “Welcome!” replied Mr. Adam. Simon was about to leave when Sam said, “Uncle Simon! I want to play now…”, “ No Sam. Not now. You come at 8:00pm. I will put the alarm for you.” Said Simon, “Okay!” said Sam.

Simon and his nephews returned back home. Dan and Sam were very happy, their laughs and talks could be heard when they stepped up the stairs. “ Get ready Dan.. Sam!” said Simon, “Okay uncle Simon!” replied Dan. Simon entered his apartment. Amra and Brayden came to welcome their father, “Any news!” asked Helen, “Good news!” replied Simon with a smile, “ I can hear them laughing…” said Helen, “ Yes dear! Hope they change when they deal with people.” Said Simon, “Hope so!” replied Helen, “I have also something…!” said Simon smiling, “What tell me!” said Helen waiting, “I change my night shift to morning for today and tomorrow.” Said Simon, “ At least to stay with us for two nights.” Said Helen. Simon and his family had quiet time together. They enjoyed having lunch, playing hide and seek, and watching T.V.

It was 8:00pm, when Simon heard Dan and Sam opening their apartment door. He went to talk to them before they leave. ”Look at you! I can see you are ready to to the café!” said Simon, “Yes uncle Simon!” replied Dan and Sam with joy, “Do you have money?” asked Simon, “Yes uncle! We have much money from grandpa ” Replied Dan, “Okay! I see.” Replied Dan, “Uncle Simon. We want to go.” Said Sam with joy, “Okay! Take care.” Said Simon, Dan and Sam went to the café. Simon’s family went to bed early that night; they hadn’t have enough sleep for days.

It is nearly midnight when Helen woke up breathless and panic. ”Helen dear! What’s wrong!” Said Simon with worry, “It is the same dream… it is repeated…”said Helen slowly, “What dream?!” asked Simon, “I have had a nightmare… it is repeated again and again!” said Helen, “Helen! You are thinking a lot these days… don’t overload yourself with negative thoughts.” Said Simon seriously,” I’m trying Simon. But that dream hasn’t stopped from attacking me in my sleep.” Said Helen with worry, “Dear! Rest…Things will be fine…No worries.” Said Simon quietly. Helen put her head on the pillow. She kept looking at the window until the first light of morning shined. Helen got up to be ready for another day. She entered the kitchen to prepare for breakfast and for a special dish; her husband will have lunch with them. Simon woke up and got ready for his morning work at the company. “Simon! Are you wake!” called Helen, “ Yes Helen! I’m coming.” Replied Simon. Simon was having his coffee, “ Have some biscuits.” Said Helen, “Mmm! Nice…I have to hurry up!” Simon went out the apartment, when he met Dan and Sam. They were exhausted and sleepy, ”Dan…Sam how was it?” said Simon,” We played all night.” Replied Dan, “And we ate much food!” continued Sam, “Go and sleep then!” Said Simon smiling. Simon went to morning shift work, he will stay with his family tonight and they will have another quiet night.

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