That Night

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Chapter Six

Next day morning, “Mama! I want to see brawny!” said Amra, “ Okay dear!” replied Helen. Amra was running down the stairs when she saw Dan and Sam coming with two strange boys. They were heading up towards their apartment. “Papa! papa!” called Amra, “Yes Amra!” said Simon, “strange boys come with Dan and Sam.” Said Amra, “What! Stay here.” Said Simon. Simon went out quickly, he met Dan and Sam with the boys, “ Dan…Sam…what’s going on here?” said Simon seriously, ”Who told you! The little witch!” said Dan, “Dan! what’s going on?! Who are they!” said Simon formally, ”Uncle Simon. They are friends.” Replied Dan, Simon looked at the boys who were exchanging eye to eye contact. He noticed on of them was smoking with a scar on his check. The other boy had big body with muscles. “Dan! You know that no stranger is allowed to enter your grandpa apartment.” Said Simon seriously, “Uncle Simon! It’s not your business anymore. We are men now. ”Dan smiled wickedly, “Let’s go guys!” said Dan. The boys passed by Simon looking at him. They entered the opposite apartment and closed the door. Simon was sweating and shacking with anger, he controlled himself during the conversation. He didn’t know how to deal with such unexpected situation. He faced trouble makers and unstable boys who entered the apartment opposite his family’s.

Simon entered his apartment and close the door slowly. “who are they?!” asked Helen, “Friends!” replied Simon with absent mind, Helen looked at him with suspect, Simon continued, “Dan and Sam want to spend time with friends.” Said Simon, “Such!” said Helen, “They are in their apartment; sure at night they will go to the internet café.” Said Simon, Helen kept silent, “Helen! Make sure to keep the door locked. I’ll bring Amra’s rabbit here. I’ll put it in the balcony.” Said Simon, Helen nodded her head. Simon got dressed and went to work.

In the afternoon, Simon finished his morning shift and went back straight home. He was stepping up the stairs hearing the noises of laugh and games. He smelled ready made food which was thrown outside the apartment, where Dan and Sam and their friends were in, as well soda cans and other stuff. Simon entered hi apartment slowly, he was trying to understand what happened. He targeted something and he ended with unexpected result. “Papa! Browny is happy to be with us!” Said Amra welcoming her father, “Yes dear!” said Simon, “You back!” said Helen, “Yes dear!” replied Simon in a low voice, “Lunch is ready.” Said Helen, Simon nodded his head. Simon’s family were having their lunch, they could hear the noises coming from the opposite apartment mingling with Amra and Brayden’s soft sounds as they were playing with spray foam, “Stop it Amra!” said Helen, “We want to play with the foam mama!” replied Amra, “Dear! You make a mess..” Simon interrupted their conversation, “Helen! Let them play.” Then, Simon talked to Amra, “Be careful! Don’t let the foam touch your eyes.

It was 8:00 pam, when Simon and Helen heard stepping down the stairs. “The boys are going to the café.” said Simon, “seems so!” replied Helen. Simon opened the window, he saw the boys talking and laughing, their voices filled the empty silent road, “At least, they will be at the café all night.” Said Simon, “I’m not sure about it!” said Helen, “Dan and Sam get busy with their friends.” Said Simon, “with whom!?” replied Helen surprisingly, “ I mean …” Helen interrupted Simon saying, “Simon! You have to call uncle; Tell him what’s is happening!” said Helen seriously, ”It is not my business any more Helen, remember!” said Simon, “ I know! Let him know then wait and see…” said Helen calmly,” I’ll think about it. Tomorrow, I have a night shift. Lock the door, and don’t get in touch with anybody.” Replied Simon, Helen kept silent, “Papa! You sleep with us tonight!” said Amra, “Yes Amra.”

Next day morning, the small family had their usual routine. “Nobody has shown!” said Helen, Simon kept silent thinking, when he heard the boys entering the front door building, he opened his apartment door and met the boy on the stairs. “Uncle Simon…I want to tell you…” Sam was about to continue when the big boy looked at him sharply, the big boy’s look blocked the words in Sam’s mouth. “How’s everything Dan?” asked Simon. Dan looked down and said, “Okay! We are enjoying our time.” The boy with scar smiled. “Dan…Sam you are not allowed at all to bring any friends here in this building.” Said Simon,” Yes uncle!” replied Dan and Sam, “Or! I will call grandpa.” Said Simon seriously, the boys kept silent. They moved and enter the apartment then closed the door.

Simon entered his apartment wondering about Dan and Sam’s reaction, “they change! Why!” wondered Simon, ”Their reaction is different this time! What happened? They are hiding something” Helen cut Simon’s thinking and said, “What’s up?!”, “Nothing!” said Simon with a breath of release, “ The boys are hiding something.” Simon continued, ”What do you mean?” said Helen, “Their friends control them…they are trouble makers.” Said Simon, “ Oh! Certainly they will. Dan and Sam are considered to be children. The strange boys are more mature and strong.” Said Helen with certainty, Simon kept silent, “It is really sarcasm! We couldn’t manage to deal with Dan and Sam case though we are educated; these failures know the clue…how come.” Said Helen with low voice, Simon was looking far away thinking, “Helen! I’ll get ready for work…As I told you before keep the door locked.”, Simon got dressed and went to work.

Simon left and Helen kept waiting until 8:00 pm; expecting them to go to the café. That didn’t happen. Helen became worried, she called Simon, “Simon!”, “Yes Helen!” replied Simon, ”They still in..” said Helen, “who!” said Simon, “ They boys…they haven’t’ gone to the café yet.” Said Helen, “Okay Helen! I should call father.”, Simon ended the call with Helen. He searched his father’s name and pressed call, “Father! This is Simon.”, “Simon son! How are you and everybody!” replied grandpa, “fine! Father I want to tell you something important…” said Simon, “ Go ahead son!” said grandpa, “ Dan and Sam bring strange boys to enter your apartment.” Said Simon, “ Who are these boys?!” asked grandpa, “They said they are their friends…” said Simon, “They are their friends then!” replied grandpa, “ But father, they are trouble makers…” said Simon, “How do you know?” asked grandpa, “Form their appearance; they behave awkwardly.” Said Simon, “son! Have they done anything for Dan and Sam…” asked Simon, “Not far as I know. But I noticed that they control them…” said Simon, “ Did Dan and Sam complain to you?” asked grandpa, “Yes…I mean no…Not directly!” said Simon hesitantly, “Son! As I told you before don’t interfere in their life. I’m in touch with them and they are fine.” Said grandpa, “But father…” grandpa interrupted by saying, ”Simon! Tell Helen and Amra the same.” Said grandpa, “Amra! But father…” Simon was astonished, “Okay son! I hear from you.” Grandpa ended the call. Simon was in shock with his father’s reaction. He was wondering, ”Have Dan and Sam been calling father?! Since when! My father knows everything. Does he truly believe what Dan and Sam saying about Helen and Amra…Amra.”

It is 2:00 am. Helen and children were sleeping when heavy knocking on the door started. Helen and her children woke up. Helen went closer to the door, ”Who is it?!” asked Helen, “open the door…where is uncle Simon…” said Dan loudly with panic, “Your uncle is not here; he’s at work.” Replied Helen, “ We want him to come now. It is a robbery. Someone break into the apartment and take grandpa money. A lot of money.” Said Dan, “What! What are you saying!” said Helen with surprise, “Yes! After our friends left…open the door…”said Dan, “ No!! I can’t open the door. Wait until your uncle come.” Said Helen seriously, “ Okay! Helen full stop.” Said Dan with mockery. Dan and Sam were talking loudly blaming each other. Helen took her cell phone to call Simon, ”Simon! You nephews want to talk to you.” Said Helen, “What happened!” replied Simon, “they said there is a break in uncles’ apartment…” said Helen,” What!” replied Simon loudly, “ Yes! They said uncle’s money was stolen.” Continued Helen, ”What money… father didn’t mention that at all…” replied Simon, “Is it true! Uncle keeps money in his apartment?” asked Helen,” I don’t know!” replied Simon, “They said a lot of money being stolen.” Said Helen, “I don’t know what to say. I have to call father.” Said Simon quickly, ”Simon! Don’t be late. Please come as soon as you can.” Said Helen with fear, “don’t worry Helen! Keep the door lucked and don’t open to anyone.” Said Simon slowly, “Yes. Simon..” replied Helen. Simon ended the call and call back his father, “Father! father!” said Simon with worry, “Yes. Simon” replied grandpa, “Dan and Sam are talking about a rubbery…” said Simon, ”What! Where are you?” said grandpa loudly, “I’m at work…night shift. Do you keep money in that apartment?” asked Simon with a low voice, “Son!...Son! I mean yes. I keep some in your mother’s drawer.” Replied grandpa hesitantly, “Father! Why you do that?!” asked Simon with surprise, “I don’t want to keep my money in the bank…” replied grandpa slowly, “Oh! Father. You keep money in an apartment where unstable boys live in …” said Simon with wonder, “ I thought it is better to let them live in the apartment to look after the money…” said grandpa, “What father! You put them as guards; Do they know about the money?!” asked Simon, “No. They don’t know.” Said grandpa with low voice, “ Ooh! For sure they don’t, otherwise, they would spend it..” Said Simon seriously, “Simon. It is not the time to discuss anything; Call the police and find out who did that…” said grandpa, “I will father.” Said Simon.

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