That Night

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Chapter Seven

Simon was calling the police, ”Police station.” Said officer, “ Hello sir! Someone broke in to my father’s apartment.” Said Simon, “Who’s with me?” asked officer, “I’m Simon Brayden!” replied Simon, “When was that?” asked officer, “Yesterday night” replied Simon, “Where are you now?” asked officer, “ I’m working night shift; I’m on my way home.” Said Simon, “Give me the address.” “It’s in25 street, near the petrol station. It is a building with 4 apartments.” ”Anything else!” ”An internet café is nearby. I’ll be there soon.”

IT is 8:00 am. Helen was wondering about what happened when her son Brayden cam, ”Mama, water…”” Yes dear!” Helen gave him some water, “You want to have a bath Brayden…!” smiled Helen, Brayden smiled back, “Okay! Let’s prepare for your bath.” Helen started to take off Brayden’s clothes when she heard somebody knocking on the door,” Open now!” an officer, “Who is there?!” asked Helen, “ It is the police. Open the door now!” said the officer formally, “I’m alone with my children.” Replied Helen, “I said open now.” The officer said in a loud voice, “My husband is not here.” said Helen with worry, “ Open the door.” Replied the officer. Helen opened the door, the officers started to enter the apartment, one by one, “Here you are! Why you didn’t open the door immediately?” asked captain Mark; looking at Helen with suspect, “I…I…” Helen was shocked with fear and confuse, “Why…tell me?” said captain Mark loudly, Helen was confused and hesitant, “Bring her with you…” captain Mark ordered the officers, ”No…No… I have children.” Helen was screaming while the officers are arresting her, “Search the place!” ordered captain Mark,” Sir. We haven’t found anything.” Said an officer, “Let’s go and bring this lady.” Helen was screaming calling her children’s names, “Please! My children are alone… the door is open… I left the door open.” The officers took Helen with them in a police car, heading the police station.

Amra and Brayden were alone in the apartment. They were crying seeing the police taking their mother. The door was opened; Amra heard Dan and Sam’s voices, they were laughing in a low voice. Amra ran and hided under the bed leaving Brayden alone. Dan and Sam entered the apartment, they saw Brayden, “Hey! Brayden…You want to swim…” Said Sam, “ Where is the little witch Brayden! I want to kick her with this.” Dan was holding a plastic stick, both of Dan and Sam started laughing, “Helen full stop go!”, “Let’s go swimming Brayden! But no swimming pool…” said Sam, “You idiot! There is a water tank in the roof.” Said Dan, “Yes! Let’s go Brayden.” Sam took Brayden upstairs, and Dan started looking for Amra, “Where are you little witch! Where are you hiding…”

Meanwhile, Helen was in captain Mark office, “I left the door open… the door is open… the door is open.” Helen was crying and repeating the door is open, ”Stop it lady…stop it…” said captain Mark loudly, “Please! Give me my phone…my children are alone at home.” Helen was begging the captain, “Not before you tell me about the robbery.” Said captain Mark, “What rubbery…I don’t know anything… believe me..” cried Helen, “ what’s your relationship with Mr Brayden?!” asked captain Mark, “He’s my father in law, and Simon his son is my husband.” Said Helen, “What about the fool big boys.” Asked captain Mark, “ They are Simon’s nephews. We take care of them.” Replied Helen, “You take care of them!” said captain Mark, “ Yes! Before my mother in law used to send money to my husband and I to take a good care of the…” said Helen, “ Do you have any evidence?” asked captain Mark, “Yes! I have…” replied Helen, “I’ll let you go now; bring me the evidence tomorrow.” Said captain Mark, “ I promise to do; give me my phon.” Said Helen, “Officer. Give her the phone.” Ordered captain Mark. Helen went out quickly breathless, she was shaking with fear, she called Simon, “Simon! Simon”, “Helen! What happened?” replied Simon, “Go home quickly…please…the children are alone…the door is open.” Cried Helen, Helen went out of the police station looking for a car.

Meanwhile, Sam took Bryden to the roof, he opened the water tank, “Brayden much water here…see… we will swim..” Dan was searching for Amra. “little witch…where are you”, Amra was hiding under the bed, she could hear Dan calling her. Amra saw a foam spray under the bed, she held it, “Amra! You are hiding here; I’m sure” when Dan looked at Amra under the bed, she pressed on and sprayed the foam on his eyes, “Ooh! My eyes… you little witch.. my eyes are hurting.” Amra ran out of the apartment towards the stairs when she met her father. “Where is Brayden amra!” asked Simon, “In the roof with Sam.” Replied Amra, Simon went quickly upstairs, until he reached the roof seeing Sam holding Brayden putting him in the water tank, then raising him up again, “Sam! Leave Brayden.” Shouted Simon, “Oh! Uncle Simon. You back!” Sam left Brayden, ”What happened!” asked Simon, “ They took grandpa’s money.” Said Sam, “Who!” asked Simon, ”I don’t know!” replied Sam. Simon heard Helen’s voice coming, “Helen! Are you okay!” asked Simon, “No! I’m not!” shouted Helen, she took Brayden and Amra and went down, she saw Dan crying leaving her apartment. Helen went in and closed the door.

Simon told Dan and Sam to go to their apartment. He entered his apartment seeing Helen crying hugging her children, “I fed up Simon! I want to leave this building.”, Simon kept silent, “I was about to lose my children and life because of the irresponsibility of your father and brothers. How come your father keeps such amount of money and put unstable boys to guard. True it is his apartment, but we live in the same building.”, Simon tried to calm Helen down, “Helen! Everything will be fine! For sure there should be a decision to be taken.” A noise came from the building front door shifting Simon and Helen’s attention, many steps up the stairs. Simon went to the door, he heard knocking on his father’s apartment, Simon opened the door, ”Hello sir!” said Simon, “Who are you!” asked captain Mark, “I’m Simon, Mr Brayden’s son.” Replied Simon, “You reported the robbery!” said captain Mark, “Yes sir!” replied Simon, “Okay! Helen is your wife..” said captain Mark, “Yes sir!” replied Simon, “Tell her to bring the paper.” Said captain, “Sure sir!” replied Simon, “Where are the boys in this apartment?” asked captain Mark, “They are in”, Dan and Sam opened the door, Dan was crying touching his eyes, and Sam was half dressed and wet. “Bring them!” ordered captain Mark, Dan and Sam started crying, “Sir! They are boys...” said Simon, “Let us do our work Mr Simon.” Replied captain Mark, “But they are unstable; they behave like children.” Said Simon in a low voice, “We will find that out…bring them!” ordered captain Mark, “Uncle Simon! Don’t let them take us…uncle Simon please!” Dan and Sam started crying and weeping like children, then they were taken down stairs towards the police car. The police cars moved heading the police station.

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