That Night

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Chapter Eight

Simon called his father, “Father!”, “Simon! What happened tell me; Did the police find the money?” asked grandpa, “Father. You have to com as soon as possible. Dan and Sam were arrested.” Replied Simon. Next day morning, Simon was in the airport meeting his father. “ I know you and your family have had tough time.” Said grandpa quietly, Simon kept silent, “Let’s go straight to the police station; hop to fix the matter.” Continued grandpa. Simon and his father went to the police station and met captain Mark, “Mr Brayden, we found out that Dan and Sam participated on the robbery; the other boys who were with them in your apartment admitted and told us everything.” Said captain Mark straightly, “ Captain. Dan and Sam are irresponsible. The have special condition.” Replied grandpa, “Do you have papers?” asked captain Mark, “Yes I have.” Replied grandpa, “I advise you to have an attorney, or they will end in jail.” Said captain Mark, “Sure I will. Thank you captain.” Said grandpa.

Simon and his father left the police station. They went home. “Mama! Grandpa is back!” said Amra, “Welcome uncle!” said Helen calmly, “How are you Helen?” said grandpa, “Fine!” replied Helen in a low voice, “ So sorry for what happened!” said grandpa, Helen kept silent. “Come father please!” said Simon, Simon and his father sat in the guest room, “Simon son! I want to give you mother’s inheritance. You are free to decide for you and your family.” said grandpa with emotion, ”What about the apartments?” asked Simon, “Your brothers have to find a way or employ a guard; they can afford it.” Replied grandpa. Helen entered with coffee, ”Uncle! There is something we have to talk about!” said Helen, “I know my daughter…” grandpa interrupted her, ”I know what do you want to say. You and your husband are free now to choose for your life; To stay here in this building or to move out.” Said grandpa, “Not only this uncle. The moment I saw Dan and Sam in chain, I realized that we all drive them to end in jail.” Said Helen sadly, “You are right Helen. I make use of them to keep my money. I saw them growing bigger thinking that they are suitable body guards.” Said grandpa, ”Simon and I couldn’t form with them a family. Our concern was to avoid them and the sequence of the behavior. We could show them how to take care of themselves and others. Instead, we left them to failures manipulated them. I felt bity for them.” Said Helen with sorrow, “My daughter! Captain Mark promised me to move them to a specialized center for such cases.” Said grandpa, “At least to move them from the jail!” said Simon, “Now! I have to go and check my place. Good night. ”said grandpa, “Good night father!”. It was a quiet night for Simon’s family. No more noises or sounds, mostly no more surprises.

In the morning, Simon woke up early before everybody, he prepared breakfast and got it ready. “Good morning Simon!” said Helen, “Good morning Helen!” replied Simon smiling, “You prepared breakfast!” said Helen, “I want you to have enough sleep!” replied Simon, “Yes, I had! I managed to kick them…” said Helen with release, “Who!” asked Simon, “people in my dream… I shouted at them and kick them out.”.

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