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Chapter 7

A Needed Hire

“Come on in, my boss is at home and we can use his office,” David said to the young lady he just met at the bar downstairs.

“Go ahead and put your glass of wine on the table and I will put some music on.” As David approached the woman on the couch, he laid on top of her. They laughed and with his left knee, he accidentally knocked over the wine. Not knowing what he had done, the wine-stained the expensive carpet Connie had picked out for Kyle’s office. When Connie came in the next morning and saw the carpet, she was upset that Kyle would do something like this. Kyle called to get his messages and he was not expecting the one he got from her, “I’m sorry boss but I am upset. Why in the hell would you spill red wine on the new expensive carpet we just put in?”

“Hold on Connie. I did not spill any wine; I have not been back since I left yesterday afternoon.”

The light went on in both their heads at the same time; it had to be David. Kyle agreed with Connie, got his things together and headed to the office. As he drove by the Bay, he was disgusted at David, who was making it a habit of taking women to the office at night. He had told him not to use his office. He did not want anything to do to with his cheating on his wife and kids. Kyle knew that this was a big flaw in David’s character. The quiet afternoon went by, and it seemed strange that he had not seen or heard from David, which caused him to wonder what had happened to him. They were just at Ron’s last night with their wives. Given the afternoon Kyle had yesterday, he decided to take a different venue this afternoon for lunch.

Kyle, feeling hunger pains, though it would now be a good time to go to his favorite restaurant, which was just around the corner from his office. He had his own table at the restaurant, which was reserved for him and his party at any time. The sound of businesspeople taking time off to relax before enduring another four hours of work filled the bar. After ordering his favorite drink, he noticed David coming over to sit at the table.

David said, “Hi, Kyle, how are you this sunny afternoon?”

Kyle, looking up at him, said, “I’m doing fine. I was wondering what happened to you this morning. I did not get any message about you not being in.”

“I’m sorry, my wife was in the mood this morning, and I wanted to take advantage of her loving, especially when she was so excited.” “Do I dare ask why she was so excited, or is it something you should keep between you both?” “I cannot put my finger on it, she just woke up in this sexy mood and she did want me to thank you for the good time she had at the party.” David said that he had never seen Linda so thankful for being invited to Ron’s and made it clear that she would love to go back there. Kyle smiled and said that he had a good time also and what an escape it was from all that was going on with the company. They had another drink and some lunch. Kyle always had the English muffin cheeseburger, and David always went with the pastrami.

Today’s lunch was a little more special because they had a lingerie company come in for some sexy entertainment. There was this Fox that owned the company, Yvonne Lang, who went by YL Kyle always loved to buy raffle tickets as they watched the pretty young girls with beautiful legs leading up to gorgeous lingerie. Yvonne seemed not to notice Kyle at the time: she was busy with the girls and putting on the fashion show. She seemed to be surrounded all the time by other guys trying to get to know her or get noticed. Kyle would be patient, knowing that she would come by and say hello when she had time.

Back in the office, Kyle returned from holding a training class for those he had just hired. He was expanding and franchising in other states and had to hire one more for the San Francisco office. He ran an ad he had called Opportunity Knocks, and a great opportunity for Kyle came a-knocking.

He spent the entire Monday interviewing prospective agents for the position, and to his surprise, when he said, “send in the next applicant, Connie,” Yvonne Lang walked in.

She was a gorgeous woman and former owner of the lingerie company. ‘Oh my goodness’, he said to himself as she walked in. She was wearing a white dress with blond hair to her shoulders with earrings lighting up her beautiful face. Hot was all he could say about her. If she were half as smart as she was beautiful, she would be a winner.

Well Kyle hired her, and it became one of his better decisions.

The training of new agents was given to his sales manager who enjoyed showing off to new employees and was always willing to take on anyone new.

David had a reputation of being there for Kyle. They always got along, and when things were not right,

David was there to console and make Kyle feel better. David had come over from a relative and friend of Kyle’s that had worked at the company. He had said David was moving from New York and could use a job, so he could take care of his family. Out of respect for his friendship, David was hired, and he seemed like a nice guy who worked hard and knew how to stay on the good side of Kyle. It was not long before David had become a friend and respected part of Kyle’s business. He needed someone he could trust and confide in. It was increasingly more difficult to make it in a world of extinction.

Kyle was trying to get over seeing his wife with someone else. They had been together for a long time; he felt she deserved some slack. Besides, with everything going on, he needed a confidante at home also, one away from the business with a clear perception. This would be bad for Kyle and backfire in his face.

He wanted to ask her to accompany him to John and Karen’s cocktail party tomorrow night. Kyle was a newly commissioned officer when he met Suzette. She was four years younger than Kyle, who was swept away by her beauty. His family and especially his brother was very much against this marriage. They knew it was ridiculous to meet someone and then days later get engaged. His brother knew what Kyle had been through in his short life and wanted badly to find that love he craved. Kyle not only wanted to look at her, but he wanted her good-looking naked body next to him so that he could make love to her all night long. He decided to have food catered once again for his wife and kids. He was looking forward to sitting down and sharing his day and excitement of how well they were doing financially. Suzette knew it was a hard climb to be where they are now. Kyle always wanted to make her parents proud of him in absence of not having his own. He was poor as a kid and did not want his children to go through what he had to. After putting eleven hours in making for a long day, sitting at his own bar was very relaxing, overlooking a bright blue pool with a seven-foot waterfall. Kyle continued to share with Suzette that he was at the state capital today again as he told her yesterday, signing up state employees for the payroll program being offered by his company. He also shared with her that he was training new agents who were waiting for their test results so that they could actually sign up employees, as they were being trained. Suzette was upset and letting Kyle know about it. He thought she would be happy with all the good news he was telling her, but she was the opposite, upset that he was putting in too many hours and not being home with her. It seems that she not only acted up set, she also took action to make a point with Kyle so that he would spend more time with her. She was hesitating to tell him what she had done, and Kyle knew something was not right. “I am getting bad vibes from you Suzette, what is it you are not telling me?” “Okay I will tell you, you made me mad and I did not want you working so much.” “Come on, come out with it, what did you do?” “Yesterday you told me you were signing up state employees and you were training new agents. All I did was to write a letter to the Licensing Authorities telling them you were at the Capital and unlicensed agents were signing up employees. If you were to lose the State Contract, you would not be gone all the time.” Kyle in total shock!!! Hearing what she said and only hoping he was hearing it wrong. Kyle in disbelief asked, “I know that you are just messing with me. Why don’t you give me the letter, so we can discuss it?

“I can’t do that. I put it in the mailbox.” Suzette said with a smirk on her face.

“Are you kidding me?” Kyle says as he stands up. “Tell me you did not do that, tell me!” Kyle now yelling at her.

“I really did, I only wanted more time for us.” Suzette took her husband’s information and twisted it so that she would accuse him of having agents unlicensed. They were only observing, but she twisted the truth to punish her husband, but for what? She then wrote to the Oversight and Compliance department of the government and told them that her husband was operating illegally and should be investigated. Who in their right mind does this? He thought as he went over what she did to their family, sharing information that was told to her on family time over a cocktail and then lying to the authorities to make sure she does the most damage possible to her husband and unforgivable to their children.

Kyle could only hear the conversation of yesterday morning with the kids, “Good morning Mom, what are you going to do today?”

“Oh, I thought I would initiate an all-out assault against your father. I am going to try and get your Dad thrown in jail today so that we will not have any money.” Kyle could only shake his head in total disbelief of such a debacle.

His marriage was starting to be a debacle as he thinks back of not the great things, she has done for the family but what she has done against him. Letting her husband be thrown out of her family home in the night and not checking on him; leaving their first apartment after two weeks and going back home, and taking private information she received and used it to take away $70,000 a month from the children and her husband, and unwittingly from herself. He could only justify staying any longer because of the children. Kyle grew up in a divorced family, and he was determined to stay in the relationship for the kids, but that was getting harder and harder to do with all that had gone on against him and his business. Kyle thought he should just quit and get a divorce. Sometimes, Kyle thought he should not have gotten married at the young age of eighteen, and he did not know her for more than 90 days. Now he was paying the price for making this quick decision and now paying big time for it. He knew that he had been a great provider, and he deserved better. How about a loving wife? What a concept. Being under so much pressure from all that was going on, Kyle gathered his composure.

“I’m going to call it a night, Suzette. I am going to have cocktails with John tomorrow. I think I’ll take David with me” Kyle said. Suzette sipped on her wine as tears streamed down her face. She was silent.

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