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Chapter 8

The Unforgivable

Kyle and David attended the cocktail party at John’s. He was looking forward to spending some quiet time with his friends and get away from the drama in his business. He introduced David to all his friends there, and it was indeed a convivial atmosphere as drinks were continuously poured into glasses. The music was playing rock and roll, and there was a great conversation with friends. It was a good time, and Kyle needed it.

“Who is this new guy you hired? Have you known him long?” John asked as they shared a cocktail together.

Kyle said, “He came to me through a sales manager that had worked for me. I think he was part of their family. He came with great recommendations as being good at what he does.”

John shook his head slightly. “I don’t know, Kyle. I get a strange feeling about him, and we have known each other for a while now, and I do not want to tell you how to run your company, but this guy, something’s wrong with him.”

“Well, John, I have never seen you jump into my business before. You seemed bothered by him.

I will tell you what; I will have my office look deeper if that will make you feel better. I do not expect to find anything, but I will be happy to do it for you. We have been good friends, and I respect your opinion.”

“Thanks, I am only mentioning it for your good. I am usually a rather good judge of character.”

Kyle walked away from John to get a new drink; he was feeling uneasy about what John had said. He especially felt uneasy about bringing David over to this party after having to listen to John’s suspicions.

Maybe he should find David and get out of there. It was not feeling like the good time he thought he was going to have. Kyle was getting worried. He looked around and could not see David. He started walking around the house, looking for him.

David was busy mingling. He saw a woman that was full of life. She seemed like a happy person and a good-looking lady as well. He knew exactly who she was. John’s wife, Karen, was a genuinely nice person. She always had a smile for everyone.

David stood next to her. “Yes, I came from New York when my cousin told me about this opportunity, he could get me into. He worked for Kyle as a sales manager.”

“Wow that was a big move. Is your wife happy about moving? I presume you are married?”

“Yes, I am married, and she was not sure about moving to the west, being she left some of her family in New York, but she will get to like it. The weather is certainly better here.”

“Much warmer that is for sure. I hope your family will be happy with the move.”

“Thank you, Karen. I have been looking at your house. It is nice. Would you mind showing me your place? Give me a little tour?”

“Sure, ’not a problem. Let us start with the kitchen and then the backyard before it gets dark. We really have spent a lot of money out there. You might like it,” she said.

They both went into the kitchen and then out the back door as Kyle entered the kitchen, still looking for David. Karen and David came back into the house through the hallway door. They headed to the bedrooms as David followed Karen into the master suite, closed the door behind him, and reached out to her.

Karen, with an overly concerned look on her face, asked, “What are you doing? I was just showing you the house as you suggested and as a guest of Kyle’s,” the wife of the host said.

She freaked out as David reached for her arm, and to her surprise, he blurted out, “Don’t play me, girl. I know why you showed me your bedroom.” David stood in her face with his large body and piercing eyes.

“Let me be. What are you doing, get out of my room!”

“I know what you want,” he said as she tried to get to the door. David moved in front of her and pushed her on to the bed.

“Stop it! Stop it! Damn it! Get off me.” Karen yelled desperately.

David was now lying on top of her, pushing her legs apart. “Come on. Spread those sexy legs. I know you want me.”

“Get off me, you pig. I am going to scream.” Karen warned him

David reached over and grabbed a pillow; put it over her face, reached down, and unbuttoned his pants; he grabbed his hardness and pulled it out. Hot now, he could not stop. He had to take her. He had to feel himself in her.

“You bitch; you want to play with me? Tease me,” he said as he reached under her skirt to rip her panties away from her. She was trying to scream, but the pillow was muting her, making her gasp for breaths of air, crying loudly with his heavy body still pushing her down. With her legs spread by him and his hardness smashing her panties as he tried to move them out of the way, keeping the pillow on her face, she could now feel him, hard and wanting.

Kyle at the bedroom door, it was closed, made him wonder, where was David? He knocked and no answer, he knocked harder and then listened picking up some muffled noise. Kyle through the door open to find David on top of Karen with a pillow on her face. Anger and fear came over him as leaped as far as he could landing on top of David. Knocking both off the bed onto the floor. Rolling on the floor, Kyle with rage raised his fist and hit David in the face as he laid on the floor. He pulled his arm back and again swung and slugged David in the face, “you fucking coward, trying to rape her and smother her, how could you do this, as he hit him again and again as David has his arms up trying to stop the beating. As Kyle readied another swing at David’s face, which was now bleeding around his mouth, nose, and eyes. John while tending to his wife, was watching what Kyle was doing to David and suddenly jumped on Kyle, knocking him off David. David immediately jumped up and ran for the door. Kyle, not sure what just happened, “why did you do that, I was beating the shit out of him?” “That is why I stopped you, I was afraid you were going to kill him.” Well shit, he now got away.” John went back to the bed where his wife was still crying loudly, “Karen, your safe now, he is gone,” as he holds her closely. “I am going after him; you call the police.”

Karen sobbing in her husband’s arms. He said, “Oh my god, are you alright, honey? Did he hurt you? I’ll kill him.” Without waiting for an answer, he opened the nightstand in front of him and grabbed his snub-nose Smith and Wesson, swung the bedroom door open and ran out of the house wanting to catch up with Kyle, who was running after David in front of him on the street.

Donna, was the doctor’s wife who was up the street, she was now with Karen, taking care of her in this horrible time and emotion. Outside, David was spotted in his car. “Stop, you son of a bitch! Stop now!”

David turned around and saw the gun John was waving around and started running across the street to the park wall. As he jumped over the knee-high rock wall, John fired at David twice hitting him with one bullet. It hit his foot as he rolled over on the other side. David looked down, thinking his foot had been shot, but as he looked closer, looking for blood, the bullet had hit the heel of his shoe and ripped it right off, but he was not hit. Lucky bastard! He looked up and saw both still running after him, he started down the grassy area to the parking lot, running as fast as he could.

Kyle and John kept coming, both jumping over the rock wall. They spotted him running down the hill towards a parking lot. John was ready to take another shot when Kyle yelled “No don’t, there are too many people around, you might hit one.” “I want that bastard damn it. “let us get back to the house, the cops should be there,” Kyle said. As they both walked quickly, “I am so sorry John, I had no idea David was capable of such a horrible act. I would have never invited him over.” “Don’t beat yourself up, I know you would have not brought him over,” John said starting to trot to the house. Back at the house, the two men went into the bedroom with the door closed to see how Karen was doing and find out what the hell happened. The police had not arrived yet, Kyle, “I am sick about this, I know the cops are coming, but I think there has to be more punishment now not after a long legal batter.” John, “you do what you think you have to do, I am staying here with Karen.” “Okay, I will talk to you later, after I figure out what to do with him, again my sincere apologies.” Kyle felt so humiliated and ashamed that he brought this animal to the party and did this to his friends. Kyle promised her that he would get him and revenge this deplorable act!

John, “I am grateful that you will take care of this. What are you going to do to him, or do I not have to know?”

“I have a couple of ideas. I need to sleep on it, but believe me, I will get him where it hurts, nothing close to what he just did, but it will hurt and hurt him deeply when I am done with him. I am going to talk to the Police now, I will bring them into the room when Karen can talk to them. I will give them the information on David so they can go after him.”

“Okay, but if he had stuck his nasty dick in my wife, I would have of killed him,” said John. “Take it easy John and put that gun back in your nightstand before I bring in the police.”

“I know how you are both feeling and you both know how sorry I am for this, but I promise you it will be handled. You can take that to the bank!” Kyle assured them.

It was difficult for him to keep going over what took place at the party. David never acted this way even when they were out of town, nothing like this.

Lying in his bed, the room dark with the silent night covering him and Suzette fast asleep, Kyle pondered how to get the revenge he promised., what could he do that would hurt him that bad?” One idea kept coming to him: do something that involved his wife, something that would stick the knife in deep, then turn it. How dare he do this to his friends was all he could think about as he fell asleep.

Back behind his desk, he was thinking about the revenge, how he was going to get back at David for what he did to his friend, John’s wife. It all went down unbelievably bad. You trust someone and introduce them into your inner circle. You are now responsible for everything they do wrong.

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