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Chapter 9

The Seduction

Kyle was still fuming over the sexual assault and attempted rape accusations from his neighbor John and his wife Karen. This all took place after Kyle invited David to a cocktail party at his neighbor’s house.

David must pay and must pay big for what he did was all Kyle could think about. What Kyle did not know was how David would react to his punishment. He had done so much for his family, not only did he give him a beautiful silver new Cadillac; he also bought them their new home. How does he pay him back, deplorable?

His VP acted like he was his best friend, but now, he was starting to act strange. What the hell was going on around him? It was obvious that he could no longer be trusted, and their relationship was done! Kyle only hoped that there would not be any other incidents against him or his family.

How dangerous was he, was now the question?

Kyle knew that David’s wife was weak and could be controlled. How much control was the question if he was going to use her to get to David knowing that he always cheated on her? Maybe the best way was to give him some of his own medicine and have sex with his wife and then let him know. This might be the way to put an end to this dark nightmare he created. Kyle thought that he would still think about it and the best way for revenge.

Kyle was finding it difficult holding it all together. So much was going wrong at work when he had it all going so well. The growth of his company was so impressive, and the profits were stacking up, like gold bars. Kyle, known as the one with the golden touch—or was it the one with dynamite? —as it seemed like everything was blowing up around him. He continued to draw on his Churchill cigar and blow smoke rings and ponder what he and Linda just about experienced and wondered if he should make David aware of her sexual desires for his boss. Maybe he should sit on it, not knowing when he might need some ammunition against him. It was crazy that he had to think this way, but the present and past proved it was not the good old days.

While all that was going on at the office, Kyle had forgotten about the problems at home and how unhappy his wife seemed to be. Worrying about his relationship with his wife and the happiness of his girls, it took his mind off what was happening all around him- corporate corruption and greed at its highest, coming from within the ranks of those he thought he could trust, the ones he had done the most for.

It was becoming difficult with his wife not wanting a divorce and only wanting to make his life a living hell. He thought often of being there at home for the children, two girls, such beautiful children, it seemed like as he talked about his girls. He loved them all so much, it hurt.

It was probably not the best environment for the kids, and he knew it. It just was so complicated currently. Kyle must be patient in putting his life back together. There were so many different components. It was ironic that Kyle got married so he could feel the sweet emotion of love and have sex all the time.

That is how you think when you are young and full of testosterone, and now after being married for a while, he was not feeling the love he hoped for, and he was not receiving the closeness that couples shared when they were in love. The other benefit was the children he had; they were everything to this young dad.

It was heavy on his head as he sat behind his desk, sipping on a hot cup of coffee. His secretary had laid the month’s quarterly reports on his desk, and he decided to go over them to see what the profits were for the first quarter, and it was quiet in the office with all others in the field selling financial packages.

The intercom buzzed, and he picked it up. “Boss, I got a call from guess who, David. He is out on bail and wants to come over and get some his things, Connie said being a little surprised. Kyle, also with a surprised look on his face, “what did you say, David is out of jail, who bailed him out?” He wants to come over, is he coming by himself, or is someone coming with him?” “He told me it would only be him; I am supposed to call him back and let him know if it is alright with you?” Kyle, with thoughts going through his head, okay go ahead, just let me know when he will be here. This could be a good time to get him for what he did. Out of jail, what bullshit!”

Kyle kept working but could not concentrate with David out of jail. Connie buzzed in again, “you won’t believe this, but David’s wife is on the phone for you.” “What the hell does she want, does she sound mad?” “No sounded happy.” “Okay put her through.” “Okay, she is on line 3.”

Kyle quickly pondered the thought, would this be the time to get David, but he did not want to hurt Linda, time was not on his side. Tired of him hurting everyone else, and he must exercise the personal revenge for John and Karen as he promised. He needs to feel the pain besides going to jail.

This would take a minute for Kyle to put his mind in a place he really did not want to go. To start talking sex and making it real was not easy. “Okay he thought, I am ready.”

“Linda, this is a surprise knowing that your husband was arrested.” “Don’t worry Kyle, I am not mad at you. I understand what happened and I am just as disgusted with him as everyone else. He is not taking it seriously even though he has been arrested but being let out on bail he just does not get it.” “He sure made a fool out of me by introducing him to my friends. Linda, I want to really hurt David, I feel that strong about it, every time I see in my head what he was doing it makes me sick.” Linda with a soft voice, “I know how you feel Kyle, that is why I was calling, I feel close to you.” Kyle looked up upon hearing this soft voice, was it now time to get David he thought?” “I was hoping you would be able to make me feel better, you know how I get when I am around you.”

With David coming over soon, it was all coming together, destroy David, was the message he was getting.

Sitting back in his chair he started, “I have been thinking of you also, are you at home?” Linda, “yes I was just vacuuming the front room and could not stop thinking of you. Why couldn’t I have a husband like you?” “Well I am here now, and I want to get excited about you, get the vacuum and turn it on.” “Really the vacuum, I wanted to talk to you.” “I know, we are going to play with it, now put the handle between your legs, do as I ask.” “I have it there.” “Good, now feel the vibration on your clit, are you feeling it?” “Oh Kyle I had no idea it could feel this good.” “That’s the girl, rub it around, and tell me how it feels again.” All the while Kyle is taping this as it continues to get more exciting for Linda.

“That is so hot. I want to see some juices on your panties. Do it, I want to hear you and the vacuum.” Standing there in her front room, naked with only her panties on and now taking the handle and putting it on her pussy, she felt the vibration while she talked to Kyle. “I can hear you breathing faster, feel the handle vibrate you. Rub it good.”

“I am, oh god, I am getting so hot.” “I know you are.

“Don’t you wish I was there?”

“Oh, Kyle, this is so good. I am so hot.”

“Is your sweet spot hurting? I heard you have a big dildo in your bedroom that you have named after me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I did not say to stop rubbing the handle?” Kyle could tell from her voice.

“That’s it, now tell me how you feel.”

“It is so good. I want you.”

“Okay, stop the vacuum. Go to your bedroom now, and I want you to get the dildo with my name on it, you understand?”

“Yes, I’ll do as you say, Kyle.”

“Good because I am so hard,” he told her while he was not hard at all, knowing he was doing this to get back at David. Linda went to the nightstand where she had it and took it to the bed as she sat on the side.

“Take your panties off and spread your legs on your bed. Are you spreading your legs?” “I can’t take it much longer. I am so hot, I am going to explode,” she said as she lay back on the bed and spread, doing everything he told her to do, slipping her panties off, waiting for his next command. Sweat on her brow, one hand on her left breast, and her right hand working herself into a sexual frenzy. Kyle felt guilty that he had to do this to Linda, knowing that she had no idea that Kyle only wanted to get her on tape so that her husband would not have to go to jail. He knew that if or when Linda found out what Kyle did, pretending to be excited at Linda’s sexual experience, she would be furious and embarrassed. Life was not fair. Kyle only hoped that she would never find out. With the recording now ready, Kyle would be patient. He just needed the right time to use it. It was not right, but it had to happen. Revenge must be served hot!

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