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Chapter 10

Do not Mess with a Man’s Family

David was about to arrive, and the recording of his wife was ready to go. Upon his arrival and after he cleaned out his office, he came in to speak to Kyle before he left. Kyle upon seeing him, “I really don’t want to see your face; I hate everything about you. I am flabbergasted at what you have done. Just let me say this, you owe me that after all that I have done for you. You are a disgusting person David, and the sooner you are out of my life the better it will be. What you have done to my friends and family, will be open scars on them for the rest of their life. I could go on with my hate for you, but I will leave it to the police and courts. I do have one more thing to share with you before you leave, then I never want to see you again.”

“What is it now?” David asked.

“I thought you might get a kick out of it and you probably need a good laugh after all that has taken place?” Kyle said knowing he was setting David up. He had no idea what Kyle was going to do to him and how he was going to get the revenge he had promised

“You know how your wife always says she would love to go to bed with me, and we have joked about it. Well, I want you to listen to this, and it is good.” With that, he proceeded to push the Play button on the recorder and sat back and watched David’s face, wondering when he would figure it out and what response he would have. Probably not a good one, Kyle was sure of it, that is why he was doing it. Well, it was not long before David spoke up and said, “Is that Linda? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Kyle, not sure yet about the response, kept playing it, thinking David was going to have to hear it all to get the maximum effect of hearing her come over another man. Kyle wanted him to have the picture in his mind of his wife on the tape who had stripped down to only her bra and panties and was playing with herself, doing as she was being told to do. Kyle looked over at David on the couch wanting to see his heart with a knife in it.

“Shut it off, shut it off! Damn it.”

“Oh no, you listen to it, and hear it all, let it sink in and feel the damn hurt, nothing like what you did to Karen.

“You, you son of a bitch, I will kill you!” Kyle was going to get the reaction of hurt he wanted to see but had no idea it would come to this as he sat in his chair that backed up to the window on the twelfth floor that unfortunately was closed. David reached back and threw a huge punch at Kyle’s face, Kyle moved his head quickly back, hitting the window along with the back of the chair as David smashed his fists into it. The glass shattered, the chair fell on the floor and Kyle was now being pushed out the window with glass cutting his back as his skin is sliced as he is pushed further out. David had Kyle halfway out the window, glass slicing his back with blood now dropping below on the sidewalk. As Kyle looked down, he could see the people on the sidewalk who had heard screams and wondered what was going on 12 stories above. They could see two people, hanging halfway out the window with blood dripping and falling on the cement. David had his hands around Kyle’s throat, making it difficult for him to scream for help. It was not looking good. He was slipping farther out the window, sweat rolling down his face, and was staring at the hard sidewalk twelve stories below. Fighting, hoping, and praying were all happening so fast.

Fortunately for Kyle, he was strong, and his arms and legs were able to keep him from falling twelve stories to his death. Well, his prayers were answered. One of the guys he had just hired was in the office turning in his paperwork, and he had played professional football, a big guy. Kyle screamed, “Get him off me!” as he struggled not to let David get any closer to pushing him out the window. There was a steady flow of blood now coming from Kyle’s back. They were able to get their hands around David and pull him and Kyle back into the office. With the force, they all fell on the floor.

David got up quickly and started to run for the door, he turned around and looked right at Kyle and said, “You better watch your back really good, I am coming for you and your family.” With that he picked up the white candle and threw it against the office wall, setting it on fire. Connie scrambled to get a vase of water and threw it on the flame a couple of times, effectively putting it out, but not before it burned the carpet and wall.

With all this going on, the new agent YL came into the office with her trainer and found Kyle white as a ghost and shaken badly. She asked him with a concerned voice, “What had happened to you? You look like you just saw a ghost.”

Kyle looked at her blue eyes with soft, flowing blond hair, and told her what had just taken place and how David left but not before threatening to kill him. He then reached for one of the black candles right outside of Kyle’s office, grabbed it, and threw it at him, like a lit missile on fire, and then started running for the stairs. With the hot candle being lit, it exploded, spewing hot wax and flame on to the carpet in the hallway, causing the baseboard and carpet to start to catch fire. There was a scramble for water to put it out. By the time the flames were out, it had burned up the wall but stayed in the office and did not go to the inside of the wall, but the smell of smoke filled the air. However, it was obvious that they would not be able to stay in the office due to the damage.

Kyle, very shaken, looked over at his secretary. “Go ahead and call the police. We will need a police report for the insurance company.”

Yvonne said, “Oh my god, Kyle, I am scared for you.”

Kyle looked into her eyes. “Don’t worry. I can take care of myself. I must meet with the police, and then I am going home, just in case David shows up there.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Now you know, Yvonne, one does not mess with another man’s family! That is when all boundaries become blurred, and you will do anything to make sure your family is safe, and that is what I intend to do.”

Yvonne said, “Kyle, I can’t believe all this is going on.”

“I can hear your concern, Yvonne. I want you to know that this is not how things are done around here.

We are God-fearing people who all have played by the rules and done the best we could in taking care of our families. Yvonne, you have come aboard at a difficult time for our company, but I promise you that there is so much opportunity for one to succeed with all that this company offers and without any more distractions from those who would like to do us harm. While I take care of eliminating the negatives, you go out and multiply the positives.”

Yvonne, with a smile on her face, said, “Thank you for saying all that. I guess I needed a pep talk after all that has happened. I am with you, Kyle. I have seen the opportunity, and I plan to take advantage of it as long as you let me.”

“I am here for you, and any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to ask, and in the meantime, concentrate on what we have taught you and go out there and get those sales. I will take care of things here. I promise, again.”

Kyle thought about how well she was doing, even with all the distractions that were present at the office. She learned the business very quickly. Maybe it was his training that made her so good. He kept thinking of how good she smelled and how her lips were so soft against his. What a professional, a real class act.

Kyle had not met anyone like her and thought maybe it was time for some more training. He remembered when he had asked her if she had time to go out on a couple of appointments, and she said sure, and she would look forward to it. That day they went to the garage to get his car and then took off with Meatloaf playing on the radio. For the first time in a long while, he could smile and feel happy, and he knew it was because of the beautiful blonde sitting next to him. YL, Yvonne Lang, had come from a middle-class family and was one of four siblings. There were two twin brothers and an older sister. The two boys were incredibly talented in sports, especially football and baseball. The older sister was also exceptionally talented, and she excelled in ballet and music. It was the music that propelled her to success at a young age, taking her all the way to college with a nice scholarship. Her father traveled for his job and was not around much, leaving her mother to take care of the three older siblings and all the activities they were involved in. Yvonne felt alone. One could call her the “forgotten child.” This led her to seek attention in other places. She had one serious relationship, but it did not work out. Now, she was single and dating several other guys. They had a good day, setting up two different corporations for enrollment next week, so they stopped at the bar for a drink and to talk over what they had done today. Kyle had done nothing else but kiss YL and felt some strong vibes coming from her in the bar. It was getting him excited; however, he was her boss and did not want to do anything inappropriate. After a nice late lunch and a few more drinks, the conversation went to Kyle’s relationship with his wife.

YL said, “I probably should not be so forward, but what is going on with your relationship with your wife? I’m sorry if I shouldn’t…...”

Kyle said, interrupting her, “Not a problem, you should not hesitate to ask. It should be discussed.” He explained that the marriage was mostly window dressing; they were together for the children and were separated. He also went on to explain that they had gone to an attorney, and they were filing for divorce. This was interesting to YL. She had a big smile on her face as he ordered her a new drink. They talked more about it and then decided that they should head back. The music was great, and YL had a few brandies and had her arm going over the back of Kyle’s seat, rub the back of his neck. Boy, did that feel good, he thought and even had some tingly feelings going down his spine. They were laughing and singing as YL said she liked rubbing his neck and would love to give him a massage. Kyle told her how much he would look forward to that someday.

“Well, maybe we can accommodate you when we get to the office. I give a good massage.” Yvonne said

“I am a little surprised but also excited.” Kyle said

She just smiled at him again and then said, “I don’t know if I should admit this to you, but I have been checking you out. Those suit pants you wear, and the eel skin boots are so sexy. Sorry for looking at you like that.”

“No reason to be sorry. I am flattered to be the object of your observations.” Kyle replied

By the time they got back to the office, it was late. All others had gone home. Kyle had gone to the bathroom to clean himself up, and as he stood by the sink washing his hands, he thought about Yvonne, who was in his office. He thought about the sexual vibes he was getting from her. She was different from other women. Maybe there was something special about this girl. When he went into his office, he saw YL on his couch, and she was holding her stockings she had taken off in her left hand, sitting there in her short blue skirt with smooth tan legs capped off by red high heels. She was looking very sexy.

Kyle immediately thought, Okay, she is different, so let us go slow with all the emotions. He did not know if she had taken her nylons off because it was the end of the day, they were bothering her, or if this was a signal that she was getting ready for any advances he might be thinking of, but it was not the right time. He was tired and not sure that he wanted to start something with someone who was becoming so valuable in his company. It was time for action and not memories even though they made him feel good. He laughed and thought, “I don’t deserve to feel good; someone was making a point of that.”

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