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Chapter 11

Protect Your Valuables

Kyle had so much on his mind on the way home that evening. On one hand, he was still selling the positives of his business, and in the other, he was going home to protect his family from being shot by a disgruntled employee. He was not at all sure what was going to happen with David’s threat. He was concerned enough about it and the safety of his family that he was prompted to call the police when he arrived home. He explained to the desk sergeant what had happened and the threat against his life and his family, and to his surprise, he was told that there was nothing that the police could do without a crime taking place. Great, Kyle thought. Shots must be fired for the cops to get involved. It became clear that it was up to him to protect his family. Out to the garage he went to the gun cabinet that he kept locked and away from his kids. He pulled out two shotguns and loaded them with his shells and took out a Glock 19 pistol for good measure as he checked the magazine and then loaded into the Glock. He told his family to go over to Sharon’s house, a friend of the family who lived down by the creek, and he would tell them when they could come home. His wife did not want to leave their house and wanted to argue with him. Suzette said with a bad attitude, “I am not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on. You are not going to force me to leave my house.” Kyle was annoyed but understood that he told her already, but okay, she needed more, but he did not have much time.

“Listen, this is not the time for attitude, Suzette. I want you guys to be safe if something happens. I am hoping that nothing happens, and you and the kids come right back, and remember, I already told you that there were some problems at work, and David has made some threats. I am favoring the cautious side, so please just take the kids and go to Sharon’s house, and do it quickly before David gets here.” Kyle said

Suzette just stared back at him and then went to get her stuff and the children. With the family finally gone and out of the line of fire, he waited by the front door where he could see if anyone was coming up the street, and it did not take long until he saw David’s car turning the corner and approaching his house before making the turn into his driveway. Kyle opened the door a crack and aimed the front bumper of David’s car with his shotgun. As he looked carefully, he could see a rifle barrel sticking out through David’s car window. Kyle was shocked to see that David still wanted to hurt him and his family, and that just made it very real. He thought that he would be over his anger and come to his senses. They had shared a lot together. When one man threatens another man’s family, there is a real pain to pay, while the boundaries become blurred. Kyle, with his shotgun cold in his hands, took aim and squeezed off two rounds. Bam, bam! This scared the hell out of David who put the car into reverse and backed on to the street. The sound of spinning wheels and burnt rubber were left on the street. Kyle kept a sharp eye on David. He could see the shiny barrel again coming into sight. He closed the door just in time as a bullet exploded at the top of the door frame, ripping the wood apart. Kyle grabbed his Glock as David drove back to his driveway so that he could get a better shot. With David now on his property, Kyle fired four rounds into the fender and the door of David’s car, sounding like the start of duck season. Crack, crack, crack! The smell of gunfire was now in the air. He heard a yell from the car, thinking that he must have shot him in the leg. That was enough for David as Kyle watched him back up and speed down the street. With his rifle still smoking, he wondered what David wanted. Maybe he wanted to talk. Oh well, he should not have threatened me, Kyle thought. And you do not show up with a rifle sticking out of your car window if you want to work things out.

The loss of a friendship is painful for those who have had to feel the despair and emptiness that is left in one’s heart; especially when a friend tries to kill you. The emotion is overwhelming and raw. You only want to sit down and cry your eyes out. However, with the sound of bullets being shot in the neighborhood, it did not leave much time to dwell on the pain but to make sure all were safe. It was a low day for Kyle—trouble with his business being taken over, and worse of all, his good friend had tried to kill him and threatened his family. Could it get any worse? He thought as he drove through the tunnel heading to the city. The city he had lived in or around for the last twenty-five years had given him so much and so much excitement. No wonder it was growing so fast. Well, he had a lot more to think about than how the city had treated him, he thought. What was he going to do now, he pondered? We will just show up and see what happens was what he came up with, feeling a little out of control of the situation after what all happened yesterday. Kyle was not sure what to do or how to handle the events of yesterday. He had contacted the police after the gunfight in his front yard. They were looking for David but had not found him yet. They started a police investigation on two fronts for attempted murder, including trying to kill Kyle by throwing him out the window. Well, tomorrow will be a new day and, hopefully, one with no drama.

“Well, what’s up today?” he asked his secretary as he walked into the office wearing an expensive three-piece suit and a smile on his face.

Connie looked up at him and said in a low voice, “Hate to ruin your day, boss, but there are two gentlemen in your office from the banking authority.”

“Are you shitting me?” Kyle said.

“What the hell now?” Kyle could not believe that there could be more drama and problems than he was already going through.

“Hold my calls,” Kyle told his secretary as he entered his office.

“Well, gentlemen, what did I do to deserve your attention this beautiful morning?” Kyle said sarcastically.

The tall one in a blue three-piece suit sitting on the couch said, “Mr. Stone, we need to ask you some questions about your relationship with Alamo Bank and those who worked there.”

“Go ahead” Kyle said. “They were my business bank that my CFO did most of the business transactions with. I would have him come in, but he is not here now.”

“We know that he is not here. His whereabouts are of concern to us.”

“Why?” Kyle asked.

“Did he do something I do not know about?”

“Well, that is what we want to ask.”

Kyle, getting a little annoyed, said, “Well, why don’t you stop beating around the bush and tell me why you’re here?”

The gentlemen sitting in the chair spoke up and said, “The VP of the bank had not been in for several days now, and your bank account had been hit for over $1,550,000, missing, gone.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I did not have that much in there. I was talking to David about getting us some money, but he never did.”

“Well, that is where your information is wrong. He did, and he put that money in there just the other day.” Kyle was worried now.

“Why would he do that just for someone to steal it? That does not make sense.”

“Same question we had. Do you have any information that could help us figure out why?”

“No, but if I do, I will let you know. We will be in touch,” Kyle said as the two investigators walked out.

“This is all unbelievable,” he said to his secretary Connie as he walked out to her office. “Who in the hell did I piss off anyway? You will not believe this. Those two men were from the Banking Commission as you know. They informed me that David made a deposit of $1,000,000 into our bank day before yesterday, and I did not even know about it.

“What and where did he get $1,000,000?” Connie asked

“No shit, I do not know the answer to that question,” Kyle said.

“And here is the kicker: someone has taken that million and an additional $500,000.” Connie looked perplexed.

“You are telling me that David put one million dollars in the bank day before yesterday, and now the account has been emptied of $1,500,000?”

“That is exactly what I am telling you, and nobody knows yet who took it.”

“Do you have any guesses who took it?”

“Yes, you know I do, and that would be David. Nobody else had access to the funds, and I have not seen him lately.” Kyle felt sorry for himself.

“I repeat, who did I piss off?”

His secretary, being a smart ass, said, “Well, inviting bad spirits in was not your brightest idea.”

“That was David’s idea, not mine.”

“Well, you are now having to deal with the consequences now, aren’t you?”

“You know, I would rather take an early lunch than listen to you remind me of the mess things are in. Call me at the bar if I win the lotto. If not, don’t call.” And with that, he headed to the glass of gin and tonic waiting for him, and he felt he needed it. His thoughts were of when his vice president, David, was there to help him build this company, not to tear it down or try to kill its president and major stockholder. Everyone in the company was wondering about how he was going to take charge or not, lead, or give up? Kyle decided to lead and be positive. What else could happen to him and his company anyway? He had spent many hours going over the events and how they all came to this realization of attempted murder.

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