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Chapter 12

Hello Family

Kyle sat at his favorite corner in the bar; he could not believe all that had taken place in only a few months. What the hell came over David? When did he decide to be this type of person? Depressed with it all, Kyle wanted to know what he had done to make his life so difficult. David was out there somewhere, he jumped bail and now hiding from the cops, who had a warrant for his arrest. Things went very wrong, it surprised him how angry he was. Where is David? Kyle thought. He wanted to kick his ass so bad and screw him up the way his life had been turned upside down. He saw it happen right in front of him while they were in Dallas; David and Julie did not care that Kyle saw them together. They had already come up with a plan to take Kyle down, so it did not matter what Kyle thought. How blatant they were and now Kyle had a lot of time to think about it. He sat there looking at his drink, moving the ice cubes with his finger, contemplating how difficult his life seemed to be. The wife was not happy nor was he happy with her. His best friend turned on him, collaborated with the controller, and he was now missing after he tried to kill him. An arrest warrant was issued for him, and he made a quick disappearing act, going on the run. Kyle could not spend any more time worrying about him. He would continue to take care of his family, making sure they had what they needed. In addition, a business partner had tried to take over his business but ended up dying in a fire in his apartment. The bank that financed him had backed out. What a miserable mess surrounded him. Hopefully, he thought the worst must be over.

Now down to just his office and a few brokers working for him. Kyle had gone from making a quarter of a million a week to enough to pay his staff and keep the offices open. He had to give Yvonne the credit on keeping everything running and even creating some new opportunities. God, help me, he thought. Kyle reached for his third gin. Two guys in suits showed up at the bar and then walked over to where Kyle was sitting.

“Kyle Stone?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Not important. What matters is that you are coming with us. We have a car waiting outside for you.”

“If you do not tell me who you are, I am not going anywhere with you. Got it?” Kyle said.

The guy in the suit on the right side of him pulled back his jacket, showing a 9-millimeter pistol and said, “You might want to change your answer.”

“Okay, you got my attention,” Kyle said.

They walked outside of the bar, and a black limousine pulled up. The one with the gun opened the door and said, “Get in.” The limousine pulled away from the bar, heading to a destination Kyle had no clue of. It was noticeably quiet in the limo. No one said anything, and Kyle was in a daze as more shit was coming at him and not knowing what for. He was taken to the other side of the city; into a parking garage he was not familiar with and got out heading to the elevators.

“Are you going to tell me what this is about?” Kyle asked.

“You will hear soon enough,” said the one with the gun in his waist. Kyle was ushered into a big office with windows looking over the bay of the city and told to sit down. A good-looking gray-haired gentleman came into the office and sat behind his large wooden desk.

“I am sure you are wondering why you have been summoned by two guys with guns?” Kyle just sat there staring at him. His question did not require a response, Kyle thought. “Well, let us get to it then. You are friends with David who works for you, correct?”

“Yes,” Kyle said.

“What has he to do with this meeting you insisted on?”

“It seems that your friend and CFO had borrowed $750,000 from us, and we can’t find him. Does this help your memory in any way?”

“The only thing I know is that he was talking to his family about taking out a loan for the business, but I told him to wait, and I would tell him when he should do it.”

“Guess what, we are ‘The Family,’ and you are now part of it,” said the one behind the desk. Kyle, with a puzzled look on his face, said, “I think you got it wrong. There is not that amount of money in my bank.”

“We are aware of that, and we also know you got a visit this morning from the banking commission looking for the VP of the bank and David.”

“So then you know I did not take the money that is missing,” Kyle added.

“That would be the truth, but you are the only one still around and the only one we believe that can pay it back.”

“That is crazy. I have nothing to do with your missing money, and you should be looking at the two who are probably involved,” Kyle said.

“And I have my plate full of other problems I need to put my attention to, so sorry, I can’t help you.” With laughter coming from behind the desk, Kyle heard him say, “You don’t get it. We are now family and we are now your number 1 priority.”

Kyle was now getting stares from the other two in the room with mean faces on. The one sitting on the couch said, “You will now work for us and when we tell you. You will start working on one of our ships that are coming into the harbor. We will give you the time and what pier you are to show up at, and I will warn you now. You do exactly as we say, and you will tell no one about our arrangement. You will drop whatever you are doing when we contact you and show up at the pier. You will get instructions as to what you will be doing, and of course, the job will remain a secret until you have sufficiently paid back the family.”

“This is bullshit. I will not have anything to do with this. You got the wrong guy.” Kyle said

Kyle started to get up to walk out. “Sit down, or we can take care of this right now. You will do as we say, or you and your family in the hills will be deeply sorry that you did not do as you were told. Do you want them to pay the price of your fuckup?”

“All right,” Kyle said.

“Don’t even mess with my family. You want something, then come to me.”

“We won’t have to as long as we have this understanding,” he said.

“They will take you back to your office. You will wait to hear from us. Do you understand, Kyle?”

“Yes, I understand. Just leave my wife and kids out of this. I mean it.”

“Well, that will be up to you, Kyle,” the one behind the desk said as he stood up, and the meeting was over. After being dropped off at the bar, Kyle decided that he needed to be at home around his family, and while driving to the suburbs, he thought about his dad and how he had killed himself to get away from whatever was eating him alive. He could, for once, understand why one would kill themselves.

The problems just get so big, one does not see any way out of it. While feeling so sorry for himself and now having these thoughts of suicide, he woke up and remembered what his father’s suicide had done to him and his brothers, pain that would last the rest of their lives. Not knowing why a father would leave children to try to reconcile the immense pain and questions of, what did I do to Dad that would make him leave me forever? As Kyle went through the tunnel, he thought about how much he missed his dad and wished he were here to help him figure out his life and how to fix the mess he now got himself and his family into.

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