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Chapter 15

The Note

The phone rang at home, and he answered it, “Hello, oh, hi, Connie. I am on my way in. What’s up?”

“I called you because I am sitting here, and I see a note coming under the door, and it has your name on it. I did not know if you needed to read it right away?”

“Thanks, just put it on my desk. I will be there shortly.” Kyle had a good idea of what it was, probably the new instructions that they said he would be receiving. Great, this nightmare just continues to get better, he thought sarcastically.

The pier was at the far end of the harbor, kind of far away from the others, and from what Kyle knew, it seemed appropriate, being the note said to arrive at ten thirty, pier 36. As he stood at the side of the pier, looking up at the ship docked there, someone aboard the ship yelled at him to come on up, so Kyle walked up the plank to the ship to be greeted by a tall man with a beard who said, “Follow me.”

They entered a cabin on the officer’s deck and had a seat. “Kyle, I am called Bossman, and you will call me that also. You will be helping unload the cargo hauls, and you will not speak to anyone as to what you see or hear when you are aboard the ship. Do you understand?”

“I got it. You will not have to worry about me. How long do I have to do this, Bossman?”

Bossman replied, “That is not up to me. I am sure they will let you know. All I know is that you are to be here until this ship is unloaded and probably working on the next ship that comes in. Now, go ahead, and get started. Tom will show you the cargo haul and where to unload the merchandise. Kyle, as long as you show up and do your job, there won’t be any problems with me.”

“Thanks, Bossman.” And with that, he was off to his new adventure in one totally messed-up life. Kyle was feeling so alone in this dark hole and wishing he could talk to his wife about all this, but he knew he could not trust her. She would try and find some way to use it against him as she had done before, causing him so much emotional hurt and financial ruin. He still could not believe that she had turned him in after sharing his day with her after a tough nine hours at the office over a cocktail, even though he had done nothing wrong. It was unconscionable what she had done, and not only to him but to the kids. Why would a mother want to hurt her children just to get back at her husband for something he did not do? She was so stupid. Having an investigation of her husband’s company by the government meant the end to most companies.

Kyle worried about his kids, as he was not around as much anymore and was not home at night to put them to bed and show them the love they deserve from their father. His wife did not seem to mind so much. Kyle thought that he wanted to have a wife who would be concerned about his whereabouts. After several months of working on the docks and keeping everything he had seen and heard quiet and a secret, he had made the Bossman happy with his performance, and the Bossman knew that Kyle wanted to get this over and get back to his life he had seemed to have left behind. However, during the day, he was still working at his business even though he had to scale it way back from where it was. He was now down to just his office and a few brokers working for him. Kyle had gone from making a quarter of a million a week to enough to pay his staff and keep the offices open. He had to really give Yvonne the credit for keeping everything running and even creating some new opportunities. This working for the Family was screwing everything up, and he was scared that he would never get out; he was starting to hear too much of what was going on, and that was not a good thing. He had spoken to some of the other guys, and they were all sure that this was what they would be doing for the rest of their life. They were now permanent members of the Family Suzette put her glass of wine down and walked to the garage door located off the kitchen.

Suzette turned around and said, “I told you I have your love in the garage.” With that, she proceeded to open the garage door and disappear in the back of the garage, where his red Ferrari was.

Kyle looked at her mother and said, “What the hell is she talking about? Do you know what she is up to?”

As soon as Kyle asked that question, there was a huge crashing sound coming from the garage where his wife just went. Both Kyle and her mother bolted for the garage to see what the hell was going on and to see if Suzette was okay. To their utter amazement and horror, they saw his wife standing in front of his Ferrari with a long ax over her shoulder, where she had already taken the ax to the headlights and up the hood, ready to strike that beautiful red metallic hood again. Kyle was scared about what might happen.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Kyle said as he ran to her, watching her strike the Ferrari repeatedly. She started with the hood, then smashed the windshield, up to the convertible top, before he could grab her and take the ax away. Kyle now with the ax in his hands and shocked at looking at his car. Could not help it but he thought about putting the blade of the ax right through her head, what a sight. She who would be known forever as the Ax Lady.

Her mother, who was still standing at the door in shock of what she had seen, scared and crying, as Kyle approached her and said, “Don’t worry. we will work this out. Another obstacle to our happiness, making it harder and harder to find” Her mother wiped her face of tears and went to talk to her daughter who again went too far with her u anger unmanaged anger that crossed the line again. Crazy bitch, ax lady. Now that it was all axed and done, the crazy woman had damaged the Ferrari for a tune of $16,000. Now that was not going to make a peaceful loving home this car-crashing night.

Kyle would go to work again disappointed in lack of love in his marriage and the outcome of these insane acts. The other part of this was the charities that Kyle was donating to, and they would not receive any more money until he could figure this all out and were so disappointed. If it were not for his kids, there would be no reason to stay in this bipolar, dysfunctional relationship. It was becoming truly clear that Kyle was going to be a failure in his first marriage; however, the gold was in the children he had and all the love they gave him.

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