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Chapter 16

Senator in Las Vegas

It did not take long to be sent back to the future as he was summoned to the docks again. He had not been there for a while, hoping that they had forgotten about him, but no, his presence was demanded. Kyle knew that his problems being over was a joke as he drove to the bay to take care of a problem David dropped in his lap. A smile did come to his face as he thought about Yvonne and what they had just shared. It was nice that a woman could make him feel excited again, even with all his problems.

Once upon the ship, he said, “Hey, Gary, have you seen Bossman?”

“Hey there, Kyle, I thought maybe you made it off the ship, you know, one of the lucky ones?”

“I wish. However, I have been summoned.”

“I saw him in the wheelhouse a few minutes ago.”

“Thanks, let me go see what this is all about.” He met with Bossman who was the one who asked for him to show up.

“What’s up, Bossman? Been a while since I have seen or heard from you,” Kyle said.

“Yeah, I bet you thought we forgot about you? Well, that is not the case. We have a job for you.”

“Another job?” Kyle asked.

“I thought I was done on the docks?” Bossman said, “You are. The job is in Vegas.”

“Las Vegas? Why in the hell do I have to go there?” Kyle said, sounding irritated at the news.

“Well, we are not done with you, and you will meet with my boss in Vegas, and he will give you the details of what we want you to do.”

“Okay, when do I have to leave?” Kyle did not want to go. His feelings for Yvonne were getting stronger, and he wanted to spend more time with her, not less. Bossman said, “You are expected to arrive on Friday night, and you will be going to Caesar’s Palace. You have a reservation. Check-in and you will be contacted. Listen, Kyle, if you do well, there is the possibility you could be released from the Family. I said possibility, and I have given you a good word to my boss. Do not make me regret it. Here, this is for you, a little something for the good work you have been doing.” Kyle took the envelope.

“How much is in here?”

“It is $15,000. It is not all just work here. We do award those who do as we say and do it well.”

“Well, I guess thanks. I really want out of this mess. Sorry, but I am very tired of not being in control of my life even though it seems I screwed that up also. Thanks, Bossman. I will catch you later or never if I am lucky.” With that, the two men shook hands, and Kyle was on his way again to another adventure. Sitting by the large pool, watching all the beautiful people enjoying themselves, it seemed like he was on a different planet. This one was full of laughter and frolic as those were in every sort of bathing suit. Some looked like they had nothing on, as they surrounded the pool, enjoying the cool water on such a hot day. Kyle wondered what they would want from him this time. He hoped it was not as boring as the job on the docks, loading and unloading God knows what. Just then, a hand fell on his shoulder.

“Are you Stone?” the man in a striped suit said. Kyle turned around to look at the voice he heard and could not make out his face with the sun shining so brightly and responded, “Yes, I heard you would be looking for me.”

“Well, it is not me you are meeting with. Come on, he is waiting.” Kyle followed along to the elevators up to the sixty-fifth floor and into this huge suite. Kyle thought why these guys always had the best. He thought of this because he had been offered to stay in the Family, be one of the lieutenants, live large just like he had seen these guys do. That thought was always in the back of his mind now, with the business he spent so many years building was in shambles. Why not chuck it all in and start over as a member of the Family?

“My name is Ralph. They call me Ralphie, Kyle, and I have heard good things about you from Bossman.”

“Thanks,” said Kyle, eager to hear what he had to say.

“We have a special assignment for you, one that may provide freedom for you if you should desire. Now, all this is based on how you complete this assignment so that we can call your debt paid or take the promotion you have been offered.” It all sounded good to Kyle but all so scary with all the marbles on this one.

“Here is what you are going to do, and this type of assignment would normally be given to one of our seasoned members, but we want to see what you can do, and we believe you can accomplish the task. We have a senior senator coming into town who will be staying at this hotel. He has made a lot of enemies, and those enemies want him out of power, and we need to take him out.”

“Take him out?” Kyle said, a little surprised.

“No, not what you are thinking. Take him out of the Senate. Shame him. How do we do that? Here is the plan. Listen up,” Ralphie said. “You will plant cameras in his room before he gets there, cameras that will show everything he does in the room. Once he is there, you will have a prostitute come to his room for his pleasure. You will have instructed the prostitute to ask certain questions that we will record, and she will hold out on the sex until the questions have been answered to our satisfaction.”

“How will we know, and how will we communicate with her?” Kyle asked

Jerry Pa “She will be wired, and you will be in a truck parked on the strip where you will be able to see and hear everything. Once we have the audio, she will continue with the nasty sex he wants, and we have been told he likes being dominant.” What is with these powerful people? Kyle thought. They act all mighty in public, but when they get a chance to do what they really desire in private, it is usually something that makes them feel weak, and then throw in some nasty, and they will be coming back for more.

“So we will have her get a full can of the film on him being whipped and humiliated. When we have all that, she will then expose herself to him, making him suck a cock with tits until she comes in his face. Once we have all the film we need, we will edit it in the van, and then it will be given to the CIA, and they will take it from there. Any questions?”

“Wow, that seems pretty risky, and a lot of things could go wrong,” Kyle said.

“That is where your freedom comes in and your debt is paid. Do a good job, get all we are expecting, and we will then have another conversation about your future.”

“When will this go down?” Kyle asked.

“Saturday night. Put it all in the can as they say, and I will meet with you on Sunday morning.” Kyle set up a meeting with the prostitute for Saturday morning, a 5′9” tall redhead, the senator’s favorite, who will be called Suzy, making sure she knew what to do and to do it so well that the senator would not know what was going on. Kyle had her go over the plan thoroughly with him again. Suzy said she had it all down and working with powerful men who like to be told what to do was something she was very good at, and Kyle was counting on that. As the night drew closer, Kyle was in the van with all the electronics he had seen in the movies and excited that this could be the last thing he would have to do. He checked all the cameras and their angles, and then he checked them again. He had to get this right. Three hours later, the pictures started coming into the van, and it was not pretty, but great footage for Kyle. The drunk, naked senator was ripe for the picking, and Suzy was a pro and knew just how to play him. She had said she was good, but this is awesome. She had the senator begging for more in no time. After a couple of hours of such fun, it was time for the finale, as he was on all fours. She put herself on his head, and when he lifted it to see what was there, a picture was taken of his face one inch from the hardness.

“We have him!” were the yells from the van.

“Close the deal, Kyle.” Kyle waited outside and entered the room.

“Well, Senator, you can get off the floor now. Throw on some clothes. Senator, I am going to tell you how this is going to go down. You will immediately resign from any committee seats you sit on, and you will inform your reelection committee that you will not be running for reelection.” The senator, sitting on the chair, trying to put some clothes on with an expression of one getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar, just looked up at Kyle with sad eyes and had nothing to say. It was over! The edited copy was delivered as instructed, leaving Kyle pondering that the CIA worked together with the Family. Things one would not know unless they fell into the pit of defamation. Kyle was early for his meeting with Ralphie, anxious to hear what he had to say. Kyle felt confident that he had completed his mission, and everyone should be happy. Ralphie showed up and ordered a cup of coffee with whiskey in it from the waitress and asked Kyle if he wanted one.

Kyle eagerly said, “Sure, what did you think about last night? Did we all deliver you a successful package?”

“You did, Kyle, and it was done with such excellence in detail. We have talked it over last night, and we agreed that we would like you to stay on with us. We will make you a very nice offer.” About that time, one of the guys with the pinstripe suits came in and said, “Can I speak to you, Ralphie, alone?”

“Sure,” he said, and they walked over to the window where the suit was telling Ralphie something that made Ralphie go from someone happy to someone overly concerned about what he had just heard.

Kyle being concerned himself said, “What the hell is up? You don’t look happy like you were?”

“No, I am not, Kyle. It seems we have a complication to the mission you were given.”

“What the hell would that be?” he said, thinking that he was being played after being promised his freedom if he did as they said.

“Here is the deal,” Ralphie started to say after a sigh.

“It seems that there is a pigeon on this mission, and it knows too much for some reason. Kyle, you are now directed to eliminate the pigeon before it flies away with all the secrets of this weekend.”

“This was not the deal,” Kyle said madly.

“You promised me.”

“The hell I did. You were told if you do a good job, there is the possibility of your debt being paid.”

“If I were to do this, and I will let you know I have never killed anyone outside of Vietnam. Not sure I can do this.”

Ralphie said as if he wasn’t listening to Kyle, “There is a limo waiting for you, and you will pick up the pigeon, and do as the driver instructs you. Kyle, we are done here. Good luck!” Kyle could hardly feel anything as he left the meeting. His life had changed so much; he had gone through so much—fraud, business corruption, infidelity, ghosts, and now, this. Dad, I might be coming soon. You might have had the right idea, Kyle thought as he took the elevator to the garage to his waiting limo. Killing someone you do not even know, that is so cold. Could I do it? It was for all the marbles again, were the thoughts going through his head. In the garage, the limo was waiting for him. The door in the back was opened, and Kyle took a seat. The driver named Stan reached back and gave Kyle a 9-mm with a silencer on it.

“We are to pick up our target, and I told him that they would pick up the pigeon and take him to the back of the garage behind the hotel, and then Kyle would take him out of the car.” Shaken, Kyle took the gun and sat back as the limo drove off.

The pistol felt so heavy and cold in his hands, and there was a pit in his stomach, as it seemed like a lifetime before the limo pulled up, and an elderly man with a white beard and blue suit entered and took a seat. Kyle told him that they had to go to his car for some papers, and it would just take a minute. As the driver drove to the back of the garage and parked, Kyle got out of the car with the gun and silencer under his jacket. As he walked over to a gray Cadillac, he motioned to the guy to get out and see something.

Walking around the car, he said, “What is it you want me to see?” Located now in the back of the garage, Kyle turned around to face the gentleman. As he was reaching for the gun in his jacket’s inner pocket, two shots rang out. Pop! Pop! Immediately, Kyle hit the ground, a reaction from Vietnam. As he lay there, dark-red blood started trickling into a puddle by the body of the man he was supposed to shoot. Kyle looked up to see who had shot him, and in his surprise, it was Bossman.

“Bossman, what the hell are you doing?” Kyle asked

“Get up and get in the car. They will get rid of the body.” Kyle got into the back of the limousine, not sure what had just happened.

“Bossman, what did you do that for? I thought I had to do that for my freedom,” Kyle said.

“Don’t worry. It’s okay,” said Bossman.

“We investigated your past and found that your family comes from royalty in our world. The real Bossman is a Freemason, and he wanted me to take care of the pigeon and not have this on you, and he wants to meet with you tomorrow. I will take you back to the hotel, and we will meet in the morning.” Kyle was not sure what just happened. He remembered what his dad told him that Thursday afternoon before he killed himself on Friday the thirteenth, that someday this information was going to help him in a big way, and it sure did today. Thanks, Dad.

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