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Chapter 17

Knights Templars

Waking up, Kyle had a smile on his face. For the first time in a long time, he felt good about himself, and maybe his life could get back together. It had been a long, fast slide to the bottom, and really, he was not quite sure if he was out of the woods or from the frying pan to the fire. I guess the meeting this morning might shed some light on it, he thought. He had heard of the big boss but never thought he would meet him or had any reason to meet him. He was in Las Vegas so that was convenient being Kyle was already there.

“Mr. Stone, Mr. Jacobs will see you now,” said the good-looking blonde secretary sitting behind a French desk with a fresh bouquet of flowers in the corner.

“Thanks,” said Kyle as he walked past her through the double doors into a gorgeous office suite with a captivating view of all Las Vegas, including the famous Las Vegas Strip. The building, the suite, it was all so beautiful and did not look like the mob’s offices; they all looked so normal.

“Kyle Stone, come on in. I have been anxious to meet you,” said Mr. Jacobs.

Kyle was taken aback a little. Anxious to meet me? Why? He thought.

“Thanks, Mr. Jacobs.”

“Let’s stop there,” he said.

“Call me Woody. My friends do.” Kyle looked at the leg he was pointing to; it looked like and sounded like wood.

“Thank you, I will,” Kyle said, taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of the large mahogany desk.

“It is not very often we get individuals like you in our Family,” said Woody.

“I think Bossman told you a little about me, that I am of the order of the Freemasons, which is the reason you were brought here to see me. You have been given several tasks to complete for us, and my reports say that you have done a great job completing them, and that is very impressive. However, that is not enough for you to be here in front of my desk. We have looked at your history, Kyle, and found that you are a direct descendant of Hugh de Stone, the founder of the Knights Templar. Were you aware of that?”

“Yes, my father told me about my family history and the Knights Templar before he died. He made it sound as if it was a family secret.” Kyle said

Woody asked, “You do know the relationship then between the Freemasons and the Templars?”

“Yes, I do. I have spent some time researching my linkage and how the Freemasons came into existence after the Knights Templar were executed, well, those they captured, which is about 25 percent of the total Knights. I believe many of our Founding Fathers—George Washington, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, and several others were Freemasons. Also if you look at the dollar bill, you will see the pyramid with the eye. This eye, would be prevalent in the government.”

“You have done your homework, and I assume you know quite a bit more.”

“I do, and what really interests me is what happened to all the Templars and the treasure that disappeared after the king of France ordered the Templars gathered up and tortured and burned at the stake on Friday the thirteenth, October 1307, which incidentally is the date I was born on, October 13, Friday.

“They say that most of them escaped on a fleet of twenty-three ships with the treasures they had acquired through the years. Treasures of the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and much more of such important artifacts of the time. They said that the fleet went to Scotland where they helped King Robert the Bruce fight for Scotland’s freedom from Europe. From there, the treasure might have been taken across the seas to Nova Scotia, and there on an island, it was buried, and treasure hunters have been looking for it for over 200 years. They had found an old map in one of the researchers books which seems to be an original. It shows the ship routes to Nova Scotia and to Oak Island, which would have been taken after the roundup and deaths of the Templars. For the most part, they were young strong men and known for their engineering abilities. If they took the treasure, as some are suggesting, then they would have put together an elaborate system of booby traps to stop all others from finding this most valuable treasure.”

“You do know a lot. I probably could learn more about them from you. What about the buried treasure?”

“Well, on this island, Woody, three boys playing in the area, came across a large tree with grass covering up a hole. The boys removed the leaves and dug down and there they found short logs. Upon removing the logs and digging further, they came across another set of logs. Again they removed the logs and dug so more. This time there were not any more logs, just a treasure chest. The boys got rich off what was in the chest. There was also a map showing a hundred times as much treasure further down. That treasure has not been found to this day. They also found carvings of the cross of the Knights Templar with the crooked X symbol, so it is very possible they were there before Christopher Columbus founded America. The history is so interesting to me, going all the way back to 1126 after my great-great-grandfather founded the Knights Templar. The pope wrote an order establishing them as a military unit entrusted with keeping safe all the Christians who wanted to come to Jerusalem and worship and come to the Holy Mount to see the covenant if they were holy enough to be allowed in. The Muslims were fierce in their efforts to kill Christians in the day,” said Kyle.

“Well, some would say that that has not changed,” Woody responded.

“We have a good order of Freemasons here in Las Vegas, and I would like to offer you an invitation to join us as a Freemason. I have told some of the leaders about you and the history you bring to us. As you know, Kyle, one must be invited in, and I am extending that invitation to you.” Kyle knew he had no other answer but yes to give to Woody.

“I would be honored to accept your invitation, Woody,” Kyle said.

“Great, I will have my secretary get you the next date and details,” Woody said.

“Tell me again about the treasure on this island. What do you know?” As Kyle looked out the window to gather his thoughts, Woody called his secretary and told her to hold his calls.

“The story I know, which is the most accurate one, is like I said, three boys back in the 1870s were playing on the island and came across a shallow hole next to a fallen tree. They dug down to find three boards lying together, so they dug them out and kept on digging. They hit another three boards and dug some more until they uncovered a chest. It was full of gold trinkets and jewelry, and they took it back to their house. When they came back to the hole, they dug again and hit three more boards about fifteen feet down. The story goes that every fifteen feet is three more boards to two hundred feet.”

“How do you know this?” Woody asked

“In 1886, several men started a dig to get to the bottom to see what treasure was buried there, but they ran into booby traps of water from the ocean that came into the hole from a series of trenches, and when this happened, two of the men working the project were father and son, and when the father, who was in the hole, started to have problems staying afloat because of the water coming in, his son jumped in to help him, and they ended up both drowning. Not long after that, other men tried to go after the treasure, and the same thing happened to them, and this time, they had three men in the hole at depths of ninety-eight feet when they too were overtaken by the water booby traps and died. Now they are saying that there is a curse and that until one more person dies at the site, the treasure will not be found.”

“That is incredible. I am impressed that you are so well informed. What kind of treasure are they talking about down there, and how far down it is?”

“Well, Woody, what I have learned is that this is the treasure from the Templars, and they put it down two hundred feet into a large cavern. In 1945, the treasure hunters at that time drilled down at that depth and hit a large box that they assumed the treasure was in. The problem is though they put those booby traps which allow ocean water to flood the hole and have killed six men so far. The items they suspect, Woody, that are in there are the Ark of the Covenant, a golden powerful box that holds the Ten Commandments, the chalice that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, the Jewish menorah, and the manuscripts from William Shakespeare, who is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s greatest dramatist. I find it all very interestingly obvious. There are new treasure hunters now going at it and using the newest technology. They have located the treasure box but have not been able to get to it. That is about it, Woody, still looking for gold.”

“Thank you for that. I was all in with every word, but let us go to the present, and talk about you. You have mentioned on many occasions that you want your freedom. Is that correct?”

Kyle said with a smile on his face, “Yes, I guess I have mentioned it several times or so. You know that I never intended to be here. It was my CFO who took the money.”

“I am aware of that, but I want you to relax and wait for me to put together something I think you will like. In the meantime, I know that your family and business is in the Bay Area. I will let you use one of our jets to get you back and forth, and then we will meet again. Let me tell you though, you have done an incredible job with all we asked of you. The hard part is now behind you, Kyle. You have done well.”

“Thanks, Woody, I will take you up on your offer. I do need to get home and take care of some loose strings.”

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