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Chapter 19

No Car Insurance

“Are you ready to head back to Las Vegas, Mr. Stone?”

“Yes, Jill, ready when you are, and send Yvonne Lang a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note of admiration,” Kyle said with a smile on his face. Sitting back, watching the jet leave the runway, and sipping on his usual tequila and tonic with lime, his thoughts continued towards Yvonne. He was amazed at her ability to work so professionally and with such responsibility even with all that was going on around her. There was something about her that made him want to explore more deeply where her satisfaction really lay. When it came to YL, there was certainly more to explore. After a short flight and limo ride back to the Casino Hotel, Kyle was looking forward to meeting with Woody again and discussing his new responsibilities.

Ms. Black said with a smile on her face, “Good morning, Mr. Stone. Woody requested that you to go into his office. He will be in shortly. Would you like your usual coffee?”

“That would be nice. Thank you.” Kyle answered

“Good morning, Woody. How have you been doing?” Kyle said as Woody walked into the office.

Woody replied, “Very good, Kyle, it is good to have you back in town. Did you get all your personal business taken care of?”

“Yes, it was hard to do, but necessary in all accounts. It was time to end the marriage.”

“That is always tough. I wish you and your ex the best,” Woody said as he sat behind his desk on the sixty-first floor with a huge view of Las Vegas and the Strip.

“Thanks, Woody. I appreciate your kind words. I am excited to talk about what it is you want me to do for the Family?”

Woody lit a Maduro Cigar. “We have had several meetings while you were gone, and I think we have a handle on how we can use your talents to help us out with some problems we have been dealing with. Oh, I am sorry. Would you like a cigar?”

“Thanks for asking. I sure would. Do you have anything besides Maduro, maybe something a little milder?”

“I sure do. Here, try this Churchill. It has tobacco that has been in the humidors for eight years, and it has a nice aged Connecticut wrapper.”

Kyle reached for the cigar. “That sounds like a particularly good smoke. Thanks.”

Woody handed Kyle the smoke with a cutter and lighter. “We think that you can help us in the most high-profile situations where we have to change the thinking of a high-profile person. What we want to do would be something like what you did for us with the Senator. We were so impressed with you and how you handled that situation. Our New York office was also briefed on the events and how you tied them all up for delivery. They were please and that makes me pleased.”

“Thanks, that sounds exciting and something I know I can do,” Kyle said, now drawing on the cigar Woody gave him.

“I would hope that what I do would always be a good thing for the Family but also stop someone who is using their office or position to break the law and hurt those around them. That way, I would know that I am doing something good for all.”

“Perfect, then we need to get started. Let us meet in the morning. I will need some time to identify the next situation we will need you to remedy for us,” Woody said.

Kyle replied, “That works for me. I need a good night’s sleep so I will be fresh and rested and ready to go.” He headed up to the Sky Bar for a couple of drinks before he cashes it in. Kyle not sure of what the future was going to bring, could only have faith in himself that he would make the right decisions and not get deep in some serious trouble. It is still his goal to get out of The Family, and he would have to keep his nose clean if that had any chance of happening.

The sun came up over the Las Vegas mountains to shine brightly on all the gleaming buildings reaching for the sky. It was the beginning of another day or another life.

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