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Chapter 21

Meet My Boat

Heading for the airport, Kyle was on the phone with Woody.

“Mission accomplished, boss. All went well.”

Woody said, “I know, I already got a report. It seems that you have made a new friend. He could only say good things about you, and that is how I like to hear it. I do not have anything for you right now. Take the Gulfstream up to the Bay Area, and check in with your kids and, of course, all the women you like to play with.”

“No, not all the women. There is only one that is pulling on my heartstrings.”

“Well, give her a call then, and by the way, if you want to stay on our ship Camellia in the estuary, let me know, and I will give them a heads-up that you will be their guest. Anyway, have a good time. We will be in contact.”

“Sounds good, why don’t you go ahead and let them know? I think I will take advantage of your offer.”

“For the future, Kyle, you won’t have to go through me. You can let them know yourself and check on availability. We have a couple of guys on the East Coast who always stay there when they can. They love the bay breeze on a warm California day.” On his way to the Bay Area in the Gulfstream G650, Kyle asked the captain if he could fly over the Bay Area after they pick up YL. She would love to see her city from the air. The captain gave him the thumbs-up, so he called YL and told her to meet him at the airport, gate C7, and he would have a surprise for her. Yvonne watched the jet taxi, and the steps lowered, and she saw her boyfriend smiling like he just won the lottery. Yvonne shared a hug with Kyle.

“So good to see you. I like the way you travel these days.”

“That is why I asked you to meet me here. How would you like a personal tour of the city from three thousand feet?”

“Are you kidding me, a tour in this jet?” she asked with a big smile.

“You got it. Come on aboard and let us have a glass of champs while they get us ready.” Yvonne entered and gave the interior with the burl wood surrounding the room and put all the white leather in a picture frame. Just gorgeous, she thought. In a few, they were back in the sky in this beautiful jet flying over the Bay Area, showing it like she had never seen it before.

“What’s up, girl? You’ve been staying busy?”

“I have, ever since you talked me into running this business while you jet around.”

Kyle said, “I have been keeping a watch on your progress, and I must compliment you on being such a fast learner and able to handle all those grumpy men. The reason I called you, besides this incredible tour, I wanted to let you know that I would be in the area for a couple of days and was wondering if we could spend some time together tomorrow? I have notified the crew of the Camellia, a 150-footer my new employer owns, and it is docked in Alameda. They have it set up for guests to enjoy. I am going to stay there for a couple of days to check out the services. I was hoping that you would join me. I took the initiative to order up some large and juicy lobsters. I do remember how much you love them.”

“Who does not love lobster? That sounds great. I would love to.”

“Super, I will pick you up at your apartment around eleven. That will give us time to head down to the wharf and have some brunch at the Buena Vista. I know how you enjoy an Irish whiskey with your eggs Benedict.”

“You have my mouth watering already.”

“Boy, you are easy, but that’s okay. You can swoon over me.”

“Funny, I was talking about the eggs Benedict, but you are pretty yummy too.”

“I’m excited, and I also have a surprise for you. I think you will really get a kick out of it. See you tomorrow at eleven.” Kyle had Driver take him to his kids’ house so that he could pick them up and surprise them with a Giants’ game at Candlestick. He had already gotten the tickets through Woody’s secretary, and they were the owner’s box. Not only great seats, but then the opportunity to go to the dugout and meet their favorite player. This was going to be a great afternoon, and the weather was beautiful to play ball. The limo pulled up outside the house, and soon, both of his daughters came running out before Kyle could even get out of the car. The two young girls got so excited to be in a limousine, and this one was full of their favorite drinks. Hugs and kisses with so much excitement all followed by his ex-wife coming out the front door, heading straight for the limo with that familiar “I hate you” look. The passenger door was open with the children crawling around inside.

Suzette asked, “Kyle, what are you doing with this limo? Did you steal it? Who does it belong to?” Kyle was not happy they were going to have this negative conversation in front of the kids again. This was supposed to be a happy day. Driver turned around to face Kyle, with the window down.

“Do you want me to handle this, boss?”

“No, that’s okay. I don’t think she would want that to happen to her.”

Kyle said, “The limousine belongs to my company, and I have not seen the kids for a while, so I wanted to take them to a Giants’ game this afternoon. I already cleared it.”

“Aren’t you the fancy one? I am with the kids all the time, cooking, cleaning, school, and you show up here like some kind of big shot.”

“Well, call it what you want. I just wanted to show the girls a good time. They deserve it.”

“Well, show me your insurance then. They aren’t going in any car without insurance.”

The driver was getting annoyed again and looked at Kyle and shrugged his shoulders. Kyle told him to wait, and he would handle it.

“This type of vehicle does not carry insurance papers in the vehicle, but it is insured through the fleet, and if anything happened, they would be covered and of course taken care of. Good?”

“No, it is not good. I want to see some kind of insurance papers, or these kids are not going anywhere.” The driver was very antsy in his seat and said, “Can I explain, boss?”

“Sure, go ahead. It could not hurt.”

“Ma’am, the way we do it with all our limousines is if there was an accident, the driver just gives his business card to law enforcement, and it is all taken care of.”

“What a bunch of bullshit! You can take that card and shove it up your ass. Come on, girls. You’re not going anywhere.” The driver started to open his door when Kyle told him to stay seated, feeling a little embarrassed that this nastiness was taking place. The poor girls were pleading with their mother with tears to let them go, but they too knew there was no changing her mind when she got like this. Kyle did not want to take this any further. “I am sorry, girls. I had a great afternoon planned for us. I will come back in my car with insurance papers, and we can spend some happy time together.” With tears and hugs, the girls followed their mother into the house, letting her know how upset they were. Kyle hated to see them like this; he only wanted to see happy faces and happy children.

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