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Chapter 22

Permission Granted

It was getting late, and dinner would be served soon. They both were relaxing in the luxurious captain’s suite, listening to some Huey Lewis and the News, a Bay Area band that was doing really well with a couple of albums already out, and Yvonne was the one who told Kyle about them, and she was really into their music. She once told Kyle that of all the men she knew, it would be Huey Lewis that she would choose to marry. So I guess she really liked him, Kyle acknowledged. He also was thinking that he would like to impress her, and maybe, with his new power, he could set up a meet and greet with him.

The Chief walked into the suite and said, “Dinner will be served in about an hour in the main cabin. Do you want your drinks freshened up? We will be serving a crisp Kendall-Jackson chardonnay with dinner.”

Kyle said, “Sounds great, Chief. No hurry, we are enjoying this fabulous caviar and scallops.”

At that time, one of the crew members entered the cabin. “Chief, there is a gentleman out by the limo requesting permission to board.”

Chief said, “Thanks, we will handle it.”

Kyle asked, looking concerned. “Chief, I will check it out, and take care of it.”

“Is there anything you want, Mr. Stone. Are you expecting anybody?”

“No, I am not. That’s why I will see who it is.” Kyle walked out to the main deck and looked over the railing down at the dock to see who it could be asking for permission to board.

“Holy shit, it is my best friend, Mr. S. Permission granted, come on up.” Kyle looked down the dock, and sure enough, there was the sailboat tied off the bow of the ship.

“Welcome, my friend. Good to see you. I did not know you would be around the estuary,” Mr. S said with a big smile on his face.

“I am happy to see you. I was not sure if I would meet you or not. I was not sure you would be here. They would not tell me your location as you know.”

“Well, you are here now. Let us celebrate. I have someone who is special to me who would love to meet you. She is not aware of your visit. She is in the cabin.”

“Fantastic, if she is a sweetie of yours, then you know I want to meet her. What is her name?” Both men walked to the cabin.

“Her name is Yvonne, smart and beautiful.” Kyle opened the door.

“Yvonne, I have someone for you to meet. Come on over here.” Yvonne turned around and started walking to the other end of the cabin.

“Oh my god! No, no, I cannot believe this. Kyle, you should’ve told me,” she said just about crying. Kyle had a big smile on his face.

“My goodness, Yvonne. Get a hold of yourself, and come here,” Kyle said, smiling.

“I want to introduce you to Mr. S. I guess she must be one of your biggest fans, with all that?”

Mr. S said, “Don’t listen to him, darling. I am just excited to meet you.” He opened his arms to give her a big hug.

“That’s great. I am happy this happened. Come and let’s have some champagne.” They all went over to the couch.

“Now, Kyle, you be quiet, and let me tell her about our experience on my boat.” Kyle looked over at him and smiled.

“Go ahead.” “Did Kyle tell you about how he saved my life?” Yvonne had an inquisitive look on her face.

“No, he did not mention that to me. What happened? You guys got me all concerned.”

“Sit right there, gorgeous, and let me tell you a story. We had just left the fuel dock and were heading north to another dock to let Kyle off. The crew was bringing in the lines over the anchor, and I happened to be right there, and one of the lines hit me and knocked me overboard. I was shocked how deep I went in and immediately got scared for my life, not being a good swimmer and all, but there was a current that just grabbed me and started to take me down. The guys on deck were looking for the safety rings to throw at me, but Kyle, seeing that I was not doing well at all, and basically, he could not see me. I was so deep below the surface. Kyle, let me tell you, without hesitation, after seeing that I was not surfacing, jumped over the railings with all his clothes on to get me.” Yvonne now looked overly concerned about what she was hearing.

“Oh my god, are you both all right? Kyle, why did you not tell me?”

Mr. S said, “No, wait, let me tell you what happened. So he is now in the water also, and he is trying to feel for me. I reach for his shoulders to pull myself up, and our eyes locked on, like they were talking to each other. I put my shoe into his belt, and with my hand on his shoulder, I pushed as hard as I could to get to the surface. But by stepping into his belt and pushing off, I drove Kyle deeper while I went to the light at the top.”

Yvonne said, “You guys are scaring me. Kyle, what happened?”

“Well, pretty much as Mr. S has told you, but while I was looking at Mr. S and being pushed toward the bottom, I was in desperate need of air. I looked down at the darkness to see how deep I was, and for a second, I saw a light, like a candle, in the darkness of the ocean, and suddenly, a gush of air came up, and I rode it to the surface, gasping for air at the top.” Both men looked at each other and shook their heads in disbelief of what they had experienced.

Yvonne reached over to give Kyle a hug. “I can’t believe you guys went through this and Kyle not mentioning it to me.”

Kyle said, “S, that was so crazy. You were going down, and it did not look good for you, and then I went in, not knowing there was this strong current. Shit, I would have jumped anyway. So then I am going down below the boat, and the strangest thing happened. Right when I was ready to gasp for air, I could hardly hold it any longer; I saw a light that was not there before. It looked like a candle, and then that gust of air. I’m telling you, S, we shared something huge out there, and we are both alive to tell the story.”

“I hear you, Yvonne, I love this guy. It was crazy nuts.” Yvonne gave Kyle a big hug.

Mr. S said, “Come on, how about me? Don’t I get a hug? I just about drowned too.”

Yvonne reached over to him and gave him a nice hug, in disbelief that she was hugging and hanging out with Mr. S. “You know, guys, we should celebrate our good fortune of still being alive. Let us take my sailboat and go over to Tiburon for dinner. There is a great restaurant that we can sail to, and they have a dock right there.”

Yvonne smiled, looked over at Kyle for an answer. Kyle said, “I know Yvonne would love to go there. My hesitation is the work these guys have put into a special dinner for us. You know what we will do? Let’s give this great dinner to the crew. I am sure they would appreciate it.” Kyle smiled because he saw the faces of a couple of the crew light up when they heard that they were going to get the meal that was prepared for him and his guests.

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